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  1. Maybe in your mind... but no, they don’t.
  2. Got you. So, only other recourse would have been to sue (saw you mention that earlier)?
  3. Being honest... never followed it. I definitely saw your picture once or twice, but never heard the facts of the case. But let me ask you this... what exactly was the outcome? You got your guns back. What changed for all NJ gun owners after that? Not being a dick about it, but seriously asking the one directly involved. You do realize that all guns... new, used, privately purchased (up until a few months back), or store bought... all have the same info on the pistol permit? Please tell me where on the permit it shows capacity of magazines that lets NJSP or local L/E know you are in possession of 11-15 rounders. Even if they did... and follow me... YOU HAD 180 DAYS TO GET INTO COMPLIANCE! That is not probable cause. It would be laughed at, unless they had proof you likely still possessed those magazines past this previous Monday.
  4. You are allowed to... doesn’t need to be in compliance until it walks out your door, correct?
  5. So, now you have the five man Firearms Unit checking all these pistol permits, cross referencing what guns have 11 round magazines and over, and setting up for warrants... which would likely never be signed off on. As mentioned, no probable cause... even in NJ (you are talking about people with likely no criminal record, as the got the pistol permit in the first place, and a NICS on top of that). They still have all their other responsibilities... so what takes precedence? Get those dangerous 11-15 rounders off the street (NJSP has had enough heat over questionable issues in the past, so I doubt they will even ask for a warrant that questionable) or keep doing their original job? Maybe let’s have local departments handle it? For towns like Deal, where they may have the time to do it... you might see an officer knock on the door/send a letter. Busier towns (Neptune, Asbury Park)... yea, let’s waste manpower on that. [emoji849] Off the top of my head, I own two guns that would screw up your theory. And even still, when guns were in higher demand, you don’t think dealers got 10 round SKUs when 15 rounders were not available? What about Glock 17s? Did every single FFL buy the 17 round version and pin... or did some buy the 10 round ones and didn’t have to be bothered pinning them? For the two guns in question... Beretta PX4 and CZ SP-01 (both 9mm). The Beretta... there was never a model offered by Beretta with 15 rounders. It was 17 and 10. I bought mine used from a moderator on BerettaForum... which came with 15 rounders. How would the NJSP know that? Or would they just say... he must have got a 17 rounder, and Paul at NJ Arms, handed the illegal magazines to me. Obviously, he wouldn’t, as I don’t think any NJ FFL would risk that, but gets to either pinned 15 rounders or 10s. The pistol permit does not show any reference of the SKU sold, so they don’t know if it came with 10, 15, or 17 round magazines. The SP-01... I bought from Steve. Came with 18 rounders (the ones with the bumpers), if I remember correctly. Other option, I believe was 10. Was doing the paperwork on it, and he said he has to pin them. Not too big on the pinned magazines, and he stocked 15 rounders... so swapped them in. Is he an accessory for possessing future high capacity magazine from this sale, back in 2016? Would any of that be probable cause? Hell, I have a few ARs, a WASR, M1A, and a Tavor. There are drum magazines for all of those... so I must be in possession of them. Sorry, but if you don’t hear how stupid that sounds, I really can’t help you (and probably nobody else here). If my local department wants to come down, or even the NJSP, they can look at my two single shot pistols I described above... as well as any other firearm I didn’t have a 10 or less round magazine for. I’m selfish for sending my magazines out of state, not because I fear NJSP’s TEAMS Unit will be breaching my front door... but because I’m 3.5 months out from starting a job in Federal L/E in Maine. A fourth degree crime is a felony, and likely something CBP wouldn’t be too happy over. Even if owning a Glock 19 by itself is probable cause, they gave 180 to get in compliance. You’d have to have evidence that person did not. For that, you are getting way outside the realm of normal police work. Only ones that feel this way are you, Nappen, and some that kiss the ground he walks on. Do have to ask... is that you, Evan?
  6. Get a quote from BestBuy or Staples for doing it... then go from there.
  7. Watch out for wording... might get some high-capacity revolvers.
  8. https://www.amazon.com/dp/151865472X/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_6gzeCbJ4D8JDD Might want to recommend that book before he starts buying stuff. Not that reading it will say “buy X rifle,” but it will at least give him some idea of where he might want to go with it. Even if he does go with the Ruger, it does go over stuff to make sure he sets the rifle up correctly. If you want long range precision... mounting your scope is kind of important. The author is supposed to do another book, but has been tied up with his other job. I can tell you that he does put more of a favor to .308 over 6.5mm Creedmoor in that book... but has changed his view as 6.5mm Creedmoor has got more settled (opposed to just another hyped cartridge, that dies quickly). There is another round that he is even more stoked over, but definitely not something anyone would recommend (don’t even think it is commercially out yet). His podcast is Going Ballistic, if he is interested.
  9. Semi-autos are applicable to the “assault weapon” legislation. All semi-auto shotguns, and then semi-auto pistols and rifles with a detachable magazine, must follow that legislation. Pumps are good to go with whatever “evil feature” you want. Just like you could put a flash hider, folding stock, and pistol grip all on a bolt action... and still be good.
  10. No, poor us... Guess I do have to say it, I don’t have a problem with gingers. [emoji6]
  11. It’s like that among any group you’d want to slice out of the population. Well, except the gingers... they are just pure evil and have no souls. [emoji1787]
  12. If I remember correctly, Nappen is Jewish (not saying it is an excuse for his comment). I was going to touch on it earlier, but to me, it is like he is grandstanding a terrible part of history for his own personal gain. If the “all powerful/wise” Nappen says it is Kristallnacht, maybe we should buy his $60 book/go to his seminar? Kind of sad, if you ask me. I wouldn’t expect being Christian (myself) as a reason to feel differently for his BS, but think most get disgusted that another person actually said that. That was an early part of a period of history that millions of people were killed because of their religion. Let’s actually think before we post something like that. I’ve made a connection to anti-gun legislation to the Nazi use of gun control to better carry out the Holocaust... but it isn’t the same as his dumb post. I’m against gun control, not because I think Murphy is Hitler and Grewal is Himmler... but because I view them as the Weimar Republic before their rise to power. All of the registration and the foundation of German gun control was established prior to Hitler coming to power... by people wanting to make Germany a “safer place.” When the Nazis came in, they had the addresses of who registered their firearms... and if you fit into their group of people they didn’t want to own firearms, you turned them in or were arrested/killed. Gun control is an issue most of us have with the government now... because we had 15 rounders for years, then made felons 180 days after the stroke of a pen. But it is an issue for everyone 20 years down the line, when this utopia gets a “Hitler” in power, and nobody is able to stop him. Murphy is just laying down the carpet for someone like that... and it is the idea why the Second Amendment was even thought of in the first place.
  13. If it doesn’t cause an accident... I had a coworker that used to do that, with his phone in front of the speedometer. Would drive with helpers, who let my boss know. So... I was forced to add that in the new iteration of our handbook. The employee may still do it, but not with anyone else in the truck, as it is classified as a “safety violation.” Those are grounds for termination... or so I was instructed to set the rules up for them. It’s sad I had to specifically had to put that in the handbook... but not as bad as “employees are not allowed to place an extension ladder on the roof of their truck to gain additional reach.” I do manage our fleet, so in charge of anywhere between 18 and 24 vehicles on the road. Talking on the phone, without a hands free device, when a Trooper is standing in a tollbooth... you get stopped (actually, he didn’t get ticketed... but was due to his license being suspended for not turning in plates, and Trooper had a heart that it was BS). Headset clearly visible, with phone in your hand... you get stopped/ticketed (another Trooper, this time in Farmingdale). Stopped on the side of Route 18, hazards on and phone to ear... Marlboro PD just checks to make sure you aren’t broken down. All examples I’ve dealt with at work... the last one was me, personally. But I digress... if people are still interested in that, definitely an idea for a new thread.
  14. You can’t be ticketed for using a cell phone anywhere while parked. Law specifies handheld phone while driving. You can either pull over to answer or use a hands free device... both comply with the law in how it is written.
  15. [emoji1787] Wonder if we ask him questions... he will reply there. Nappen... Coke or Pepsi?