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  1. Can a NY Resident legally buy a shotgun from a NJ Resident? I would appreciate any help on this subject - Thanks
  2. Welcome! I am from warren twp as well.
  3. I used a NY reference and had no problem
  4. Can a threaded barrel w/ a threaded muzzle brake be welded and pinned to be made NJ legal? I need some advice on this. Thanks you!
  5. Jmac92

    2 pistols

    how do you like the 229? I am considering the exact same one. Anything you don't like on it or you would add to it?
  6. I am selling this if you are interested? Very nice rifle!! http://njgunforums.com/forum/index.php?/topic/42733-wts-fnh-tactical-sporting-rifle-308/
  7. I think it was Bruce Gray from Gray Guns. www.grayguns.com
  8. Send a PM to TheWombat, he has a Sig P226 that he had work done to, I just forget the name of the place.
  9. Hello, I have a friend in NY that wants to buy one of my rifles. Do I have to transfer through a FFL?? What paper work do I need?? What is the procedure?? Any help will be appreciated!! Thank you!!
  10. I know exactly where this place is!! I live right in by it and past it every day!! They two big cannons sitting out front
  11. Is there any ranges in NJ between 500 - 1000 yds??
  12. Jmac92

    9mm Carbine

    OH DUDE!! you're killing me!!!!!! I want one so bad!!
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