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  1. Thanks for the good ideas.


    I just became a member at Lehigh Valley in PA and I think it's a great place. Lots of friendly people and you go at a comfortable pace. I get a free lower gun with the membership but may get my own but there is just too many to choose from. :hunter: Need help deciding on a Clay Stick. Funny thing is the loaner gun at Lehigh is $2000! Wonder how the Tristar guns are? Don't need anything fancy just something reliable.

    I currently have a Tristar I got used an like it gun has a tight fit and seems nice it is not going to be a 10000 round a year gun but if you go a few times a month it should hold up fine

  2. Original post says internet OR digital transmission so if that is the case an he has internet then he is fine and as far as figuring out hat the government means on those applications good luck I have filled put a few and just gone with my best guess and my wife works for the goverment so I'll ask her and her answer is usual ya shrug of the shoulders

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