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  1. You're taking me way too seriously. I was just messing around with Howard and Alec...but yeah they should be shooting Glocks And we're all talking about competition guns here. With Glocks I can go down to a 4.5lb. striker spring with the stock striker or a 4lb. spring with an extended striker and set off all primers I've tried...I use CCI and S&B because I'm way too cheap to buy Federal. Yeah my carry guns (yes we can carry here ) have all stock internals.
  2. So in summation, Howard and Alec should learn how to shoot a real gun with a real man's trigger...they should be shooting Glocks Actually I recently put a new trigger in my Glock; it now has a 2.5lb. pull...it's pretty sweet I don't know what a tier one match is, there's no such thing in USPSA. Is that some lame ICORE thing? In USPSA you definitely don't have to win a major match to become a GM; there are tons of GMs who have never won a major match
  3. Thanks for the info. Will have to go to HD and check it out.
  4. Nice, you think it would be sturdy enough for a reloading bench if not secured to the wall?
  5. Russell

    I Sold Out...

    Welcome to the dark side Lou. I love my 34. You can use it in Production or Limited Minor. For Production it's the same limitation on mag pouch placement as single stack (behind hip bone) and the rule is all gear must be within 2" of the inside of your belt, those quad mag pouches are probably legal, but they would suck for quick mag changes. Much better off with 5 single mag pouches. Yes the sights suck, get Dawson fiber optics. Grinding down the trigger guard area (or anywhere else) is not legal for Production.
  6. Here ya go: http://www.dawsonprecision.com/ProductDetail.jsp?LISTID=80001917-1390506928
  7. Did you look at the picture in the link I posted? I just re-created the same thing. Went into bedroom with lights off, pointed gun at couch in living room with the lights on. With fiber optic sights I couldn't see the sights, with tritium I could. When doing this test be sure you don't just point the gun at the white walls, try a dark object too. Sure a light would help, but I don't always carry a light with me everywhere I go. Having said all that I don't think night sights are absolutely necessary on a CCW; my current one actually doesn't have them (although I do have a tritium front sight in a box somewhere that I've been meaning to stick on it). I think having sights you can shoot fast and accurately with in all different types of lighting conditions is more important. That's why I like sights like the Ameriglo ProGlo and Trijicon HDs.
  8. For those that think tritium is useless. What about a situation where you're in the dark, but the threat is in a more lit area so you don't need a light? For example, you're standing in your dark bedroom and aiming into the hall where a light is on. Could come up with plenty of other examples like this. Not all of them are the most common situations so you need to decide whether you feel it's worth spending the extra money on tritium sights, but there are situations where you might need them. Todd Green does a better job of explaining it than me here: http://pistol-training.com/archives/7668
  9. I've tried pretty much every sight combination over the years and have decided that what works best for me is 3 dot. Tritium, preferably with a ProGlo type front sight, for self defense and fiber optic for competition. But my eyes are kind of strange so what works for me isn't necessarily going to work for anyone else. All black sights are pretty much useless for me unless I close one eye, and I hate shooting with one eye closed. I've tried the 2 dot tritium and one issue with them is that it's hard to judge how high the front dot should be from the rear when all you can see is the tritium, so getting elevation correct is harder. 3 dot doesn't have the same issue. I also find 3 dot faster than 2 dot for me.
  10. Glock triggers take some getting used to. Dry fire...A LOT and your groups will improve.
  11. Well that was pretty easy. Only took a few extra minutes and they never even opened my bag. Carried yesterday for the first time ever!
  12. Thanks all for the replies! Sounds like no one here's ever had a problem at EWR checking a handgun. So should I be concerned about this? Doesn't sound like it's affected anyone else here. Does the fact that I have an apartment in AZ help? Or should I just say I'm going shooting in AZ if asked?
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