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  1. Which is why it is imperative we look out for one another and educate ourselves so we can avoid giving Fuhrer Murphy an excuse to make examples of us.
  2. These particular ones do have the same follower and spring seat.
  3. The mags have a spacer, 10rnd spring and riveted floor plate but it contains all the components that a normal 30rounder would have minus the 30rnd spring. So it looks like it would be a felony to own the 30rnd springs. thx for the info.
  4. good afternoon gents/ladies, I did a search but wasn't able to find a thread on this. Is there any law against owning 30rnd mag springs in NJ? Asking for a friend.
  5. thx Dajonga, just didnt know if that changed with Murphy's recent gun laws Thx Pete, looks like his purchase won't go thru due to the exec order so, I'll have to transfer one to him. We've done it before but wasnt clear if it was still ok after Murphy's recent gun laws.,, thx
  6. I've been looking online, unsuccessfully, for clarification on this. So as of today 3/25/20 I can transfer a rifle to my brother face to face in NJ correct? We just need 2 copies of the SP634. thanks for the info in advance
  7. HI guys, First off lets please stay on topic and forgo the " why" and "but why would you worry" and "it'll never happen" and all the other stuff. I was thinking what actually constitutes a gun or rifle according to the state. If my guns were ever to be surrendered or taken away would i have to give them the gun in tact, mags and all? Is the "gun" just the parts that have a serial number? On my AR can i just surrender the lower receiver which is what has the actual serial number and keep the upper? See where i'm going with this? If marshall law passed and we knew our guns were going to be confiscated, couldnt we take all those parts and "sell" them and just turn in our serialized parts? The way i figure it is, why give the state your hard earned money and a working handgun. If i ever had to surrender anything would i have to or would/could they make me give them replaceable parts? thx
  8. Heck man, dont do it!!! You're better off with her family moving in with you......wait a sec.... i may have spoken too quickly....No No yes, no no wait.... you're better off buying her and her family their own dedicated internet connection with a 60" tv for both and give up your man cave to set it all up in and she can have a 24/7 link with them. Everyone's a winner and NJ doesnt gain another sucker.
  9. Hey guys/ladies, I did some business with Bangers on guns and rifles last week and i must say that both Jake and Chuck are very easy and pleasant to do business with. Other places act like they are doing you a favor, these guys are in business to make money obviously but they are also extremely fair and definately were looking out for me at the same time. There was no pressure and they gave me straight up answers and suggestions which other places would not just to profit off of you. I highly recommend Bangers. Good guys.
  10. HI all, Selling a brand new, never shot XD45 5" Tactical. It comes with the case/kit of 2 15rnd mags, mag holster, loader, holster and all new paperwork. Again, brand new, never shot. I'm selling it because it does not fit my small hand. When I was shopping around for it no one actually had a 45 in stock so I assumed it would be the same size as my XD9 Tactical (which fits me perfect) so I ordered it. Now that I have it it's only slightly bigger but just enough where I dont have a positive, comfortable grip of it. I paid 604.55 (I'm excluding the NICS of course) on 4/20/2012, asking 525.00. Thank you for looking, please contact via [email protected] and i will send pics. For some reason the system is not allowing me upload pics.
  11. Hi all, I purchased this holster intending on practicing RH but it's not working out. I purchased the LH version and would now like to sell this one. It's in like-new condition. $55 shipped $50 FTF. for some reason i cannt upload pics but can upon request. thanks for looking, please contact via [email protected]
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