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  1. The stock Ruger extractor sometimes has imperfections at the edge. I usually stone the lower edge just to take the burr off. If you want to eliminate the magazine interlock, do not buy any parts. You can grind off a tab on the OEM interlock and it lets you drop the hammer without the mag - free. If the bolt face is not too fouled, you should not have any problems. Also check the bolt travel [without the spring]. It should slide out by itself if you tip the gun to the ceiling. Sometimes there is considerable friction from rough edges on the bolt and its housing. buff these smooth to ensure good performance with the weakest ammo.

    Thanks it's mkii so I don't have to worry about this disconnect. And the bolt is smooth so I will give it a shot without oil

  2. 95% of the time, residue buildup causes the symptoms you describe - especially if you apply oil type lubricants on the bolt. The oil keeps the considerable gunk from 22's from falling away.

    Clean the bolt face with a brush and pick http://dealbook.nytimes.com/2014/10/02/jpmorgan-discovers-further-cyber-security-issues/and do not use oil on the surface.

    I put a drop on each side of the bolt not near the face just to keep it slick use Wilson combat oil. So just run it dry. Think I want to do a full disassembly and replace some parts but don't have the money for upgrades right now

  3. That is what they call a town/city that tacitly turns a blind eye to illegals moving in. So we have a typical rental property on Main Street that has 3 bedrooms/1 bath. Now it is rented by 15 illegals working landscaping jobs. The kids all go to the public school, but they don't speak English at home (because their parents don't know English), so they need additional (expensive) tutoring by the local public school system. About 20k per kid per year, which everyone in town pays for.


    They have no interest in assimilating, so you see the Bodega pop up with signage for "Money Transfer" back to the homeland. And then another and another Bodega, and then a few risky food storefronts...and so on.


    Meanwhile, people like Jerry Brown out in CA sing the praises of all of these people "giving a shot in the arm for our economy", whereas if they were so productive and useful, why did they leave their home country in the first place?


    Did I answer the question?

    Yup and that sucks

  4. I don't own or shoot handguns so the Quick Draw McGraw thing is no problem. MCRPC is much closer and $700 less to join. When I see what people are paying for membership at similar ranges in other states it makes me want to vomit.

    Just curious have you ever been to CJ. It is not really like any other range in nj as far as I'm aware of. About the only thing we lack is the space to stretch you legs put on the long range more than 300. Yes the initial fee is high but the yearly membership is only 50-75 dollars a year more than most indoor ranges in the area a well as cheaper than some indoor ranges up north. Hell if you shoot a lot range 14 can be as pricey or more than CJ on a yearly basis after the initial.

  5. Nah. You're gonna have fun.


    I've been thinking about this.


    We should get a bunch of us and form a quasi shooting club/team/squad for this event.


    You know how the cowboy shooters dress in period costumes? And the USPSA guys have their brightly colored shirts that make them look like they are going to bike race?


    We could all wear like bowling shirts and shit.


    Mikeythumbs probably has enough in his closet to outfit the entire team. : )


    Lmao it we clock all just wear a polo like we are going to the golf club

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