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  1. Sad that this event has already been forgotten by most media organizations as of Saturday. All I hear is gun control with a mention of the shooting to stiffen their point on gun control. The event and the media reactions have been sad across the board. O' and I agree with certain aspects of gun control. I don't agree in overlooking events for the sake of pushing an agenda.
  2. COD Series on PS3 from time to time. Battlefield 3 - all fun virtually shooting firearms I can't afford. But nothing replaces the real thing. the-flamming-pig on PS3 as in noveske flamming pig break.
  3. Agreed - however for his time, he was way ahead of the curve with a lever - just like Jesus, beleive in the best of people but dam well be prepared for the worst.
  4. Sorry to keep everyone hanging. I had to make arrangements to talk with all parties involved before further rattling the cage. Ok be pissed at me. After some conversations with the teacher and counselor it seems that he was not encouraged or directed to draw this picture. Or so they said. When asked if he drew this or if the teacher told him to draw it, he said the teacher. Which he may of refered to drawing anything. After further questioning my son and reassuring him that he was not in trouble, but to just tell the truth, he said he drew it. He said it was a law to not shoot people. This would make sense because when we shoot or talk about firearms, I have always stressed, never point a gun at a person or shoot at people. 1 of 3 I could see being true. 1. The teacher directed him or gave him a choice of listed items. 2. He followed or saw another kid write the same thing. 3. Or being the responsible and kind hearted kid he is - he remembered of everything else, don't shoot at people. Sorry, for the possible jump to a conclusion. Day after the election was a bad day for me all the way around, and lots of bad stuff happened that day, so I may have jumped the gun so to speak. I am sorry to those that may have been rattled by this as I was, and encourage those that kept their cool till all the facts came in, to help the rest of us keep searching for answers before jumping to conclusions.
  5. From Texas and for all practical purposes my residency is in Texas. My son attends a public school in central NJ. He has a 10/22 he loves. He's new to the school this year and is a very well behaved boy. I'm sure he is try to get along with people as we haven't taught him to be confrontational yet. I'm sure he'll figure things out as he gets older.
  6. I can't believe the day after the election, my son brought this home. Its time to go talk to the school. No other issues were covered, gay marriage, abortion, healthcare, as they shouldn't be. My son is in the 1st grade. This is unbelievable.
  7. Ya sucks! Criminals get free health care. Law abiding responsible citizens none. My wife worked at a county hospital in Stockton CA that over saw the inmates there. Inmates taught others how to wrap razor blades with tape and swollow them and then would have to be surgically removed. This gave them a 2 week stay in the hospital at the tax payers cost. This happened every 6 months with quite a few of the inmates.
  8. Completely wrong from a group that is suppose to be "intelligent". Safest homes for children are those with responsible parents active in their childs life.
  9. Creative and entertaining, but didn't really find humor in it. I'm so not cool anymore.
  10. I'm still hurting from the agreement to move here for 4 years from Texas. I have to travel back to Texas twice a year just to see my firearms. The only thing I felt safe within the law to bring was a pump shotgun and 13 round handgun. I'm amazed at how these laws can be, and be supported by anyone.
  11. Sorry, had to. It was only a matter of time. A bit chessy but a good time.
  12. Wouldn't have shot the kid with CHL, however would have drawn on him from behind and tried to subdue him until cops arrived. If he turned on me with it, don't know. I'm not going to pretend to be a tough guy and say I would shoot. He's lucky he didn't get shot. However this is another prime example of natural selection at work. Sadly enough teens or big kids with toy guns have been killed by cops enough that this kid should have expected nothing less.
  13. I've got one of these arriving in a couple of days. Heard great things from a buddy from the limited time its been out. But he swears up and down its a freaking work horse for practical use. He said he put it through a car door while parts picking. I think its a great plus for NJ daily knife carriers. No teeth or points and non agressive look for law enforcement, but has that besh wedge point to put through most anything. Not crazy about the chisel grind or Mantis knives, but most likely from not much expierence with them. So stoked to get it, can't wait.
  14. It's funny they would ask such a question. "Is any of this even legal?" They are the law enforcement - shouldn't they of all people know whether it is legal or not. You could have a collection of shovels on the wall and they would question the legality. You got to watch those sharp edges on shovels, the can wreak havoc on dirt. Don't let them go in your kitchen and see your steak knife set, then you would be in serious trouble.
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