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  1. Thanks for the heads up, but was already gone over... Statement originally used “firearms,” which the person should have wrote “semi-auto firearms.”
  2. Don’t get me wrong, Nappen likely knows NJ firearms law... but his opinion isn’t the top word to base my actions over. Think he still argues the Shockwave/TAC-14 are illegal, even after the AG letter. Having a braced TAC-14... think it is clear on my view of his opinion (everyone’s right to agree/disagree... opinion can always be wrong, even his).
  3. Sent in on Wednesday (6/13). Copy of application to HTPD was delivered on Friday (6/15). Checked the status of certified mail this morning (6/18), wasn’t delivered. So was dropped to ATF between 8:00AM and 11:30AM. Charged my card a little bit ago. Now the waiting begins...
  4. I have a handful of 10 rounders for guns that were at that capacity... or other capacities weren’t readily available. Glock 30S, GSG-5, AR, AK, etc. Plus, I have lesser capacity guns, like my LCP and Yugo M57. All magazines over 10 are going into a locker at my godmother’s home in PA. I’ll do it closer to the end date... as I don’t feel like buying a container/driving to Pocono for no reason (in case stuff changes). I’ll detour there when leaving NJ. Be a cold day in hell before my 15 round FBI 10mm magazine get sold/destroyed. Guns affected without 10 rounders, they will be single shots. It is quiet a few, but not wasting more money on compliance that won’t matter when I move.
  5. Closest thing I got is a GSG-5... Supposedly, PTR was coming out with a clone, but think it was just in pistol form thus far. Check last SHOT Show coverage... want to say a rifle was planned.
  6. Got everything packed, ready to go to the post office at lunch. But question on the above quote... Having a FFL 03, does a pistol transfer have to take place within NJ borders? Meaning, if someone goes to PA (Oaks, for example), purchases a C&R eligible pistol, and comes back to NJ... kosher? I know pistols between individuals from different states must go through an FFL per Federal law. Since it isn’t a business... wasn’t sure if there is an exception for that situation. When you read the definition on the application for a FFL 03, it specifically says “firearms” and interstate commerce. It also states that it confers no right to conduct activity contrary to State/other law. NJ law stops at the Delaware River...
  7. It is just a heads up... unless there is something on there that they know to be false, then there is a 800 number to call about it.
  8. Thankie... [emoji106]
  9. Questions... if anyone else is doing this. Part A, question 8; fine to just put cell phone? No fax, don’t have a business email (not a “business”), but also don’t have another number other than my cell. Down in Part B, my email and cell number (telephone) are also listed. No information is not being disclosed... just limited points of contact. Part A, question 9; I’m guessing this is along the lines of the NH Carry Permit. I’d guess, “acquiring curio/relic firearms for my own personal collection.” Part A, question 12; we have to put at least an hour down for when ATF can contact us... so was going to put down a block of time on Tuesday... which tends to be my day off. Do I have to put anything in the other days (closed or not available)? Part B, question 12; leave blank if lived at the same address for over five years? Part B... under picture; print full name? No picture or fingerprints are needed for the FFL 03. Figured just add it in. Then send a copy to the ATF and my local Chief... both Certified (I’ll probably add a note to the Chief, just so he isn’t confused with it).
  10. Sold me on it. Will start paperwork tomorrow. Very worse, I’ll be getting C&R guns in NM or TX...
  11. Moving from the other thread, since it isn’t fair to the OP over there... So, handguns would be included? No permit process for C&R eligible pistols? Garands from CMP would also be good to go? How hard is it to transfer a C&R (FFL03) from one state to another? Still leaving NJ, but might get one just for s***s and giggles.
  12. Wait... what you talking about, Willis?
  13. Never saw a lot of mention of NJ Arms on here, but figured I’d pass this along... The owner of NJ Arms, Paul, has just passed away. While I do consider a few of the FFLs here friends, Paul was a very good friend of mine. First met him back in the tail end of 2012... being I picked up a Ruger New Vaquero off Gallery of Guns, and he just happened to be the first FFL that I picked out of the list. Predominantly worked with DNA, I know he started to move away from it shortly after... and went fully into firearms. Worked with ScotShot, and I took the FL/AZ permit class with him (and others). Noticed him mentioning that he was closing a day here and there, so when he said that there was a major cut in store hours, told him I hope all is well. Shot me a message, and texted back/forth when he was in the hospital. Big shock to hear it. Just a hell of a good guy, and I definitely will miss BSing with him. I know he has a few employees that are working limited hours (and appointments), in case anyone has firearms over there.
  14. Not much anymore... last year, somewhat regularly. Went there from a contractor/handyman we use at our company... who is a regular.
  15. She likely doesn’t need it, but will make her wear it when in the crate (two more days of anti-inflammatory, so will follow the instructions and stop using it in three days). I had her with me majority of today with it off, and might have licked the incision once... It is more annoying for the fact she catches every door jam with it.