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  1. MA? Don’t follow it, as I’m not there or intending to move there.
  2. Who offers a NH class? I got mine before I took the FL/AZ class... in which we were told to apply for the NH to get Pennsylvania (back when it worked). There is not a class requirement for the NH permit. It’s a form and check... that’s it. You can always get the permit... as it works with states with agreements with NH. But isn’t needed... you can carry as long as you aren’t prohibited from possessing firearms.
  3. The Rugers? I’ve seen them a quite a few dealers in NJ. I do know some of those other caliber M1 Carbines (9mm, if I remember correctly), were deemed as “assault weapons.” Biggest identical situation I heard was that MA AG who redefined what was included as identical... making all ARs covered, and not just things like Colt’s marked “AR-15.” Was after that Florida nightclub shooting.
  4. What’s between you and him is just that... between you and him. Just my own position on the subject, if I was a potential buyer. Wouldn’t want him or you to feel like you are doing something wrong... it’s just how NJ set the laws up. Either way, I just got the call that I’m going to FLETC end of November. Couldn’t even go for a pistol permit if I tried. [emoji41]
  5. They are fine, as are AK clones. I have a WASR sitting in my safe right now... legally transferred through a NJ FFL who had some others in stock.
  6. For stuff like that, I never would tie someone up like that. Back when I got my S&W 1006, I purchased it from the seller, and it sat at SS until the permits came back. I also had one of the moderators on BerettaForum, who I consider a friend, that I purchased two handguns from (Beretta PX4 and SIG P228). He lives outside of Orlando. I paid, and he held the pistols until the permits came back. Is that a normal situation? No (someone I actually trust), but kind of a hard situation to deal with if you are waiting on permits. Usually better to not look until you waited a month after submitting.
  7. On the ATF C&R page... Specifically about sending a firearm for ATF examination... but wouldn’t say it if you could otherwise. In case anyone is looking at this in the future with questions.
  8. The USPS regulations specifically state FFL dealer, manufacturer, or importer... nothing about collectors. Most people view it as a no go for shipping handguns, which I agree.
  9. Yep... tried to make it clear by just saying to a FFL, and not a non-licensee. In less restrictive states, a FFL-03 can sell a handgun to a non-licensee within the same state they reside in. You have to give some ATF flyer about kids and handguns (can order from them), and if they buy multiple handguns within a week, send in a report. But as a collector, buying/selling a lot is kind of questionable.
  10. Nope, but a negative doesn’t prove anything... Closest thing we had was that member who had their guns held by police, and they will not give 15 rounders back to them. Too much confusion, because legislators don’t care for our rights. Who give a damn if a magazine is confiscated prior to the deadline? Obviously not Murphy. Think you misunderstood me... L/E can still buy 15 rounders. Why? Don’t know... I didn’t write the law. Why do L/E get exempt from the NICS for private transfers? And how did FFL-03s get a similar exemption (granted between two 03s, and C&R firearms)? I think if one of us wrote the law, it would be vastly different.
  11. You can sell them... but not to NJ residents (well, L/E can). The legislation allows for currently owned (from the signing of the law) 11-15 rounders to be owned until the deadline. But you cannot acquire more since that law was signed. If so, a lot of FFLs in NJ wouldn’t have been sending back or converting their 15 rounders.
  12. That is the $1,000,000 question... Some feel that the transportation law is valid, thus it is illegal to do so. Others feel that the magazine isn’t illegal until December. The law is vague in the implication for a reason.
  13. Yes/no... Federally, it is handled as any other FFL transfer. Signed out of the seller’s book, signed into the FFL-03’s book. However, it is the selling FFL’s decision on handling as such or requiring a NICS/declining the sale. If they say no, it is not like I could wave my license (well, copy of license), and force them to do it. Yes... but again, seller’s discretion. But you can buy from a non-licensee, as well. Just need to put DL number in the book. If a FFL-03 sells a handgun outside of state, must go to an FFL, and not to a non-licensee. In regards to coming back to NJ, make sure the gun/magazines are legal, and follow the transportation laws.