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  1. Yah that midwayusa mat looked like it was going to be a overall better buy. I'm still looking. You think when the next high power match comes around, I take a look at what other people have and make my decision off of that?
  2. Hi guys, I'm getting into high power matches, and I was told that it's recommend to get a shooting mat. I see lots of choices out their on the Web but the review selection on them on YouTube is small. I'm looking for one that's at least padded, water resistant and can be used as a anchor point for my bipod. Color and pockets don't matter to me. As long as the mat is quality. Any suggestions would be great
  3. of course. they have to say that but, i'm telling ya they have to stock pile it until the 12th
  4. On April 12th check your email from dicks sporting goods. Huge 22lr sale will start that day and dicks already has the ammo and will keep back stocking the 22lr until the 12. Insider that works dicks in union
  5. hi, all im new at this, and im totally confused about hunter orange 200sq in. i'm trying to go deer hunting next month and i'm not sure if i really need updated camo. i have a set of 5.11 multi-cam shirt, pants, and hat, but no orange in it. now should i get me a orange cap? or just invest in new camo clothing (that has the orange built in?) thanks for the help
  6. Hi all! I just picked up the booklet and DVD from bullet hole. And started going on the register page for list of classes and they are all filled. I was able to get a cid from the web page but not able to sign up for a class. should I have written the cid down? I'll b looking to take the class in Bridgewater, if anyone knows when that will be. Thx 4 the help
  7. G4s, dunbar, garda, brinks, lumius,
  8. its raining right now is the steel shoot still on?
  9. Dam it its been like forever since I shot steel. Maybe I'll show up if my plans fall through
  10. Just have to watch a safety video and ur good to go @ the easton pa range
  11. Their is the gun for hire range also off of 24. They have a 25 and 50yd indoor range. There about 30-40 min away depending on traffic
  12. I think its b/c they stopped selling ar and ak type rifles, so were buying from local businesses only.
  13. i did not have time to check. do they have any 22lr, 9mm, 45acp, .223/5.56 in stock? or any reloading supplies mainly cci 400 small rifle primers and .224 55gr heads?
  14. So I went to the range to day and I must say I'm impressed! As soon as you walk in the door your greeted and helped right away. In the actual range their is plenty of room to move around and set up your equipment. The targets are also brand new, you can actually set the distance for the target on a touch pad in the port. I went with my brother to check it out and we both were very impressed! It is a little pricy but for a range that will be open 99% of the year with a true 25/50 yd range it could be worth getting a membership in time. Still no ammo sales yet....dam nj with the ffl
  15. I dont like going here as well due to outrageous prices, but if they have some then i might as well go
  16. 1. Get it thrown out of court 2. Sue the land lord for letting police in 3. Sue police for unlawfully search and seizure without search warrant
  17. While u called i priced out a case of 1000 rds. 497.50 b 4 tax and shipping. 585.83 after shipping and tax.
  18. Ordered 2x from him. Great price and fast shipping. Just, u have to order over the phone or E-mail. Website doesn't work 100%
  19. PA constitution says the right to open carry shall not be infringed
  20. Ill b their and hopefully a coworker of mine shows up as well
  21. Got my box in today! Super fast shipping just be careful when opening caz a box or two may have opened
  22. thx 4 the heads up!!! just ordered me 1 and got the price down to $95 for 300
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