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  1. Guns used were a shotgun... which he likely acquired in the US illegally. After he killed the RCMP officer, he was in possession of her sidearm and rifle. He did not have any firearms license in Canada. Suspect also had ties to the town where our port is located. I personally want to see them start arguing about us carrying our duty guns while in Canada; whether we are transporting someone back to CBSA or heading thru Canada to one of our outports. COVID is getting them all worried about us crossing, so I’m sure more US guns are going to be discussed. When this went down, I was sitting on the border for Border Patrol... in an area where they had previous situations where they believe drugs were handed off. Pretty much, a US road dead ends, and a Canadian road run parallel to that road and the border (maybe 10’ apart). Came back to the port to talk with my supervisor... who said he was about to run another officer with an M4 due to the situation, but found out the suspect was dead before they got out there. Gave me the rundown of the events. Sort of pissed me off, since RCMP stopped by and talked for about 30 minutes prior to this... and suspect was impersonating an RCMP officer. Great communication...
  2. I can agree... the TLR-7 is awesome, but I do recommend the TLR-7A instead. The side buttons on the original can be turned on in certain holsters... had it happen a few times to me. And the light does get warm rather quick. The rear switches are a superior design. From what I’ve seen so far, most TLR-7 holsters will accept the A model without issue. I use the high switch for my Glock. Your mileage may vary.
  3. Tomorrow, three .410 Enfield muskets will be arriving... that will be my project until stuff settles down. Hoping to get at least two complete rifles, even if I have to restock them. One I’ll likely keep in the chambering, and the other will be reamed to 3” .410. Unsure how that will be done, but either a coworker who does gunsmithing/FFL or ill give it a shot.
  4. Maybe you aren’t following me... I want it to punch through stuff. That is the whole point of having the M855 available. Level IIIA armor, possibly Level III armor, glass windshields, etc. I have four magazines on my carrier; two with red bands (.223 labeled), two with green (5.56mm labeled). My pistol is loaded with a red banded 20 rounder. Red marked magazines are Hornady CD. Green marked magazines are M855.
  5. Define worst? Because if I keep it in there to punch through things that the other load won’t... I think it is a good option.
  6. May not make sense to you... an 11.5” 5.56mm AR makes sense for my needs, and quite a few others. At least eight or so people in my port are running something similar as a truck gun (while there is local, county, and state presence in our town, CBP and BP outnumber them all together; if something goes down, we likely will be responding whether on or off duty). A 10.5” Krinkov clone makes enough sense that they are regularly out of stock on PSA. And when they come back in stock, they are out of stock within a day or two. That being said, I’ll be happy when that pistol comes home because it is a neat little package, just like those who like the AKS74U (I’m not a 5.45mm guy)... and that is good enough for me. Ballistically, a 12.5’ .308 isn’t doing much more than a similarly short 7.62x39mm... which is why I didn’t put my money there. Not going to lie, was definitely close... until I started browsing PSA’s website and seeing reviews. Punching .30 holes in a target might be fun... but it can be done cheaper and easier with an AK platform. Not as heavy of a weapon system, and aftermarket is huge. 16” .308s might be out there, but how popular are they? And what is the trade off? Most people opt for 18”... but neither are really giving me something over my 11.5” AR when you consider portability and firepower. Hornady CD 73 grain ammo will do the job across a Walmart, which is pretty much all I really could ask it to do. If it doesn’t, I have M855 in magazines on my plate carrier, as well. That being said, no issue with your choice. If I were still in NJ, a 16” M1A would definitely be a consideration... since I already have a M1A. Besides... it’s your money; but what spins your wheels.
  7. I considered a .308 AR pistol as another truck gun, but figured going down to a 12.5” barrel wouldn’t be as beneficial as a .308 with a 16+” barrel. Only plus would have been “firearm” territory, so could toss a vertical grip on. But then I’m going into a platform I don’t have any gear for (no .308 AR magazines)... so have to buy more stuff to run the gun. So, my final choice was an AK pistol... for when a .223 isn’t enough (likely not too common), 7.62x39mm will work. I have a WASR already, so magazines and other gear will work between the two guns. But to be fair, it definitely was a s***s and giggles purchase (who doesn’t want a Krinkov clone?). I’ve fired the 16” M1As (one with that quad rail... which I hated; and then one without), and personally prefer the 22” model... which is what I own. If I am at the shorter barrel length, rather a pistol grip than a traditional rifle stock. Have never seen an M1A chassis that does a pistol grip right, without weighing a ton. Is the 22” M1A a gun I’m firing from my truck? Probably not... but if I’d have to, I’d figure it out. The 16” ones likely would fit that role a lot better.
  8. I bought an AK pistol yesterday... was going back and forth on getting another AR pistol/firearm, but wanted something a little heavier than 5.56mm. .308 was too expensive, so 7.62x39mm fit the bill perfectly. But my purchase just happened to fit in with this said panic. Also have a bundle of TP... so good there. What I picked up... https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-ak-p-moe-triangle-side-folding-pistol-black.html
  9. CBP is transitioning to 9mm... namely the 19 (pissed that BP is given the option for the 47). We have 9mm ammo (147 grain Ranger), but only the two people down at the academy now will have the guns before October. So... we still have .40 H&K P2000 LEMs. I don’t mind it, but I don’t carry it except for while on duty. Don’t mind .40... but rather 9mm or .45.
  10. Chart is L/E sensitive... but if you are a US citizen or LPR, have everything on a CBP 4457 (sorry, I got it messed up in previous post). An officer will have to confirm numbers/sign. It shows you had possession of it in the US, and you are just bringing it back. Will other paperwork suffice on return trip? Probably... but the 4457 will definitely work. And if you leave again, as long as the same guns go, you’ll have the form already filled out (doesn’t expire). It is a form roughly the size of an index card. Whatever Georgia requires... no idea.
  11. How long are you going to Georgia? I have a chart with the ATF forms needed, but sitting in my locker at work. I’ll be there Monday, if it isn’t time pressing. It breaks down which forms go with what circumstance. We had a guy trying to bring in rifles from an Artic exploration ship a few months back (taking them to Remington to have them rebuilt), and thought he would be ok having them transferred over in Canada. Needed a firearms importer to do it, which he really didn’t want to deal with. For ownership, a CBP 4475 should be good. We use it for things like pumps and other serialized pieces of equipment going into Canada, so when they bring it back, we know it isn’t newly purchased. It’s hard to say, being hunters going over to Canada only hand their Canadian weapon registration forms to show they came in with the guns... and we might run serial numbers if they are filing Fish/Wildlife forms on the way in. I’ve had Canadians come in with ATF forms/firearms, but nothing really related to a US Citizen.
  12. This is correct... folding braces is now the issue where OAL is questioned (even though it wasn’t). I’m doing an AOW stamp on my TAC-14 for that.
  13. I saw it on FB, then was looking at Defensive Carry forum... one of the members was there. Might get a little insight via that... but he wasn’t carrying at the time (next stop for him was dentist, and didn’t want to leave a gun locked in the car). But some of his observations might be insightful to some.
  14. Still a firearm, and not a shotgun. As long as OAL is over 26”, would be good.
  15. Yea, scored a .25 Colt M1908 and a .45 Colt M1917 there... I’m actually looking forward to going to a gun show up here, but being I can just have stuff I’m interested in shipped directly to me, I watch GunBroker and classifieds on forums a little more than I did.
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