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  1. Guess you could always say you lost old DL an get a new one with new address use old for fid purchases
  2. Jackson is actually if you dont get pistol permits within 2 years from original need to be reprinted
  3. Thanks guys maybe I'll take it apart this afternoon and see what it looks like to replace
  4. Im in on this also my on knob broke on te dryer today I right now have a eye screw in there to turn it on
  5. I like the extractors for trap shooting also just makes it so you don't have to worry about shells falling just open the gun and pluck the shell. I guess for hunting the ejectorsigh the better for follow ups if it is fast and heavy
  6. I just bought a used Tri-Star O/U so far i am very happy with it and used it was 350 i think they start at 500 or so. I dont plan on using it a ton so it will work for me for the time being. If you are going to use it a lot I would go a more robust gun a but it is going to cost somewhere north of 1000. O/U are not cheap guns.
  7. Looks like its going to be a nice day high of 55. I might bring out the 1911 I cant win Man vs Man anyway so might as well have fun.
  8. When you set up the modem the first time was it a big pain to do. If it isn't that hard try and do a factory reset on the modem see if there was some kind of security on the modem allowing it to only hook to one router
  9. Think they might be doing a man on man so not sure if the 22 such a good idea. You can shoot the rest of the match with 22 but man on man not so much o to CJ website and wrote MD
  10. Find a shop that will ultrasonic clean parts at one point shore shot was doing it I think
  11. Howell used to play that game also they have gotten much better. It is just another way they try to discourage you from getting a gun
  12. I was going to suggest the same thing if they need to replace call and ask them if they can do the same serial explain our stupid P2P system to them if they dont know
  13. Could the bore not be the right size. Maybe slug the barrel and measure the slug it might have a bigger bore than 7.62
  14. The worst is when you are RO for a steel matches I've had brass go in my glasses in my shirt. I just laugh it off as part on the job.
  15. You go in pay fill out paperwork and go pick up the next day after they run the nics
  16. They always like the more expensive gun to feed took my wife to the range with a 22 a 9 and a 45 and of course she likes the 45 best . Good thing I dont have Desert eagle or anything or I go broke
  17. I like the firehouse pants from them pricey but they last and are comfortable
  18. Don't know about CT since they have changed the rules up tree I don't know what's legal anymore
  19. For me this makes no sense. Just go with a 9mm 1911 cheaper ammo more mags to chose from. If mags are one of the deciding factors of reliability like in 9mm platform you might have a problem. I saw this gun in last months G&A and thought that just seems weird
  20. NYMets Where do you live I have some extra 10 rd mag you could borrow but I am not going sun I am in Jackson of you are close you swing by and pick them up and drop them back off I am about 15 mins from the range
  21. Sorry I should have said if you buy an air pistol in NJ it is the same rules out of state does not matter PA could care less
  22. Usual match I bring 250 with me just to be safe go through 150-200. 5 mags is a good number. Unless they are doing something weird it's a good match remember to be safe and be able to draw from a holster safely.
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