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  1. I took it a step further... round would be in the chamber after I ejected the fired shell (wouldn’t close the barrel until the guy before was up/called). I figured that trap would be more of a practice for hunting. Not going to sit with a empty gun while out in the field (range rules respected). Salomon’s has chunks of tire on the ground. Personally, I rather lay the gun down than put it on those. But I also understand that there are trap shooters who don’t have the ability to hold the gun up for extended periods of time... but can still disapprove of it. As long as chunks of concrete don’t blow up into my face because of some moron letting one go, put the gun muzzle down. Since I sold my trap gun, if I go, I’m using my 11-87. It is my field gun, so hell no am I putting the barrel down.
  2. Merged with Dick Cheney...
  3. I haven’t shot trap in the past few months, but I hated people putting the muzzle down on anything. Just something I cringe when I think about it. Hold the damn gun up, or put the stock under your arm and the barrel over your forearm. It isn’t like you are standing there for hours on end. It’s 125 shots... at the most. That picture is just the result of the better part of his gene pool ending up somewhere else.
  4. My buddy just got his. Qualified with it, but gun was hitting a foot and a half from POA. You can see the sights being off when looking at the slide. Said he likes it, but needs to get the sights squared away prior to carrying it.
  5. Yea, I used to put my screen name on the pictures... then said screw it. Fraud is definitely something I worry about. Some of my guns are pretty unique, and don’t want to see someone screwed over from my pictures... or worse, be accused of fraud. But the end of the day, scumbags are going to do scummy things.
  6. I had someone on AR15.com using one of my old S&W 642-1 pictures, from back when I had the Hogue Monogrip on it. He was using it as an example, which I didn’t have an issue with, but wasn’t on my PhotoBucket anymore (was using back then). I sent him a message, very politely, asking how he got that photo. I also asked him to stop hosting it, as it was mine and wasn’t asked for my permission to use it. No reply... So, posted in the thread and gave a current picture of my gun (they all tend to have the same background... carpet in my office/gun room). Conversation continued as if I didn’t even post... even with the second half of my post saying why I didn’t like the grip and switched (turns a J-frame into almost an L/K-frame grip). Nothing. Reported it to AR.15.com... and nothing was done. Long/short of it... once you host something online, it isn’t yours anymore. People don’t give a damn about it. If I post a picture that someone else hosted, I direct it from the original address. If the owner wants to remove it, it goes away. If someone wants to inquire about it, go to the source and contact them through whatever method available. Figure that is a little better than me “stealing” it...
  7. Yea, I need to start saving up some money for the next Oaks show... I didn’t want to go to the last one, figured October might be a little bigger.
  8. Not getting rid of property I was forced to buy (at usually higher rates) for this state... I’ve said in other threads, when it gets closer, and looks like it will go as described in the legislation, anything over ten rounds will go to my godmother’s in PA. Likely within the week of the deadline. Until then, they all stay here. I’ve stated before, I have a career/life ahead of me that I don’t need BS weapon charges to screw that up. I’m very clear with that, and why I don’t like people mudding up my posts on a public forum, which could be taken as I’m doing something questionable. I don’t have the disposable income right now to do it, but if I wanted to by 30 round magazines and keep them in PA, I’d post that without issue. Completely legal... as is the stripped AR lower that is in a cheap Stack-On safe at my godmother’s, which has a Fostech Echo II trigger in it. Can’t cross the river with that, and absolutely will not, but that will be one of my freedom celebration projects... along with a bayonet lug flash hider for my M1A and 20 rounders for my .45 AR). I’ll have to read the legislation again, as I’m likely going to the range in the next two weeks to square the JP buffer system in my AR. I’ll see what I take the law specifically as, and make my decision if I’ll take a 15 or 10 rounder. Main reason is to check the last round locking the bolt back... which can be done either way (would prefer to try a 30 host magazine, opposed to a straight 20 host/10; rather this rifle run right when I move). When I’m out of NJ, I might try to sell what I can... keeping the 15 round M1As. Will also keep some of the cut AR 15 rounders, as they sit pretty low. And for the blocked 15 rounders... either sell for cheap when I get settled or just use as test magazines (big red strips being painted on them all). I’m not letting those abominations get into my regular magazines, when that moves forward. Even the guns that I’d need, most aren’t effected. The only notable one is my Glock 30S, which I lose the 13 rounders with X-Grip (all else is 9 or 10... thank you .45). NJ pissed me off, as I originally wanted to sell them to members here (PX4, CZ75, AK, AR; wasn’t going to list them at top dollar, but figured you guys would have used them more). But, way to screw me even more than the past 30 years. Wonder what else they have in store for me when I go.
  9. The AR is definitely the Honda Civic of the gun world... Ideally, mid-length is the solution for dwell time differences between the carbine/14.5” barrel and a 16” barrel. But as you move the gas port away, you lessen the gas pressure. My .45 D/I upper has the port just in front of the barrel nut... but to allow something like 9mm to function in D/I, the pressure is high enough that chunks of the jacket are sent back into the bolt assembly (or so how Rudy from Macon Armory explained it to me). Can deal with under/over pressure a multitude of ways. Adjustable gas block, and physically adjust the pressure going rearward. Buffers/springs/bolt carriers compensate for the pressure, by either slowing the bolt down or allowing it to move faster. Mid-length might be better in some applications, but if the gun is over/under gassed, not going to make a difference if carbine or mid-length. Might be able to run a lighter buffer in mid-length...
  10. Most kits/uppers for use in the AR use an Atchinson designed bolt... to include Spikes, Ciener, and even CMMG (they did do a lot of advancements). Bolt locking back with those systems tend to be related to an extended follower in the magazine (BDM magazines), which lets the bolt home when the magazine is pulled. CMMG did offer a BHOA, which used their followers, and was supposed to get it working like a traditional AR. Problem was the followers were too finicky (two piece, which slide back/forth to engage the BHOA), and the line was dropped. I actual have the BHOA (followers never worked in my 15 rounders), which I modified. There was a tab that would engage the follower, which I removed. All it allows is after the BDM follower stops the bolt, I can pull back and manually lock it back with the bolt release. Remove the magazine, it stays locked back. Reload, hit the bolt release, and you are back in business. My .22 upper now uses the CMMG bolt assembly, which I put in the Spikes collar (sold the Spikes kit and CMMG chamber adapter as a conversion... which it did create). The CMMG bolt is definitely the way to go, if you are sticking with an actual AR design. With the nature of .22 LR, having the forward assist is a big benefit. The only upgrade I will be doing to mine is an Auto Sear Trip kit... which will be helpful in an AR build that is sitting at my godmother’s in PA (Fostech Echo II trigger [emoji106]). The M&P 15-22 is a good rifle, but it is definitely not based off the original AR design, which the Atchinson design was made to work with. It is along the lines of the GSG-5 in relation to the MP5... made to mimic it, but far from it.
  11. I got one from Spikes Tactical back when they offered them... back in 2008 time frame. It was a regular upper, just pinned a muzzle brake on. Got a Lothar Walther match barrel, and a railed front sight base (no lug with that option). Other than those two things, it was identical to non-compliant uppers. CMMG offers .22 uppers... but likely going to have to have something pinned. Order one you like (just make sure the barrel is 16”, and no bayonet lug if you don’t want extra work to grind it off), get a muzzle brake that you like (or get one with the thread protector), and have a gunsmith pin it.
  12. Not really bothered about having the files, just don’t have a need to download them... I don’t plan on getting a 3D printer until they get cheaper/more functionality (better material). On my desk, I have a row of gun books (mostly historical stuff). Two are directions for building firearms, even full-auto, and then a third is “Improvised Weapons of the American Underground.” I believe they have one in there... like a STEN design. Been there for years... and will continue to be there. Do I worry about NJAG issues with them? Nope... they are books. They can come after me when I decide to build one... which isn’t happening. Until then, he can kiss my ass.
  13. Handguns, you must go through an FFL in your own state (Federal law). Exception being a FFL purchasing out of state (03 would be a good example, given the subject matter). Rifles, you can purchase out of state, but must go through an FFL (doesn’t have to be in NJ, but again... Federal requirement). I don’t know specifics on other state laws, but you have to follow them... as well as home state laws (can’t buy a M1 Carbine in PA, and return to NJ). For instance, it would be legal for a non-NJ resident to buy a long gun from a NJ FFL on the Federal side, but state law requires a NJ FID... which isn’t a common thing for non-NJ residents to own. Kind of keeps non-NJ residents from buying within NJ. Need to check that state to see if there are any issues. In regards to Cabela’s, I’ve never really seen one offer used firearms at good prices. Better deals on forums, at least what I’ve seen. To gauge prices, look at Gunboards... and see what they are selling for. They tend to be in the ballpark, for the most part. Another option is to give the prices... I did happen to search Mauser on Cabela’s Gun Library... and see a Yugo 24/47 for $570. Doubt it comes with anything other than the rifle, but unless it is Tito’s personal rifle, I’d pass. Prices might have gone up, but I’d put that money into something else.
  14. Correct... AIM Surplus, for example, only lists pistols as not to be sold to C&R licensees. Above that, they list our assault weapon legislation, and guns not allowed to be sent here. Nothing about rifles/shotguns.
  15. And the packet came today (7/26). But from what I heard, no pattern with how packets are sent out. Likely do a bunch and send the when they get a large enough pile. No CD with laws and no safety/security info... and two memos saying they were backordered (probably updating the CD). Have a few forms, including Theft/Loss Report (3310.11) and Amended FFL (5300.38). I downloaded most of the forms I likely could consider using, and leave them on my computer. Also have instructions to get the 2014 FFL Reference Guide, which I ordered from the GPO prior to receiving my license (I like having the book in hand, but PDFs are linked on the sheet). Big things was the brown C&R book and the open letter to all FFL 03s.