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  1. I have one of theirs on my AR pistol... but haven’t shot it with it. Regular A2 was LOUD! Hoping that some of the sound is directed forward with it.
  2. I have a PSA AK-P... not NJ legal, but their GF3 line is good to go. I’d put it above my WASR. But if the market is like anywhere else, probably not going to find anything AK pattern out there. When I lived in NJ, HGW would have a few on the racks from time to time. Monmouth Arms is a great place to look, as well.
  3. Responding to a shooting... mainly off duty. On duty... I didn’t personally invest anything in that one. I forget who does the armor for DHS/CBP, but it is only Level IIIA. That is pretty much a standard across L/E, but I prefer a little higher if I have a choice. Am I likely going to be facing someone with M855 and an AR? Probably not... but the plates that stop that stop the calibers the less rated plates stop. I still have my DKX armor in the house (Level III), mainly if I have time if someone was breaking in. But in my truck, I keep AR500 Level III+ in there majority of the time. I do it for two reasons. First, I could conceivably use it in addition to my issued armor... same with my AR pistol, if something happened at work. Also helps out in the one outport that does not have any long guns... which I’ve still been arguing for an M4 there and the other one past it. The other location, I have to drive through Canada... so I wouldn’t push that issue. Secondly, if I’m around town and crap goes south... toss it on and grab the AR. I preferred the AR500 since it is less picky with the environment (I don’t leave my issued armor or DKX in a hot truck all day). Add the extra set of patches that came with my other armor (use the ones that specifically say “Police”), and it should be good enough. That being said, definitely recommend to make sure your armor is fitted correctly. I’ve seen a few people put more of the plate on their belly instead of covering more vital areas.
  4. Best of luck for you NJ guys... might as well ask for some Vaseline. NJ law cannot be applied outside of NJ. NY land border, Delaware River, Hudson River, and the Atlantic Ocean is where NJ jurisdiction stops. Federal law is what you follow, if the jurisdiction you are in doesn’t have any laws for transferring firearms (like a requirement that you must go through an FFL unless X). If you do something wrong in PA... you deal with their courts. PA law is applied to you. NJSP isn’t filing charges on that side of the river... and if they tried to charge you with something done in PA, it wouldn’t take an Evan Nappen to get you off. Let’s say you own a house in PA and one in NJ (Seabright, a nice shore home; not a rental) ... PA driver’s license. You buy a Glock 36 (PA’s NICS... I think PICS... and a 4473), which you carry in PA on your carry permit. Going to spend two weeks at your NJ home, and want to stop at GSSC one of the days to practice. You clear your Glock, toss in a lockbox... have a bulk box of .45 FMJ, and drive straight to your place in Seabright. You break a law? Because that logic implies you did. I’ve said it previously, but if you purchase a firearm legally in another state you reside in... and move into NJ... you didn’t do a CoE or pistol permit for those guns. If it’s a private sale, you didn’t even do a 4473. That being said, I’d love to see the statute that they would use in that case. I guess Grewal’s thought process of unlimited jurisdiction is flowing down to other agencies. Sad to see the NJSP following suit. But hey, at least I don’t have to deal with them anymore.
  5. So, we are more upset that NJ is now on that list or that there is a list? If they pull a MidwayUSA, and make a way to upload your FID... are they good? That’s another big issue with the firearm community. Only fight when it affects them. Bump stocks are a prime example... only a matter of time before pistol braces go bye-bye.
  6. I like it, mainly due to work. Cheap to live up here, but excise tax sucks when you have a newer vehicle (I bought my Colorado right before I moved up). Nothing really up here. There is a Walmart in Houlton... and a Super Walmart about an hour north. PizzaHut, Domino’s, and a McDonald’s... Burger King was sketchy, and closed up a few months back. Some smaller bars/diners (if you do come up, check if Grammy’s is open), but nothing special. Bangor has a decent amount of stuff, but when the border is open... almost more worth it to go to Fredericton (Canada; about an hour verses 90ish minutes to Bangor). Personally, I’d say look near the coast... around the Bar Harbor area. More pricey, but more stuff to do. My parents are looking to buy a house in Maine, since they are building one in SC... and I told them to look down there. Aroostook County is a dying county. Federal jobs keep Houlton alive. If the border remains closed, think a lot of Houlton is going to close up for good. Maybe it will change some of the people running the town. Houlton has a few older families that pretty much influence all of the decisions. Wouldn’t do a Super Walmart because people felt it would kill small shops in the downtown. Well... the downtown is dying anyways. 9:00 or so... town closes up. Didn’t believe it until I got off at midnight. Problem is it’s a border town with nothing here. If they allowed outlets or some larger department store... you could likely revitalize Houlton. But nobody wants to stay because there is nothing here. Seriously... a WaWa type store would own this town.
  7. There is a female IOI out of central NJ... who I probably don’t still have her card, but I would have ran it by her. She probably forgot more about Federal firearms regulations than most others know. She told me interstate purchases are good to go. Hell... that is the point of the FFL-03, so collectors can more easily acquire C&R firearms. In regards to them letting the NJSP know... ok? When you fill out the application, you are supposed to let the Chief LEO of your locality know by submitting a copy of the application. Howell Township PD got mine, and Houlton PD got my amendment form (more about that below). Only thing that might have gone to NJSP is the memo I signed that stated I know I cannot have firearms shipped to my home. For the state law aspect... yes, it is on the application that state law must be followed. As in no magazines over 10 rounds, and no M1 Carbines. But let’s say that “state law” goes into the transfer of firearms... where does it specifically say in 2C that all firearms must go through a NJ dealer? Cabela’s really needs to stop doing that, same with FFLs at gun shows selling long guns to NJ residents. I mean they do NICS... but this “NJ paperwork” isn’t always done (4473 is the only paperwork required). Oh the humanity! I still love that someone at the Federal level is interpreting NJ law as having coverage in other states. Learned that is a no-go in Intro to CJ. That is definitely a check in the win column for that field office. And if that guy is telling you that you cannot change the address on a FFL-03... not for nothing, he doesn’t know his ass from his elbow. Changes to FFLs are not done locally, but through WV. How did mine get amended? Why would the form to amend an FFL have FFL-03s listed in three spots; two of them specifying how to fill out said form? Sad that those are the type of people filling in ATF offices now. Whatever the outcome, sorry to hear what you guys get to deal with. Glad I’m not there. And in case it comes off like that... not upset with you. Being in Federal L/E, and having to know the specific laws/regulations/codes for my agency... I also have to know related laws for a few other agencies; ATF, DOT, EPA, FDA, etc. Our supervisors/FTOs would have an aneurism if we started trying to enforce state laws that conflict with Federal laws (marijuana, for example). I am really disgusted how that guy completely blew smoke up your ass... since he should be able to answer your questions correctly.
  8. I got mine in NJ... transferred to ME when I moved up here. If you look up C&R threads started by capt14k, you’ll see one or two I posted in regarding my application process. You still can’t have anything shipped to your place (ATF will have you sign a letter that says as much, and give you a copy). If you find someone else with a C&R, you can do private sales with them without an FFL... pistol permit or CoE applied (it would be in both of your books). The new CoE is on the NJSP website... or at least should be. Any other private sale, goes through an FFL. Now, I saw your original post... and didn’t reply for this reason. Looking at the law, as well as Federal legislation relating to the FFL-03 (C&R), I feel that if you are out of state and not doing a transaction with a NJ entity... you are good to go judging all state laws are followed (magazine capacity and AWB considerations). When I was there, I bought a Colt Vest Pocket, Colt 1917, and S&W Victory revolver, from the Oaks gun show. Would have got a CZ-52... but the seller was arguing with me about it being legal (he wanted me to make the older guy who sold me the 1917 leave his table and walk across the show to ask him questions; I said it wasn’t worth the hassle, but any seller does not have to recognize your license... completely their discretion). When I came up to ME for the two weeks prior to the academy, I also bought a S&W M&P revolver (1918 production) from a local shop... again off the C&R. I posted it on S&W Forum, and got told how I illegally purchased it from a member residing in NJ. Said he got jammed up for it, but would not quote the section of law where NJ limits legal firearm purchases outside of NJ. That all being said, I still don’t see out of state purchases being an issue... as long as you aren’t circumventing NJ law (meeting an NJ resident in PA to transfer a C&R... whereas it “should” have gone through an NJ FFL; or firearm restrictions that would jam you up, like bringing back an M1 Carbine). NJ pistol permits state they are only for use within NJ, and last time I checked... NJ’s 2C:39 (and whatever the 50s section is related to sales; maybe 54) stop at the Delaware, Hudson, and NY land border. A legally purchased pistol, complying with NJ firearms law, is not considered illegal when someone moves into NJ, nor is there any requirements for registration/permits. Shy of that, I doubt any changes to NJ law has popped up in the last year related to a “C&R loophole.” I personally browse the forum periodically, and have no issue discussing NJ law regarding C&Rs... but I sure as hell won’t be getting into arguments over it (blanket statement... not directed at anyone). Have more important things to do than argue law over a state that I was completely happy to leave. For the C&R, it isn’t a bad thing to have. Discounts from Brownell’s and other places make it worth it... even though I haven’t seen if Brownell’s still is doing it (haven’t logged in to check prices). Up here, I had the poster boy of NJ’s AWB sent directly to my house; M1 Carbine. Got a non-import marked Manurhin PP. Century had dirt cheap Enfield muskets, which I’m going to take the three I picked up and piece together one to rechamber to 3” .410. But I also finished my small collection of guns that spoke to my appreciation of history; Carcano M38, S&W Victory, Colt Cobra (shrouded), and an Iver Johnson Cadet in .22 LR. Conspiracy theories aside, examples of all the guns directly related to both Kennedy assassinations. Might be a bit grim, but it definitely gives you a different perspective when you can pick up a gun just like whatever person used and fire it. Oswald’s Carcano... I never knew of the ability to view the irons with the optic installed. Under 100 yards, makes the story a little clearer than an History Channel documentary. Best of luck with your application. While you might be expecting a meeting with ATF, need to remember about COVID. They might be holding off on interviews due to that.
  9. My bigger appeal to pistol caliber stuff (whether carbine or braced pistol) is magazine compatibility. When I built my AR pistol, I went 5.56mm since I was issued a .40 H&K P2000. Not a lot of guns take those magazines... other than P2000s and USP Compacts (I got 17 magazines for when my dad leaves NJ, since they are 12 rounders). A PMAG is just as useful. I got our new Glock (19 Gen 5 MOS) two weeks ago. Sticking with the 5.56mm for the near future, just until we find out more info on what magazines are good for duty use... but I’ll probably toss in a 9mm AR pistol that uses Glock magazine to the rotation. The pistol aspect allows me to leave it loaded in my truck (F&G law for long guns). I’m sort of tossed between the CMMG Banshee and Angstadt Arms UDP-9. Don’t think I have another 5.56mm AR up here yet... well, at least full firearm (have a stocked Echo lower, and a stripped Anderson). My .45 D/I AR is up here... going to be applying for a stamp to SBR it (down to 11”, but mainly to have a SBR lower in my safe). AOWing my TAC-14 will also be happening in the same E-File. I do have my .40 KelTec SUB-2000 (M&P magazines), which I’ll probably use up some of the extra duty/training ammo I got from the switch (200 rounds of Federal HP, and about 250 of that purple Winchester FMJ). Other than the M1 Carbine, I don’t think I got anything else in the PCC realm up here. Still in NJ... think my CX4 rounds out the list. I do have two other ARs, as well. But only one needs to be revamped for ME (fixed stock carbine will get a MFT Minimalist, to follow that soon to be SBR).
  10. Guns used were a shotgun... which he likely acquired in the US illegally. After he killed the RCMP officer, he was in possession of her sidearm and rifle. He did not have any firearms license in Canada. Suspect also had ties to the town where our port is located. I personally want to see them start arguing about us carrying our duty guns while in Canada; whether we are transporting someone back to CBSA or heading thru Canada to one of our outports. COVID is getting them all worried about us crossing, so I’m sure more US guns are going to be discussed. When this went down, I was sitting on the border for Border Patrol... in an area where they had previous situations where they believe drugs were handed off. Pretty much, a US road dead ends, and a Canadian road run parallel to that road and the border (maybe 10’ apart). Came back to the port to talk with my supervisor... who said he was about to run another officer with an M4 due to the situation, but found out the suspect was dead before they got out there. Gave me the rundown of the events. Sort of pissed me off, since RCMP stopped by and talked for about 30 minutes prior to this... and suspect was impersonating an RCMP officer. Great communication...
  11. I can agree... the TLR-7 is awesome, but I do recommend the TLR-7A instead. The side buttons on the original can be turned on in certain holsters... had it happen a few times to me. And the light does get warm rather quick. The rear switches are a superior design. From what I’ve seen so far, most TLR-7 holsters will accept the A model without issue. I use the high switch for my Glock. Your mileage may vary.
  12. Tomorrow, three .410 Enfield muskets will be arriving... that will be my project until stuff settles down. Hoping to get at least two complete rifles, even if I have to restock them. One I’ll likely keep in the chambering, and the other will be reamed to 3” .410. Unsure how that will be done, but either a coworker who does gunsmithing/FFL or ill give it a shot.
  13. Maybe you aren’t following me... I want it to punch through stuff. That is the whole point of having the M855 available. Level IIIA armor, possibly Level III armor, glass windshields, etc. I have four magazines on my carrier; two with red bands (.223 labeled), two with green (5.56mm labeled). My pistol is loaded with a red banded 20 rounder. Red marked magazines are Hornady CD. Green marked magazines are M855.
  14. Define worst? Because if I keep it in there to punch through things that the other load won’t... I think it is a good option.
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