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  1. Brigadier slide is thicker...
  2. I’m actually tossed up between two classes when I go for a new vehicle... but little different needs. My first choice is actually similar to the OP; diesel 2500 Silverado or Sierra. I would consider a 3500, but still single wheel. Second choice is a diesel Colorado or Canyon. Both trucks would be crew cabs, with as long of a bed without turning it into a pain to drive (not a super short bed that I’ve seen on some Silverados). For me, I don’t have a use for towing. Only application I could see is the move South, but I’m actually considering getting the truck after the move. I am also considering if my girlfriend continues to work with horses, she would have an option for towing a trailer (not getting a long bed, so no fifth wheel; dogs take precedent, so crew cab is more important). But mileage is also a consideration. I’m likely going to be commuting, as I’ll be working on the border... but rather not live that close. That is kind of where the Colorado/Canyon fits in, being they do get pretty good mileage... with decent power. I stick with GM mainly for one reason... my father worked there for 30 years. Employee discount really is worth it, especially when you get something fully loaded. Fords work, but with all the ones I see, older pickup have a lot of rust issues. Being I keep vehicles upwards of 10 years, I don’t like seeing work trucks having a bed rust apart, and friends say that they have a similar rust issue in their personally owned Ford pickups.
  3. I’d go with TheYankeeMarshal.
  4. Didn’t think it was as cool to handle as it was when I picked it up. Got to start setting it up, but what I really want to see is if CCR can plate it. Hopefully it is small enough.
  5. Which state? Florida requires it be done at a L/E agency. If you reside in their municipality, it should be done at no charge by showing proof you live there. You could try calling a local NJSP barracks and see if they will do it.
  6. https://www.brownells.com/shotgun-parts/receiver-action-parts/gas-system-components/o-rings/barrel-seal-20-gauge-sku767144370-324-27146.aspx It is listed as the same as the 1100...
  7. There were some military Garands converted to .308... but when I was considering a Garand, I opted for .30-06. What it used for majority of its service life. I’m also one that prefers not going with an adjustable gas block, so I just shoot M2 ball or it’s equivalent out of my Garand. I got a NM M1A for my .308 itch. Prefer keeping .308 in magazines and .30-06 in enblocs. My Garand was a Century build, with a Lithgow receiver, Danish VAR barrel (like new), and SA/PB parts. Sent to Shuff’s and had him refinish and add new wood (also check the receiver, which is good to go). The Specials CMP does are very similar, and they will look similar... but you also don’t tend to see big issues with Service Grade rifles. Is it going to look brand new? Likely not, but likely has a lot of life left over (used to be better chances when they had a large amount of rifles). Sight unseen, I’d prefer to get a Special, as it was redone with a new barrel... you know what is coming. But prefer to look over a Garand before buying... like I did with mine. It was priced right for the parts, so walked away happy.
  8. This is the one point where legislation will be an issue with me... I have a Marlin 60, which my father bought me for Christmas back when I was 8. It is legal, and one of those guns I will not get rid of. I also will not be crimping the tube or anything else. As said, this was a present from my father, so it will be passed to my children when they get to the age that they start shooting. If legislation passes while I’m still here, I’ll box all magazines and guns included, and lock them up in a cheap safe at my godmother’s house in PA. Very easy thing to do... and when I make my final move, I’ll grab them as I leave. If legislation passes while I’m at FLETC or before I get settled to move everything down, technically I have contraband in my home. I’m not going to be able to come back to NJ for a few months, so that kind of makes it hard for me to follow laws that I completely oppose. My solution will be lock everything questionable up in the one safe I only have access to, take both keys with me, and when I come back, make the move as quickly/easily as possible. I just don’t like the fact that one day, my property is legal, and the next, I’m a “criminal” due to some a**hole’s agenda. I’d have to see how it goes, but at least I’d be exiting the state as Federal L/E.
  9. Needed a laugh this morning...
  10. Voted, actually two votes (myself and girlfriend)... sorry it went that way guys, but I’m out. [emoji111]️
  11. Yes... typo. And no... why do I want a Faux suppressor? I wish I could have done something with the one on my GSG-5 to make it look halfway decent. For me, something that doesn’t really work is pointless. It is why I don’t have pinned stocks... as I rather something that wasn’t modified to be legal. The people that put the fake selector levers on M1As is another one that is just bothersome to me.
  12. Hell no... Unless I look up 522r, and thread the barrel for a suppressor when I leave. Barrel shroud... that is so early 1990s.
  13. My Glock 30S... Like it for being a 19 in .45. Plated by CCR, nothing major... extended slide release, Pearce parts for the 10 rounders, and pretty much keeps my TLR-3 on there. And the Striker Control Device (Gadget), which I had matched to the gun. Wouldn’t attempt AIWB without that.
  14. Think the stock and receiver are new... everything else is refinished USGI (unless SAI got foreign surplus, which is possible; Century got PB parts). Sorry, but how is looking for a date/manufacturer on the barrel complicated? Most parts have lot numbers on them, but the main parts usually have marks from manufacturers (SA, HRA, PB, etc). Also, barrel wear is another thing to consider. If it was a surplus barrel, it might have a little more to a lot more wear than my VAR barrel. It will still shoot well, but lower numbers equate to a less shot barrel. If someone is really looking for a shooter, can be a big disparity in price right there. From what I see, I’d put the rifle anywhere from $550 to $750 (because I don’t know; good barrel, higher end... less good barrel, lower end). Ammo... I’m very bad with what surplus ammo goes for. My 1,000 rounds of LC and Iranian works out to about $0.68 per round... back before ammo went crazy. If I use that price, about $475 for ammo (I don’t think bandoliers matter that much, unless you have sealed cans with them). I definitely will say get someone with better knowledge of surplus ammo values. But you are likely going to either have it sit for a while and maybe get someone with money to spend, or you are going to have a guy that knows Garands pick at your price for the things mentioned. Firearm sales are pretty stagnant right now. Also, that estimate I gave was a tad higher than my Century gun with an awesome barrel (wood was crap, and the Lithgow receiver is a turn off). Personally, I’d probably go lower end due to the stock with the engraving. Do you have the box that goes with it (believe they were wood)? Might get a few dollars more for that, if included (kind of like Mosin crates). My rebuilt Century rifle is likely a better rifle, and if you’ve shot yours, in better condition. No pissing match, but had it rebuilt and restocked... with a pretty much new Danish barrel. Even if you don’t want the forged/cast debate, it does have an effect on value. Even though Shuff looked at mine, nobody is going to pay $800 to $1,000 for my rifle... unless I toss in my 1,000 rounds. If they did, they didn’t do any research and are buying it because they want a Garand. SAI guns are in a similar boat, because people see SA in SAI, and think it is the same Springfield Armory. That goes into my estimate.