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  1. So I had a chance to hit the range with my .45 on Saturday and was even lucky enough to shoot in the pit that has the bowling pin shaped plates.


    .....and all that went through my mind was this..........."They're all gonna laugh at you!"


    I guess I gotta start somewhere :-/


    Which pit has the bowling pin plates and what time were you their I got there around 230 and left about 4 I was in the first concrete pit all the way to th left

  2. My mom just transferred my nephew's Henry H001 .22 Lever action to me so that I can train him on it. It's tube fed and holds 15 .22LR rounds and more of shorter (.22 short). I trust that being made in NJ, etc., it is currently NJ legal (my mom purchased it a couple of year's ago... I assume nothing has changed since then). :D


    Look forward to training him on it, and passing it onto him when he turns 18 and can get an FPID.

    Your fine 15 rd law only applies to semi auto

  3. Anybody ever have a bad extractor or dirty extractor cause misfires in their mkii. Had it at the range today and after a few mags was getting a misfire every third round or so. This gun is usually very reliable and it was with Winchester HVHP bulk a round it has fed with no issues before. The thing that makes me think it was an extractor issue was the round would FTE when I racked the bolt. I coul also see they were light strikes. Gonna break it down tonight and see just wondering what else to look for

  4. Pins are a REAL treat! Don't worry about winning. Just remember that smooth is fast. HEAVY bullets work better. In fact my .44 Mag loaded w/ .44 Spl 240 gr. Cowboy loads (makes USPSA Major) work the BEST! For .45 auto the 225 gr. SWC bullets work best.


    Magnums LOOSE this type of match all of the time: Misses, flinching and recoil add time to your score. Big magnums blow holes into the tables when you miss (and you WILL)!


    If you have to do a reload, you've already LOST, so might as well take yer time and knock the pins off the table!


    Revolver scores can be around 2.5 sec (4 pins) and auto scores run around 2.8 or so for the winners (back when I played this game at Monmouth). Different clubs have different divisions: Revolver-Iron, Revolver-Open, Auto-Iron, Auto-Open, .22 Iron and .22 Open. Your mileage may vary......


    Have FUN! And be SAFE!



    I use my Springfield 1911 with 230 gr rn if I do my part they do theirs. The worst is when you hit a pin low and it lays down facing you where you are looking at the top

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