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  1. Hey Ian


    Thanks i found the price request after I posted here and put up a request on the XD. Now if Jackson would stop messing around and get my paperwork approved been waiting since thanksgiving. I will call Tony as soon as i get permits since i dont know how much longer i am going to have to wait. Its good to be back but i really need to get my own guns renting is getting expensive(but fun).

  2. Hello all,


    My name is Mike I live in central Jersey adn used to shoot (more like plink alot) when i was a kid. As i got older i just didnt have the time. I applied for my FID and 2 PP in Nov From Jackson and they are dragging their feet but that is neither here nor there. I went to shore shot twice to shoot and have had fun but it just costs too much right now. I have a ruger MKii thats my dads and as soon as i get my id i was thinking of joining CJRAPC. i figured i would drop in and say hi.


    There is 2 questions id like to ask. First i am thinking my first purchase is going to be a Springfeild XDM 5.25 compition. Can any of you guys tell me where to go to get a good price on this gun in the Howell Jackson Lakewood area willing to travel a little farther north or south for a good price.


    My second question is i tried to log into chat today to it said there were 6 people in but as soon as i logged i was booted is there some kind of poist count you need to get into chat or was it just a bug

  3. I put my intial FID and 2 PP applications in with fingerprints done on the monday following thanksgiving. My 2 references are both retires police officers both greater then sargents. I gave them the benefit of the doubt with the holiday and waited till feb 14th to call and inquire. I was told at that time they were being sent to the investigative sargents desk. i asked at this time how much longer being polite and was told 1 to 2 weeeks and to wait for the phonecall. I then waited til this week and called and was told that they were on the sargents desk and would be getting the call soon asked if she had any idea what soon meant and was told just to wait for the phone call. so i am now at 16 weeks and still not sure if i am even close but what am i supposed to do call the sargent and ask him what the hell is taking so long and risk being moved to the bottom of the pile it just seems crazy that on the app form they sat typicallly takes 6 to 8 week which is what i was told by the records lady when i dropped them off even saying they took the week form christmass to new years off that is still 15 weees or almost double the time

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