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  1. There's a difference between being paranoid and cautious. Not really happy about it, but for me at least, NJ has managed to kill of the face-to-face / private market. I doubt NJ would ever change this considering they are getting the tax and nics fees from people like me, who don't want strangers to have my address, know my employer, or know what possessions I have in my house.
  2. I'm more concerned about identity theft or my house being robbed. Someone selling their guns may have fallen on hard times. Not saying this is the case, but it could be. The $200 I save face to face could wind up costing me a lot more in the long run.
  3. I'm not sure how anyone else here feels, but I have decided not to purchase handguns face to face. I really just don't like that a stranger knows my address, phone number, and employer. Nothing against the forum members here, just a personal choice. I really don't know why the form has all that info on it. I think our name, physical description, and FID# should be enough for a face to face. The state already has the rest of our personal info, so why does the seller need it?
  4. This really was a crazy experience. One thing I know for sure - and no offence to any LGS's who frequent this forum - I absolutely will not buy anything from a retail store in NJ. All my purchases with be private sales ftf or from retailers in PA. The entire system in NJ is broken and overpriced, and I will not support it.
  5. Well, after 219 days, I got the call that my permits were in, and I picked them up on my lunch. Last name 'P' in Belleville. Good luck to everyone else still waiting. Should be soon now.
  6. I've got you beat by about 2 weeks - Sept. 29, 2012. On the plus side, I did creat one of the longest running active threads on njgf!
  7. I'm officially into my 7th month of waiting for my FID and PPs! Awesome!
  8. Why does everyone think there is some conspiracy? The fact is the local/state PDs simply don't care and/or have no incentive to complete the FID process in a timely manner. They aren't actively denying you.
  9. Then there is some delay between the checks being completed and getting mailed back to the local PDs. I was told by the officer in charger they are trickling in at the rate of a couple per week. And I'm one week shy of 7 months - do I get a prize for being the person on here with the longest delay?
  10. Glad to hear it. I'm assuming your last name begins with 'D'? Anyway, when I finally get my fid and pp's, I'm only buying FTF in NJ or from stores in PA. I refuse to pay the inflated NJ NICS price, and want to avoid paying tax if possible.
  11. Belleville update - I stopped by the PD on my way home from work. They are still waiting on the mental health check for me (P). He said they got up to G so far, and the rate they have been coming in has been very slow - maybe 3 checks per week since they started mailing them again.
  12. Cool. I'm P, maybe I'll get mine this week... probably not. It's like a bad joke at this point.
  13. Since the adjuster's office has supposedly been processing the mental checks for a couple weeks now, has anyone actually received your FID or PP? Is there a police chief's convention going on?
  14. I'm sure you'll be able to find a lawyer who is happy to "help" you with your application - for a fee. Trust me, you will be wasting your money. It will not speed the process up. It has already been determined that this process can as long as the authorities want - in the interest of public safety. There is no conspiracy, just a whole bunch of people who have absolutely no reason to rush.
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