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  1. Cmp specials are $995 plus $30 shipping + transfer/ nics

    Do you know if they are all 308 or do they have them in 30/06 also. I already have a 03 A3 and do not want to have to stock 308 and 30/06

  2. Wallmart, Sams, Dicks, Lowes, HomeDepot, they call carry them at roughly the same price. One day or another one may be on sale by a buck or two per pack of four, but on the average you are paying $3/lb

    3 a lb is there anyway to refill those tanks from a bulk tank like a grill tank that would be so much cheaper as the 20lb usually go for 20 it 25

  3. thanks for the heads up, just ordered 5 lbs bullseye.

    i'll be down there in a couple weeks. :sungum:


    when you coming home Mikey? gonna be at members steel next week?

    NP and no I get on the train next Sunday get back Monday hopefully be at bowling pin first weekend of November

  4. The point of shooting .22s, my favorite caliber, is they're cheap, but if the gun only cycles 18-cent-per-round ammo you might as well be shooting 9x19 IMO. At least you can pretend, with a decent defense round, that you're actually doing something.


    And in my experience if it doesn't shoot bulk stuff it will also eventually annoy you with CCI. E.g. my Browning Buckmark, a totally dissatisfying firearm that I will be happy to unload to anyone reading this.


    Cleaning a gun after every 120 rounds is not for me. If I wanted to be a maid I'd have gone into that profession.


    If a gun doesn't shoot 100% of the time, dirty as a pig, I'm not interested at any level.

    I thought you sent that buck mark back to browning to have them look at it. I woul give that a try before you sell it

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