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  1. I just bought a used Tri-Star O/U so far i am very happy with it and used it was 350 i think they start at 500 or so. I dont plan on using it a ton so it will work for me for the time being. If you are going to use it a lot I would go a more robust gun a but it is going to cost somewhere north of 1000. O/U are not cheap guns. 

  2. For me this makes no sense. Just go with a 9mm 1911 cheaper ammo more mags to chose from. If mags are one of the deciding factors of reliability like in 9mm platform you might have a problem. I saw this gun in last months G&A and thought that just seems weird

  3. how many rounds would someone be shooting over the course of the match and how many mags would you need minimum. Also, is this a good match for a USPSA noob

    Usual match I bring 250 with me just to be safe go through 150-200. 5 mags is a good number. Unless they are doing something weird it's a good match remember to be safe and be able to draw from a holster safely.

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