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  1. Tony couldn't he use the least bonding loctitie or is that still too much if you need move it again
  2. Congrats and good luck guys I'll have to atomic after you open
  3. Last year with as bad as it was salt was gone by mid January had to buy water softener salt an crush it not so much fun bought 2 50 lb bags this year in November not going thorough that crap agin
  4. I could see that being an issue most of the time when i shoot a cold weather match that requires a holster I take off my jacket and shoot the stage with a sweatshirt only.
  5. My take is when you draw at an indoor range if you have a mishap you are just as likely to hurt yourself as someone else. The private ranges (at least CJ ) you are in the pits with berms or concrete on either side of you less chance of an ND hurting someone other than yourself. Just my opinion nothin to back it up
  6. Practice by drawing with an empty gun and dryfire. No need to go to a range to practice drawing from a holster.
  7. That was before my time which is probably why I didn't know about it
  8. I don't recall anyone saying they have ever been able to draw from a holster at shore shot. CJ will let you with a special use badge and I am pretty sure it is ok at OB but I don't recall it at any public ranges.
  9. Finally got to take it to the range today. Thanks for the help guys same ammo as before no issues shot great no FTF or FTE
  10. Give me a yell on this if you guys go I'd be up for it
  11. There are options but they are going to be a fair amount more in the money department. CJRPC meets your needs but unless you are really using Dix a lot and spend a ton on hourly fees it is more expensive
  12. Thanks T-bill and you answered my follow up as well
  13. Does anyone know if the safety is reverseable on a standard 10/22. If it is how hard is it to do
  14. New video from Matt Best. It pokes fun at many of the stuff we make fun of here
  15. So just a question if an RO dq's can they still RO as they are not part of the match anymore
  16. LMAO I just finished doing my start switch like five minutes ago an I got my parts from the same place how funny you posted this now
  17. I got lucky last week when powder vally had titegroup they posted on there facebook page I went right to the site (4 mins after they posted) it was gone by the time i was done placing the order got 4 lbs and wanted to change it to 8 loggin in on my computer (original order was on the phone) couldn't order it had to settle for the 4 lbs but hey 4 is better than none
  18. There is also uspsa and CJ this weekend or there should be it is the second Sunday
  19. Mikeythumbs

    First revolver

    Hey Blake in case you wanted a back up I think Howell gun works has another one on consignment
  20. If you can bring the gear and shoot the match as long as you can draw safely from the holster. They MD will most likely have you do a safty check before the match. I would think the indoor match would be a good place to start less complicated stages (Alec kingsover ) and less round count.
  21. I gave up too Many sites giving me a hassle about not being on nj even though I live In Jackson
  22. Glad you posted this reminded me the range is closed all week for shotgun deer that would have sucked to saddle up and head out to realize that
  23. That was my understanding when I went in to get the papers for permits
  24. Are tracers illegal just thought most ranges would not let you use them
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