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  1. Looking at an Independent run in November this year. Mastronardy don't care about the Constitution. George Gilmore don't care about nuthin but himself (& Me*@%ie)
  2. Amen to that brutha. Pork roll and cheese sandwiches off the roach coach workin' for AP Orleans.
  3. Nice how so many people are trying to make South Jersey bigger than it is.There IS a central Jersey, that's true, though it's boundaries would cause more problems than mere north and south. I had always considered the old 609/201 thing the true border, or mebbee 195. I was born in Middlesex General Hospital but grew up in Gloucester County, so I'm a South Jersey boy through and through, even though where I live now used to be 201. Remember the 51st state t-shirts, South Jersey RULES! Go Iggles! Let's go Fly-ERS!
  4. Backwoods Home magazine accepts 4 pre-1965 quarters for a 1 year subscription, value $24.95. I was wondering if anyone knows of a store (mebbe in Utah, they have that whole Constitutional currency thing out there) that would sell me a Marlin .44 based on this formula. I'm short on cash now but I do have lot of "junk silver"
  5. Mebbe Leland Lee of California was running his fully automatic weapons through NJ via that worthless POS union thug Sweeney and THAT'S why it was shelved.
  6. Screw the courts, lex iniusta non est lex. An unjust (or unconstitutional, same efen thing) law ain't a freakin law. Now you hafta understand that trodding that path can cost a lot. It'll cost property, liberty and mebbe even life. Each of us has to make decisions, ya know, like cost-benefit analyses. Eventually (4/19/1775 for example) the choice may not really be a choice anymore. I have tremendous respect for upstanding LEOs, for all dedicated public servants. Just know that I got no truck with oathbreakers. A LEO who breaks his oath is subhuman, evil and worthy of nothing but derision. I offer no apologies on this. Those who know me know I am a man of my word. I have very dear friends who are oathkeeping LEOs. Woe be to an oathbreaker, in this world and the next. I don't want to hear the Nuremberg defense, cos I got a .40 cal response to, "I was just following orders."
  7. I was very happy when I was a member at BA (-1 employee who was a TOTAL jerk). SS I bought a lower receiver and did not like the treatment I received. CJRPC is the way to go if you're close enough.
  8. I finally met Chief Mastronardy face to face. He had a fundraiser at the Beachcomber. He was very nice and very smooth and reiterated his concerns about the Constitution. After we talked, a Sheriff's Lt walked with me to another bar past a gaggle of political types when one of them remarked, "There goes that [email protected]*#ing radical." We pissed off somebody. Keep on Mastronardy, he wants this job and he wants to keep it, call him, fax him, email him, stay on him like stink on s#*t. Remind him what we expect of him.
  9. I was lookin on another forum I "hang out" on (Oathkeepers) and they was talkin bout a Constitution Day rally in NY. The consensus was that NY is worse than the PRNJ (true that). I suggested a rally at Monmouth Battlefield State Park. I'm waiting on a response concerning getting a venue for September 17. Anyone interested?
  10. I ain't planning nuthin, I'm just askin. Since to bring a case before SCOTUS, one has to have suffered harm or loss due to a law, what about carrying w/o a permit? One would get arrested... What would the sacrificial lamb have to go through on his way to a hearing before SCOTUS? Like I said before, I'm just askin.
  11. On the way out, we stopped in Elko, NV for the night (slept in the van). Took my kid the the restroom with my XD40 tactical on my belt. Saw 2 Sheriff's deputies and got nothing more than a good evening. Open carried in the casino to get morning coffee, grocery etc. Such a different world.
  12. I'm in California right now, about to return to the People's Republic of New Jersey. OMG! To travel I-80 is such an awakening to Liberty. 3, 000 miles and only PA, IL & CA like NJ. (OK, PA is fine for residents) The guy in the Cabelas outside of Reno, NV mentioned to me (I went in with my XD40 Tactical on my belt) that if I'm going into California I needed to pack up my sidearm. I said I knew cos I'm from NJ. Wow, most of this country is free, can't wait till Nevada tomorrow. Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Indiana & Ohio. Ah...
  13. The Chief called me today and brought up my Constitutional concerns. I have an opening now. He knows that a sizable chunk of Ocean County voters are awake to these issues. I will be backing him against the Democrat in November while building a large group within the County to show him we are growing and vocal. That which does not kill us, makes us strong. This is just the beginning. Again, thanks.
  14. To everyone who showed their support and to who cast a vote, I want to say thank you.
  15. Sometimes I use Battleview Orchards and sometimes I use regular apple juice (NO preservatives), I don't boil nuthin. Same carboy (5 gallon water bottles, cheap) for entire fermentation. Throw a lock on top and good to go. One point to remember, champagne yeast does not make for an effervescent cider (shocking) so if you sugar the bottles it wont work with regular apple juice. Battleview or a similar unprocessed sweet cider with it's unknown natural yeast content WILL get very bubbly if you sugar the bottles.
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