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  1. You'll know when the right age is -- it's different for everyone My son started around 7 -- I know I bought him his 1st dedicated youth .22 at 8 -- CZ452 scout Are you the guy at A&G?
  2. Copied from the NJDEP website -- The following are prohibited: camping, swimming, picnicking, dumping, cutting or damaging vegetation, removing timber or firewood, alcoholic beverages, metal detecting, geocaching and fires The big question is would bringing the barbecue fall under picnicking or fire...
  3. Pipe is collapsed -- I'd bet on it -- You will not snake it out Gonna have to start digging and replace it -- Use SDR 35 class pipe made for drainage if you only want to do it once ADS corrugated is junk and most landscape contractors don't install it properly What town are you in?
  4. Just looked now -- LA Police Gear with their "Easter15" Code takes 15% off bringing the Pro to $371 + $3.99 shipping
  5. I bough mine last year from LA police gear for $360 to my door -- Pretty sure it was memorial day sale...
  6. Sounds like you found your spy...
  7. It's someone you know or whoever they are looking at knows -- may not be friendly with but someone in your household will know this person -- Probably a neighbor Everyone always talks about range with the drones -- Yes they can fly far and be controllable but they don't have a huge flight time -- Going for miles is most likely a one way trip This person knows there is something of interest in that window -- on a regular schedule -- What happens in that bathroom around 10PM? It most likely is not coincidental that the drone pilot just happened to find your bathroom window -- He or she knew to look there If it's getting close enough to see in a partially open window then it's close enough to be trapped How about a pole extending from the peak of your roof -- with fishing line hanging from it - A lot of fishing line -- Can even be anchored to the ground How close is the neighbors house? -- Can you string line between both houses? Just be sure this neighbor isn't the pilot. If the neighbor isn't close, and you have some property, how about running a cable from the peak of your house anchored to the ground as far away as possible -- then hang fishing line from that You just have to tangle 1 prop and it comes down fast
  8. Sounds to me like the Op has a spy -- Someone's been doing it to him -- maybe looking in his daughters window? OP -- It's someone fairly close by -- I can't imagine the range being very far between houses Probably a lot of money in that drone -- If you can disable it, and take possession I would bet the operator will come looking for it -- Even better disable and leave it lay - set a trap -- Operator will definitely come looking for it if he things it just went down for no reason If this was my house -- I'd have fishing line strung everywhere -- Won't be able to see it in the camera of the drone and it will certainly tangle up the props and make that drone drop like a rock Go get that bastard...
  9. TBill got you covered -- Definitely add power receptacles There are never enough in a garage
  10. 1911 addicts There was a 6" hard chrome python with the Translucent "ghost" grips on it this morning -- think asking was over $3,000 The classifieds on that website are dangerous to my wallet
  11. Just saw a 6" blued python go for $1900 on another forum -- sale took 10 minutes -- 1980 build I guess that was reasonably priced
  12. talk to me about the course -- Is it all single targets or are there doubles? What shotgun is best -- Single shot, over under, or semi auto? -- What does everyone shoot?
  13. All worked out -- I was just unaware of his schedule If you look at his website you would get the impression that he has regular business hours -- He does not -- which is no problem for me, I was just unaware Anyway, I picked up a beautiful Bt-99 Made in 1979