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  1. But it is NOT a shotgun... [emoji6]
  2. How much, if you don’t mind me asking?
  3. I was going to buy a TAC-14 when I move... if I can get one here, I’m interested.
  4. Looks good. I’m more open to doing something like that over a frame. I used LightFighter Innovations for my stippling work... yes, it can be done yourself, but he does GREAT work. Plus, I like supporting veteran owned companies (very good guy).
  5. Probably early 2018... my girlfriend is going to stay until I start work/we get the house sold.
  6. I kind of want a M1 Carbine clone... but may just hold out and get an M1 Carbine. [emoji41] Mine...
  7. Ruger New Vaqueros are also close to the size of a SAA... but have a few more safety features (transfer bar, loading gate freeing cylinder to spin). Depends on what you are looking for. Do you want that specific sound when cocking the hammer?
  8. So, shouldn’t feel too bad for not going?
  9. Before you get there and after you leave...
  10. Same old NRA... been not giving a crap about NJ for years, now going to toss something that was approved as not a machine gun by the ATF (under Obama) into the furnace. Glad I didn’t get a chance this year to donate more money to them... will not do it again.
  11. That is part of the role for a Takedown, but if you look at long guns around the turn of the last century (1900), they were also made to make cleaning easier.
  12. 10/22s aren’t bad out of the box. The barrels on them are usually good enough for most people... but like an AR, people like to modify them. Personally, I recommend the Takedown. While the standard works, compactness and ease of cleaning the barrel is better with the Takedown. If you get a shorter barrel, and then that Magpul Backpacker stock, your rifle is along the lines of a AR-7... that is Ruger 10/22 reliable. If it was only that gun, and not having a 10/22... I’d buy it.
  13. Works for me... Only time I have to redo it is if I clear the cache.
  14. Depends on the show... people show up on Friday of the three day shows, but hours are 1PM to 8PM. People with 9-5 jobs may stop in after 5PM, but most wait for the weekend. For vendors, it depends on how far they are going, and what their responsibilities are (lot of sellers have shops, so if you can’t get coverage, have to close, load, and drive to Oaks). Saturday is usually the biggest day. Depending on how Saturday goes for vendors is how well Sunday is. Crazy busy, and vendors sell out, they leave on Sunday. Dead, it depends on what/how much they want to sell if they decide to stay... or they cut their losses and leave. Middle of the road, a decent Sunday. Talk to the vendors as you walk around, and you’ll get an idea of the show by your third aisle. Even though Eagle Arms says X amount of tables, you never see that across the entire weekend. I remember going to one of their large shows, and they had all the rooms open... and were pretty full (plus that one by entrance near BJ’s was a high end antique room). Went to the same show, with same table estimates, the following year... only two rooms open, with a lot of empty space). Two day shows usually are dead, but I’ve seen three days just as dead. I tend to go on Sundays, as you do see people coming down on prices (not common, but some do so they don’t take stuff home; I make note of those guys, and return again when I need something like ammo). Don’t get me wrong, I’ll buy something if I need it, but buying online means I don’t have to lug whatever it is around the entire show... so I’m more likely to buy if they say $40 for my $42 ammo purchase (and if I look at Cabela’s, I’m usually a little higher if someone knocks a few dollars off). But you also see less vendors, as some say the hell with it and get out before the rush after the show. Before leaving, WaWa, Wendy’s, or Buffalo Wild Wings right by the exit to the road back towards King of Prussia. Used to be a nice burger place (Max & Erma’s) inside that mall/shopping complex, but closed up. Oh, and don’t follow the directions your GPS gives you. When you get off 422, it tells you to turn left down Mill Rd. Always a pain, as people never know exactly where to go. Go up to the following light, and turn left on Station Ave. You’ll go along Lowe’s and BJ’s, go through an odd four-way stop (keep right, left turn only lane into stores), and you come right up to the expo center (on left, after the unpaved gravel parking lot). No exit to 422 by The Dump (furniture store), so need to go back out to Egypt Rd to leave.
  15. I agree... if the light extends past the muzzle, who cares. Other than keeping the slide in battery at contact distance, you also reduce shadow (lights on long guns behind the barrel will have that shadow). Even with the light behind the muzzle, you still are going to have carbon buildup, so it isn’t like you are gaining much by trying to find a light that short. Probably easier to get a 5” M&P (if they released the 2.0 in that length yet). In regards to the full size weapon light (TLR-1, for example), there is a time/place for it. There is also a place for a compact weapon light. As mentioned, I am running a TLR-3 on a Glock 30S. Profile of a 30 would work similar... just two pictures I found online. TLR-1 TLR-3 Depending on your method of carry, that extra length of the light can be uncomfortable. It would be even more comfortable if Streamlight did more keys to extend the light all the way back to the trigger guard... wouldn’t be flush or behind the muzzle, just less out front. Is it the brightest light out there? No, but it is a weapon mounted light attached to a carry gun. If it is between that weapon light and no weapon light, I’d opt for it. If it dies, or need something brighter... I have either a Surefire P2X or P3X. Same view with my 9mm S&W 642-1, with the LaserMax weapon light (even less of a profile addition).