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  1. I just found this through GOOGLE news. http://canadafreepress.com/article/our-right-to-bear-arms-has-been-stolen-and-the-supreme-court-can-now-give-i
  2. Falco https://www.falcoholsters.com/
  3. Vger9, My chimney was torn down and rebuilt today. He had to go down about 7 or 8 courses due to loose bricks and he built it back up to look like new. I have to say his etimate was lower than I expected. I would very much recomend him for chimney work. He left my house with a clean roof and a decent tip. HIs information is below: Lester Bailey III P.O. Box 70 Cedarbrook, NJ 08018 [email protected] 609-517-1676 Facebook.com/LHMasonry
  4. I am having mine re-pointed within a couple of weeks. A young man from the area is going to do it. Contact me in three weeks and I may have a recommendation for you.
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