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  1. They usually are off... I run them if I want to run a light, as I rather be able to use regular Government model holsters instead of doing a custom or universal holster for a SR1911 with a Novak rail. Sorry if something I paid for bothers you. [emoji6]
  2. SierraPapa... kept it stock for some time, then figured I'd try it out. While the stock trigger sucks, it does work. I've taken a lot of heat for not going with the acceptance for the SP trigger kit. It is nice, but also expensive. When I mention it isn't necessary, SP kind of gave me the cold shoulder in posts on BerettaForum. It is night and day from the stock trigger, and made that very clear, but my groups didn't tighten up directly due to the upgrade. The recoil assembly... that is definitely an important upgrade, as if you take the gun down with the hammer down, you can break the buffer and/or guide rod. If that occurs, the gun doesn't work. Have no problem recommending that, but I cannot call the SP trigger kit a necessary upgrade. Who would have figured it would give a Tavor trigger a run for its money (have the Geissele pack and trigger bow in it now [emoji6]). My gun was probably in the first group imported (under 750 serial number). Very happy with it, being a reliable design... but I like a few different pistol caliber carbines.
  3. I've heard good things about S&W redoing it... Personally, I hate blued finish. It looks good, but it really is just rust that looks good. I like Melonite (it's just black oxide on the surface), and have had good luck with it, but for guns I want to stay looking good, I go with a nickel based plating; CCR's cera-plate or Robar's NP3+. Never did a revolver in cera-plate, but here is my 642-1 in NP3+. Nickel isn't for everyone, but I feel matte versions look pretty good in most circumstances. Polished... too much upkeep required. Also, wear looks a lot better on nickel than bluing. CCR supposedly did a black plating, but I believe as it wears, the black goes away and the nickel shows through. Robar does a spray on finish over NP3 that is similar. If it is a gun you are going to shoot, it will wear. Even rebluing or touching up spots will eventually wear again... quicker the more you use it.
  4. I got big hands... I keep my wallet in my front pocket, but to get my hand in to draw a gun, it would probably have to be along the lines of a NAA revolver.
  5. Does it get better over the four hours? Last time I went (between 8AM and 9AM), there were like 10 tables. Overheard a few guys talking about surplus interest with younger shooters, and being I likely was less than half their age, kind of rubbed me the wrong way. For as miserable as they were, not going to get younger people interested in those firearms by being grumpy old men... acting like an AR is a BB gun. Personally, got a lot better deals at Oaks. But like seeing unique stuff. The guy at the door had a few nice Garands, but didn't talk to him since he seemed busy with people coming in.
  6. Does a bear crap in the woods? Swap it over to take either the 92 or PX4 magazines. Think the only difference in that picture is that I had the bolt plated. Yep... Had two PX4s. The .45 was my first, which I tossed in the Stealth controls when I had CCR refinish it (converts to G due to profile of the levers). Traded that off when I got my Glock 30S. The 9mm came converted to G. Picked it up used from one of the moderators on BerettaForum. Had CCR match it to my .45, as well as added an extended barrel. Still have that one. The Brigadier, converted myself when the kit came out. Was one of the first people to order... patients definitely helped there, along with gun oil. Decocker only is a nice thing, but definitely need to be comfortable with it. Having the PX4s, as well as a 96G Centurion slide, it was a given to convert the last slide over. Also prefer the SIG decocker on my P228. I just got tired of confirming the safety was off each time I brought the Brigadier up (still sweep my thumb from time to time). Only gun I have with a slide safety/decocker is my S&W 1006.
  7. Partially agree... bought a P938 to replace my LCP, and converted my S&W 642-1 from .38 to 9mm. But .380 shines in a small pistol. While the P938 is small, I can't put that in a pocket other than a cargo pocket. Well, I can, but can't effectively draw from a front pocket. My LCP, in a Recluse pocket holster, fits comfortably in my back pocket... and can draw from there. With the Magguts magazine kit, my holster, that looks like a wallet, holds the gun and spare magazine... coming out to 15 rounds of .380 in one pocket. While .380 is less powerful than 9mm, that is a good amount of firepower. While the P938 replaced the LCP, will never sell it. Just too easy of a gun to conceal to get rid of. To go back to the original topic, yes... .357 SIG bridges 9mm and .40. But why not shoot .40 or 9mm +P+? Costs for .357 SIG make it a little too much for regular practice... which is something I'd recommend for a higher recoil round. 10mm, it definitely shines as a reloader's cartridge. I don't reload (will when I get the room to do it), but 10mm ammo is out there. Plus, I don't have to worry about it fitting in a .40 gun. [emoji41]
  8. No problem... Yea, damn thing keeps flipping off. Must be broken. [emoji6] I also got this new safety for my Inox Brigadier... said it was made for real Gs, so figured I'm gangster after buying it. Safety worked fine when I was a nerd, but not anymore since I became so fly... [emoji41] Seriously, I was big on BerettaForum for years prior to finding NJGF, so if I see a Beretta thread, I likely will poke my head in. Lots of random crap rolling around in my head, but sometimes can find some useful Beretta info. It's one platform I grew up on.
  9. Oh no... that's a big crack... [emoji15] It's on all PX4s and 92s/96s. Relief cut, as mentioned. Checked to see if I had a shot of my PX4 that included it, but never had one of that angle. Too lazy to pull it out of the safe either. I got lucky seeing that on BerettaForum early on... prior to noticing the cut. [emoji41]
  10. As stated in another thread, I'm out of NJ by the time a new ban would come around. Going to make sure I vote and do the email/fax/letter to representatives until I actually leave, but one point I would like to mention... I have a Marlin Model 60, which is the current design that is NJ compliant (not the 18 round gun). My father bought it for me as a Christmas present when I was a kid. I really could care less what NJ law comes up for guns holding 10+ rounds... that is one firearm I WILL NOT get rid of. The 15 round FBI magazine for my S&W 10mm is one that I'm less attached to... but is also not going anywhere (paid enough for that magazine that I probably could have got a used Glock 20 for [emoji41]). I'll get a cheap gun safe to leave at my godmother's house in PA before I'd ever let go of those. Hopefully, I can sell off my 15 rounders for guns that hold more when I leave (AR, AK, Beretta PX4, CZ75, and M1A; probably would keep the M1As and the cutdown ARs, since they are still useful as a bench magazine). Would rather offer them to NJ residents that are stuck here, but I guess Colorado is another option if it does go full-retard.
  11. 10mm is starting to get some traction... but I don't think it will be a revolution. A round like 10mm just needs more guns to shoot it...like a handy carbine. [emoji6] .357 SIG... I'm very lukewarm to. If the S&W 10mm barrel project on S&W Forum ever formulated, I'd have a .40 and .357 barrel for my 1006. I like unique things in my collection... and that definitely fits the bill. I'm not interested in moving into .357 SIG for a major caliber, but it would be nice to experiment with it. My other convertible .40s would be a 96G Centurion slide for my Beretta... but not too fond of the older 96 design (the buffer system in the 96A1 does the job of not beating the crap out of the frame). I also have two S&W M&P40s (a 5" Pro and a Compact)... but kind of don't want .357 barrels for them. They are paired to a .40 KelTec SUB-2000, which uses the M&P magazines. So, rather not be loading .357 into magazines that could find their way into a rifle I cannot convert. But I think my lack of interest in .357 SIG is due to my lack of interest in .357 Magnum...
  12. If I had to deal with multiple wives, I'd do some crazy crap, as well... Seriously, even with the stipulation that if you are found to be a criminal that you must turn in your permit, that is just setting yourself up for problems. On the one hand, I see it getting people a permit that likely will be fine... as criminals tend to not go through the hassle and just carry without a permit. But still, people like to file a lawsuit when there is an issue related to anything done by a L/E agency... whether it is justified or not.
  13. Just reading the permit application... your signature is consent to "be investigated as allowed by law," and "release of information." Just some keywords, since I'm on my phone. If they aren't calling references, that runs down to the one way they are completing an investigation... shy of that psychic that went to jail a few years back. I've never heard of them contacting NJ L/E, so maybe I'm wrong. But in this age, can a L/E agency really rubber stamp a permit like that?
  14. Never said it did... My post was in response to the statement that they are selling permits. If they are doing a background prior to issuing a permit, that isn't selling. If it were selling a permit, anyone... no matter of criminal history, would be able to get one. Money would automatically equate to a permit. Unlike a car, if you are stopped for whatever and say that you have a NH permit and are carrying a firearm, does that prove you legally purchased the firearm (cars are registered and insured, which is easier to check on the status than a firearm)? What can the L/E that stopped you do? Check to see if the firearm was reported stolen? The permit shows that at the date of issuance, you did not have anything that NH saw as a reason to deny you for the permit. If that wasn't the case, like being alluded to, it would be a way to mask a criminal from illegally carrying a firearm. Again, it is moot because they do a NICS check prior to issuing (what your $100 partially goes towards, as well as their record keeping). The NH permit is along the lines of a NJ FID. It shows the person is not a "prohibited" person. To say it is being sold is a big stretch, and kind of is tossed out for the fact that they are doing an investigation into the applicant.
  15. Just because they don't call references doesn't mean it is selling a carry permit... They likely do a NICS check, which usually suffices for most people. If something comes up, I'm sure they will either deny for a reason or contact the references to get a better idea on who is applying. Besides, do you think criminals are regularly applying for NH non-resident permits? Look at it this way... do you realize the s***storm that would start if they "sold" a permit to someone who was a criminal, and they used a firearm in the commission of a crime? Victims would own NH. No government entity will consider a money making scheme you allude to, with those kinds of implications. We are not talking about BS traffic tickets.