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  1. Level III is a NIJ standard... which stops rifle rounds minus AP and steel penetrators (M855, for example). III+ is not a standard. That you must check with whoever made the plate. More or less, it’s BS marketing. https://www.nij.gov/topics/technology/body-armor/Pages/standards.aspx
  2. Yes... until you get into AP rounds. Don't really have the time to look it up, but I believe III stops M2 ball (.30-06).
  3. I knew going in that I’d likely be issued soft Level IIIA armor, so I went with III as my personal purchase. IV... the likelihood I’ll go against armor piercing ammo is so low that I’m fine with the lower cost/weight. If I need to get another set, I’ll go IV since I’ll have the funds to do it. Mine is DKX. It is a hard plate, but light and actually floats (if you go into the water, an added benefit). Been happy with them, just need to make sure you get the right cuts. Soft armor usually has side protection, so I opted for side plates with mine. They do a hard III, which is pretty thin. Recommendation... wear soft armor for about a week to loosen it up. If it gets sweaty, pull out plates and spray down with anti-fungal spray (depending on frequency of wear and sweat, you can develop sores due to that... one in my class has). Carrier... limit washing (follow instructions, though), but spray with Frebreze as necessary. Storage of soft plates is a pain... which is why I went hard (that and blunt trauma). Hanging them up, will stretch the shoulders. Laying down certain ways will cause it to bend (length of time in that position may cause issue). Ideally, you’d want to leave the panels laid out on a flat surface. Probably with that is the vest isn’t ready to quickly toss on, if that is the case. WiFi isn’t too good today down here, so I haven’t watched the video.
  4. The full size? It works fine. Feels somewhat like it belongs. I prefer it over just shoving the magazine in, as it is more comfortable to shoot. I have one for my Glock 30S, as well. Some other brands, especially lesser names, leave much to be desired. X-Grip has done spacers for S&W... actually my Compact came with one. I am OCD with things, and sold it as I rather have a few that are all the same (plus, having S&W on it really didn’t do much for me). Mainly, if I get the one you linked, I’ll have a little more compact grip. The standard 1.0 Compact in .40 holds 10 rounds, and 15 in the full size. 13 is a plus, but also is having the “just right” grip at times. Not one that is hard to get a full grip on, and not one that is a pain to conceal.
  5. That actually interests me... thanks for posting I have a M&P40 Compact, which is paired with my 5” Pro. Have some X-Grip to use the 15 rounders, but think 13s would be a little nicer to use. It will be my dedicated .40 system, along with the SUB-2000 that takes the same magazines. I do want to grab some 25 round ProMags, which I’ve heard to function pretty reliably in the SUB-2000. Will all be mainly for fun, and when 9mm dries up... if there is every a surge on ammo again (prior to me reloading). We switch to 9mm Glocks in the next year, so that will be my new standard.
  6. Catalytic converters clogging caused it to run hot... and resulted in the other issues. They are federally covered for 8 years or 80,000 miles... but I do know of certain times where it was increased to 10 years/100,000 miles (my last Impala, due to a design flaw with the converter). Neither helps you out... but when mine went, it didn’t help with the intake manifold melting/EGR valve going. Sorry, but I don’t see it working out any better than what was offered. Argument would probably be, if overheating... why not shut it off and call for a tow? Cars aren’t built to last anymore. Keeping a car over 8 years isn’t the norm, mainly because fixing them outweigh the replacement costs. I currently have a 2010 Malibu... but if that engine seized tomorrow, I know I would be looking for another vehicle.
  7. Email from Black Aces regarding this (12 Gauge firearms)... “Unfortunately, ATF has not provided direction on this opinion and therefore we cannot offer any to you.” Black Aces DTs might be AOW. Nobody, including the manufacturer, knows. This is what happens when people say “who cares” about things like bump stocks... ATF shouldn’t be making decisions like this.
  8. As I said, I didn’t read it... I just did. However, the premise was that braces were looked at similarly to stocks in regards to OAL. If you start down that road, what’s it going to take to start using that method for stocks? And even if you don’t touch stocks, you still have a designed firearm (Black Aces DT), which was cleared to be at least 26”, that their “new” opinion puts it as an AOW. NJ buyers purchased them... and they aren’t cheap. If measured folded, you are well under 20”... so AOW. I have a folding brace on my TAC-14... which was legal. That change makes it 24” OAL instead of 33”. Now... I’m a felon? Going to be in that condition while I’m down in Georgia. Will watch the BS, and figure out what I’m going to do when I get closer. But if that’s the case, not going to get a TAC-13 with a similar brace... as I originally planned.
  9. Black Aces is likely going to take them to court... being they sold quite a few that required. That doesn’t even consider the metric crap ton of guns that now are illegal... and not just NJ related. M1A1 Carbines are under 26” folded. To be fair, didn’t read link. I’m in the cafeteria, which has bad cell service. If something is different, I’ll edit.
  10. Mine still works... but just been busy since then. Besides, really couldn’t bring a gun down here. FLETC is gun free (as it should, due to train environment).
  11. So, if I buy from a dealer in that configuration... I can change out the brace for something shorter, and be good at 26” extended? Doesn’t say anything about these firearms have to be out in public like that... just sold. They really need to get someone to proofread these before sending it out. Or not, because it sounds so idiotic. Same point with the measurements... You have an email from NJSP, stating a firearm with a folding brace is ok. Yet, that firearm (Black Aces DT) is only 26+” with the brace extended (folded, it’s well below 20”). And now this one stating must be at 26” fully collapsed. Which is it? No issue on my end if that is argued. My TAC-14 is locked in my safe, even if the status changed... will be on the way to Maine once I get back. I’m considering a MM SBF... and I can go for a SBR stamp in Maine. I will be getting three suppressors when I’m up there. Big reason why looking at it... because I can go pick it up and own it from Jump Street. No wait for the stamp to come back. It is good to go as soon as NICS clears. I’m also getting the CMMG Banshee, and likely a PTR 9CT. And while the CMMG comes with a brace, I’ll put one on the PTR. Legal and does not require the stamp. If I decide I don’t like the brace, which it isn’t that uncomfortable with my TAC-14... apply for stamp and once it comes in, buy/install a stock. Same process can be done in any other legal location... and a lot of people do commonly buy pistols with braces until stamps come back to install stocks. For people in NJ, going SBR isn’t an option due to state law. Braced firearms were the only way to get a firearm like a SBS, and now a SBR. Only real issue with stamps is the costs, time, and restrictions after the fact. Some feel a brace is worth more than those issues. In regards to the “4” less accurate barrel,” does maneuverability outweigh accuracy a specific range? If you aren’t shooting past 75 yards, what does it matter if it is a 3 MOA gun? We just started on 870 familiarization down here, and a 14” SBS is a lot more maneuverable than an 18” shotgun (even more so than a 20”). Is the stock better than a brace? Of course... but the same OAL with a brace is more better than an 18” 870.
  12. Funny how backwards NJ is... The original NJSP letter regarding these firearms was related to the ones using shotgun ammo (Shockwave, TAC-14, etc). It had specific points, like it could not start out as a shotgun (Federal requirement, as well), but then stated that it must comply with BATFE regulations. I’ve yet to see any statement on OAL measurement, other than this email from NJSP. Measuring with the stock/brace extended IS BATFE regulation. Hell, one of the firearms NJSP cleared by name has a folding brace, and if you measure it folded, you are well under 26” OAL. But it is one of those things that if really pushed, they could possibly revisit it and say these are all “sawed-off shotguns.”
  13. Like what I heard about MM... but also prefer the Magpul vertical grip.
  14. It’s literally at the end of I-95... just before Canada. I might put a pile of dirt in the corner of the property. Not for regular shooting... but zeroing/testing. County range is about two miles away from work. Thanks.
  15. Glad to hear that... I’d want to suppress one in Maine. What’s the twist rate of the barrel, if you don’t mind me asking?
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