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  1. +1000


    Being aware of dealing with bulky clothing while reholstering is one skill that is very commonly missing at matches. People still look at me funny when I warn them about it like I would for "something dangerous". 

    I could see that being an issue most of the time when i shoot a cold weather match that requires a holster I take off my jacket and shoot the stage with a sweatshirt only. 

  2. I noticed this policy at a couple ranges. Never understood the thinking behind it. I think if you can demonstrate your ability to safely draw and place rounds on paper within whatever "testing" framework the range establishes you should be allowed to draw from a holster. I find it better to have a holstered pistol at the range. That way its always with me, not on a shelf taking up space. Maybe the fear is that many LEOs will fail and get pissed off lol.


    Dry fire practice is good, but its not a replacement for live fire, even when practicing drawing.

    My take is when you draw at an indoor range if you have a mishap you are just as likely to hurt yourself as someone else. The private ranges (at least CJ ) you are in the pits with berms or concrete on either side of you less chance of an ND hurting someone other than yourself. Just my opinion nothin to back it up

  3. That is not true. Many people used to shoot from the holster at SS with prior permission. 2009 is when I think they stopped letting people do it who were not on the special list. There were a string of unfortunate events that led to strengthening their policies.



    That was before my time which is probably why I didn't know about it

  4. I must apologize. I was assured by staff this past weekend that they would be open. Of course I was disappointed (again) when I showed up there today. :suicide:

    Which bring's me to ask your forgiveness and also......


    I shoot mostly levers (44mag,45colt, 30-30s 444's & 45-70's) and one 308 bolt, what are my options for an alternative place to shoot?

    Also I'm in need of some handgun practice and would like to find an indoor range (that let's me use my own ammo), that I could visit during the week.

    There are options but they are going to be a fair amount more in the money department. CJRPC meets your needs but unless you are really using Dix a lot and spend a ton on hourly fees it is more expensive

  5. Got the parts at RepairClinic.com the other day and did it myself with some help from Youtube.


    Thanks everyone

    LMAO I just finished doing my start switch like five minutes ago an I got my parts from the same place how funny you posted this now

  6. I got lucky last week when powder vally had titegroup they posted on there facebook page I went right to the site (4 mins after they posted) it was gone by the time i was done placing the order got 4 lbs and wanted to change it to 8 loggin in on my computer (original order was on the phone) couldn't order it had to settle for the 4 lbs but hey 4 is better than none 

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