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  1. Got a railed commander sized 1911? -- Get a commander sized Dan Wesson specialist you said you had 2 1911's -- you don't have enough
  2. When I get tired of picking up brass I will just shoot .22 rimfire -- usually only lasts a few range sessions I will never sell my reloading equipment -- I had it in storage for a decade as my kids where growing up and life got in the way During an ammo recession is when you'll appreciate being able to roll your own -- just stock up on components now while they are cheap and available
  3. Buy it yet -- Just came thru my email -- Natchez additional 10%off everything sale ends tonight https://www.natchezss.com/hornady-lock-n-load-ap-reloading-press-with-ezject-system.html
  4. I forgot to answer the question of where to buy -- usually Natchez has the best price although their shipping can sometimes be high -- Also check mid south shooters supply both companies will take care of you if there are any issues on their end
  5. The Hornady is way more user friendly than the Dillon 650 i have both -- am qualified to make that statement I also have never had to tweak my LNL past original setup
  6. Deal has been extended -- coupon code "pushed15" is now good till tonight aug. 2 at midnight
  7. Get your hands on a Dan Wesson V-Bob -- I know Heritage guild in Easton had them in stock last time I was there -- Someplace you can at least get your hands on one Actually that heritage guild is a good place to get your hands on a lot of pistols -- No matter if you buy there or not
  8. well I sure missed that...
  9. Yes batteries, Yes caps, Yes to a mount too -- The aimpoint pro comes with everything you need to mount it and shoot it The mount with the pro is decent -- It's no larue or bobro but it does the job well -- It's not exactly what would be called a quick detach but no tools needed and it's quick enough I haven't confirmed but many guys say it returns to zero just fine after removal also -- As long as you put it in the exact same place on the rail
  10. Contraption??? its an aimpoint pro -- they are everywhere -- google it they sell for more than the price above used -- this is new with warranty yes AR15 but use it on whatever
  11. LA Police gear has a 15% off everything sale ending midnight 8/1/17 Aimpoint pro is regularly $437.00 Promo Code:Pushed15 removes 15% = $65.55 -- Also free UPS ground shipping Brings total to $371.45 for a new Aimpoint pro to your door -- I just bought another,,, http://www.lapolicegear.com/aim-12841-pro-optic.html
  12. Yea but it's a one shot wonder -- One shot, then you need to take a 400 yard walk to reset Nice job Lou -- If OB wasn't always closed for matches on the weekends I'd take a few but with the way things work there now I'd rarely be able to shoot them on my own
  13. So what was the consensus here -- All my photo bucket links are gone too not sure what they call a commercial user but I had less than 100 photos linked to websites Screw photobucket -- What works best on a PC -- I don't give a flying truck about how it works on a mobile device
  14. I went into my photo bucket account and eliminated my email address -- got tired of 2 or 3 a day adds from them and clicking the unsubscribe did nothing -- I must have unsubscribed 30+ times... I still have an account, rarely log in
  15. The lower on a MKIV is not the registered part -- Should be no different then shipping out a baseball