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  1. Exact same rules as a firearm. Pistol needs a p2p
  2. Last time I renewed they took my FID and my old drivers license and that was all I needed done
  3. I had to laugh about the drunk carpenter my sisters house I was doing some work and the studs were all over the place 16 18 20 24 drove me fucking nuts spent two hours with a stud finder trying to figure out what this ass did. BTW Nice rack
  4. That's the same reason I almost always bring multiple calibers with me last time I was at the range my mkii starts acting up but I had my 1911 and my Glock so the trip was not a loss
  5. Do you know if they are all 308 or do they have them in 30/06 also. I already have a 03 A3 and do not want to have to stock 308 and 30/06
  6. You need to get squib rods sucks to have a squib take you out of shooting for the day
  7. 3 a lb is there anyway to refill those tanks from a bulk tank like a grill tank that would be so much cheaper as the 20lb usually go for 20 it 25
  8. Actually as far as I know them opening a store in NJ would preclude them from shipping to NJ residents. Any FFL holder in NJ can not ship ammo to instate residents
  9. I would imagine it's no headshot due to the fact if you mess up you might hit the trolly or the running gear for the lane which can take a lane out I service
  10. Thanks guys going to go get 3 lbs of bullseye this week and some 22 looks like on the site they had some in stock
  11. Ruger mkii 6 7/8 barrel is the one I have great gun eats all except wolf target. Accurate as all heck want to get a 22/45 lite next for steel
  12. Let me add a third choice red dot better or worse than bullseye for 9mm and 45 ?
  13. No rush ted I can wait on them no one else was intrested so when we hook up that's fine
  14. Oh ok I am used to nj prices indoor runs from 225-350 and outdoor is 60-300 plus some have up front fee of 300-600
  15. NP and no I get on the train next Sunday get back Monday hopefully be at bowling pin first weekend of November
  16. Bass pro shops has it and I'm in Orlando so I am going to do a ship to store and pick it up while I'm here
  17. Have a chance to get Unique or Bullseye loading 9 mm and 45 acp any reason i should choose one over the other
  18. There is a barbershop in Jackson that does the straight razor shave very nice don't remember of they do the pre and post but they do the hot towel last time I was there it was like 15-20 dollars and I want to say another 20 to do my head
  19. Or since the issues you had you might be on the express shipping list
  20. But then we have to load more and want a loader even more
  21. I have the butler creek not sure if I like it use seems to be a little jammy
  22. I thought you sent that buck mark back to browning to have them look at it. I woul give that a try before you sell it
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