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  1. If it weren’t due to the gang members using pump action .22 Shorts, it would be lead exposure. My new schedule is going to be pretty awesome in regards to days off (12 hour days... anywhere from 3 to 7 days off in a row), but probably going to teach my girlfriend’s daughter how to shoot on it.
  2. Handguns... think the most is 2. Have a 96G Centurion slide (.40) for my 92 Brigadier Inox (9mm). Just got a CZ-52 (7.62x25mm) off my FFL-03... and traded my Ruger 44 Carbine for a 9mm barrel and cash. CZ SP-01 (9mm) and a Kadet II slide (.22). NAA Sidewinder Convertible gives me .22 LR and Magnum... as does my .45 Ruger New Vaquero Convertible (.45 ACP and Colt). Probably the most utilized one is my S&W 642-1. Originally .38 +P... converted over to 9mm. If I’m not working, usually what I have on me.
  3. Don’t know of the product, but Recover Tactical makes solid stuff. The head designer was on the Tavor team. Their 1911 rail/holster works well, if you don’t want a permanent rail on the dust cover.
  4. Auto-start and heated seats. Usually it is more of a brook (had some rain the past week), but this is out my dining room window. One of four apple trees on the property. I do like ME over NJ, especially the lack of BS politicians. Even if I wasn’t Federal L/E, I could leave my J-frame on me for most of my time up here (shy of post office or police station). Gun is on me majority of the time, unless I’m in uniform. Magazines, sticking with 15 rounders. Don’t want to change the release out for 30s, and even still, reliability with the longer magazines isn’t too good (even USGI ones). Going to get some Olongapo stuff, in case I ever want to use it as a truck gun. Got it more for price and it being Inland. My dad was up for a week, and this game right after he left. He would have liked it having “General Motors” on the barrel, as he retired from there. Complete impulse buy...
  5. Hey, all. Getting settled up here in Maine. Happy with the house, new truck is running great, and love the job. Gun wise, switching my D/I .45 AR to 20 rounders, and likely putting on a collapsible stock. That will be my truck gun until we switch over to Glocks (then I’ll pick up a CMMG Banshee). Unsure if the replacement or the .45 will get the Fostech Echo Sport that I got a decent deal on, but still need to get an upper for the Echo II lower that I already have. But the big thing is now my FFL-03 is in my Maine address. First thing I got, which I will post pictures another day, is a S&W Brazilian M1937... which met my M1917 fix (goes with my Colt M1917). Haven’t cleaned it, which I’ll probably do tomorrow with the 6” M&P I bought up here in April. But today, got a nice package in the mail... which I just finished cleaning. Picked it up off S&W Forum, which wasn’t in the game plan... as I really have been eyeing up pistols. It is a 1943 Inland M1 Carbine. Far from correct... but was rebuilt by Miltech. Bolt is correct (flat), rear sight and bayonet lug are not. USGI magazine, Union Hardware stamped (ordered a few extras off GunBroker). Looked in the book for that Inland production date, but not anything about arsenal rebuilds. It is a very nice rifle. I figure it is a light carbine, something that my girlfriend could use. Definitely a fun toy to mess around with. It is a neat gun, and considering it was SO BAD that NJ named it an assault weapon... it was a nice pickup for the collection. Moving forward, likely going to be some Iron Curtain guns; Makarov, CZ-52, maybe a Beretta M1951 to mix things up.
  6. Still happy I got out... When I drove back from FLETC with my duty gun on me... felt like I was doing something wrong when I stopped to take a leak at the first rest area on the NJ Turnpike. Knew the laws, and knew that credentials and duty gun is as good as anything else (hell, they ran us through training to fight in an airplane because they want Federal L/E carrying up there)... but that state just makes you feel like a criminal with anything related to a firearm. I was down there for about a week, which I switched over to my 642-1... and while it became second nature to have a gun on me, I still was worrying about it. While civilians not being able to carry is an injustice, it’s sad when L/E question it, because of years of being told what’s “wrong.” Just got my ME license, and my FFL-03 was already submitted for a change of address... which I have a Brazilian S&W 1937 (later version of the 1917... .45 ACP) waiting on its return. Did bring up some of my toys from PA, and hopefully will have a few more guns up here between now and Christmas. Definitely need to get my .45 AR, as 20 rounders are on the way.
  7. Our port stopped traffic around 8:44... had officers posted at the vehicles in front of Pre-Primary, who could still see the flag on the Canadian side of the port. Had a moment of silence at 8:46. Might be due to the fact that CBP/DHS was created because of 9/11, but CBP takes that day very much to heart.
  8. Don’t know about the Ranger, but just picked up a new Colorado... very happy with it. Think this is week three, and have 2,600 miles on it. Mainly from the move to Maine. Towed a 6’ x 12’ U-Haul trailer... was nothing except crappy gas mileage (was a sail behind the truck). When I did an unloaded trip without the trailer, was in the upper 20s for mileage. And that was in the 80 range. V6... didn’t want diesel headaches up here with the cold. Does exactly what I want it to do, and isn’t so expensive that I was strapped for a payment. Also got the crew cab with “long” bed. Got to toss on splash guards, and have floor mats and a console vault on the way. There were issues with the transmissions up until build dates of March 2019. Mine was built in June. Even if you get an older one, they will do a transmission fluid change to resolve the issues.
  9. Will be business as usually on the border... just like border search authority and the Fourth Amendment. Literally had one of these happen Thursday, which I was lucky to be assigned with the intelligence officer at the port (got to do some fun stuff). It did suck for the guy, being it was a name match with nothing else, but you treat them with respect... and most are happy to comply. Doubt there will be any change, as you aren’t put on any list just for being Muslim. Plenty of Muslims go through ports of entry each day and are not bothered. There is a tie with each person on that list with a terrorist group. Might be a weak tie, but a tie is present. And if there is a mismatch, it should be notated correctly... so next time it is easier to handle for all parties (traveler, included).
  10. Level III is a NIJ standard... which stops rifle rounds minus AP and steel penetrators (M855, for example). III+ is not a standard. That you must check with whoever made the plate. More or less, it’s BS marketing. https://www.nij.gov/topics/technology/body-armor/Pages/standards.aspx
  11. Yes... until you get into AP rounds. Don't really have the time to look it up, but I believe III stops M2 ball (.30-06).
  12. I knew going in that I’d likely be issued soft Level IIIA armor, so I went with III as my personal purchase. IV... the likelihood I’ll go against armor piercing ammo is so low that I’m fine with the lower cost/weight. If I need to get another set, I’ll go IV since I’ll have the funds to do it. Mine is DKX. It is a hard plate, but light and actually floats (if you go into the water, an added benefit). Been happy with them, just need to make sure you get the right cuts. Soft armor usually has side protection, so I opted for side plates with mine. They do a hard III, which is pretty thin. Recommendation... wear soft armor for about a week to loosen it up. If it gets sweaty, pull out plates and spray down with anti-fungal spray (depending on frequency of wear and sweat, you can develop sores due to that... one in my class has). Carrier... limit washing (follow instructions, though), but spray with Frebreze as necessary. Storage of soft plates is a pain... which is why I went hard (that and blunt trauma). Hanging them up, will stretch the shoulders. Laying down certain ways will cause it to bend (length of time in that position may cause issue). Ideally, you’d want to leave the panels laid out on a flat surface. Probably with that is the vest isn’t ready to quickly toss on, if that is the case. WiFi isn’t too good today down here, so I haven’t watched the video.
  13. The full size? It works fine. Feels somewhat like it belongs. I prefer it over just shoving the magazine in, as it is more comfortable to shoot. I have one for my Glock 30S, as well. Some other brands, especially lesser names, leave much to be desired. X-Grip has done spacers for S&W... actually my Compact came with one. I am OCD with things, and sold it as I rather have a few that are all the same (plus, having S&W on it really didn’t do much for me). Mainly, if I get the one you linked, I’ll have a little more compact grip. The standard 1.0 Compact in .40 holds 10 rounds, and 15 in the full size. 13 is a plus, but also is having the “just right” grip at times. Not one that is hard to get a full grip on, and not one that is a pain to conceal.
  14. That actually interests me... thanks for posting I have a M&P40 Compact, which is paired with my 5” Pro. Have some X-Grip to use the 15 rounders, but think 13s would be a little nicer to use. It will be my dedicated .40 system, along with the SUB-2000 that takes the same magazines. I do want to grab some 25 round ProMags, which I’ve heard to function pretty reliably in the SUB-2000. Will all be mainly for fun, and when 9mm dries up... if there is every a surge on ammo again (prior to me reloading). We switch to 9mm Glocks in the next year, so that will be my new standard.
  15. Catalytic converters clogging caused it to run hot... and resulted in the other issues. They are federally covered for 8 years or 80,000 miles... but I do know of certain times where it was increased to 10 years/100,000 miles (my last Impala, due to a design flaw with the converter). Neither helps you out... but when mine went, it didn’t help with the intake manifold melting/EGR valve going. Sorry, but I don’t see it working out any better than what was offered. Argument would probably be, if overheating... why not shut it off and call for a tow? Cars aren’t built to last anymore. Keeping a car over 8 years isn’t the norm, mainly because fixing them outweigh the replacement costs. I currently have a 2010 Malibu... but if that engine seized tomorrow, I know I would be looking for another vehicle.
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