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  1. How long are you going to Georgia? I have a chart with the ATF forms needed, but sitting in my locker at work. I’ll be there Monday, if it isn’t time pressing. It breaks down which forms go with what circumstance. We had a guy trying to bring in rifles from an Artic exploration ship a few months back (taking them to Remington to have them rebuilt), and thought he would be ok having them transferred over in Canada. Needed a firearms importer to do it, which he really didn’t want to deal with. For ownership, a CBP 4475 should be good. We use it for things like pumps and other serialized pieces of equipment going into Canada, so when they bring it back, we know it isn’t newly purchased. It’s hard to say, being hunters going over to Canada only hand their Canadian weapon registration forms to show they came in with the guns... and we might run serial numbers if they are filing Fish/Wildlife forms on the way in. I’ve had Canadians come in with ATF forms/firearms, but nothing really related to a US Citizen.
  2. This is correct... folding braces is now the issue where OAL is questioned (even though it wasn’t). I’m doing an AOW stamp on my TAC-14 for that.
  3. I saw it on FB, then was looking at Defensive Carry forum... one of the members was there. Might get a little insight via that... but he wasn’t carrying at the time (next stop for him was dentist, and didn’t want to leave a gun locked in the car). But some of his observations might be insightful to some.
  4. Still a firearm, and not a shotgun. As long as OAL is over 26”, would be good.
  5. Yea, scored a .25 Colt M1908 and a .45 Colt M1917 there... I’m actually looking forward to going to a gun show up here, but being I can just have stuff I’m interested in shipped directly to me, I watch GunBroker and classifieds on forums a little more than I did.
  6. Pictures... ok. Don’t need the vertical grip up here in Maine, but as mentioned, would be just under 26”. Like the 11.5” barrel, so if I wanted the vertical grip, I’d have to do the A5 tube (which I don’t, as the brace would stop before the reaching the castle nut; understand the OAL requirement... but feel that is a crappy way to make it up). Can see my ghetto selector markings... Running a Fostech Echo II in it for a short term test. If I like it, might send the lower out to be engraved (need to have someone do my TAC-14 when I put in for an AOW). If not and go back to the nickel coated MilSpec trigger... pull them off and be done with it. Anderson lower... got two on Black Friday. Adams Arms PZ upper, since I feel piston runs better with shorter barrels (may eventually suppress it, which is another plus for piston). SBA3 brace, MOE-K grip, KVP linear compensator, and a SIG ROMEO 5 on LaRue mount. MS4 sling, as well. Keeping an older PMAG 20 (straight one) for storage in truck, and 30s for reloads. All with Ranger plates. Ammo split up between either M855 or Hornady Critical Defense 73 grain. The CD shoots great out of short barrels, and I keep M855 around in case I have to shoot through something.
  7. A standard carbine buffer tube and 11.5” barrel (unpinned), is just shy of 26”. The A5 tube should be fine unpinned.
  8. Kind of want to get one of those “new” Ruger Mini-14 folding stocks and a stainless rifle. Other than that, might get into the 5.7mm racket. I like the Ruger for the price point, but CMMG’s 5.7mm Conversion really is nice. 40 round magazine, standard AR lower, and 8” barrel should be close to the ballistics out of a P90. Want to see what the new 5.7mm loads before I even attempt to move away from my 11.5” 5.56mm pistol Python... maybe eventually. I rather find an older Cobra with hammer shield to get a Jack Ruby gun into the collection (along with both of Oswald’s).
  9. As long as the OAL is over 26”... you can. Partly the reason why the ATF had that letter go out a little bit back where OAL on folding braced pistols (and other firearms) do not count towards the OAL when open.
  10. I have the unread page that I bring up to browse... maybe read a thread that interests me. But I don’t browse the forum anymore. Maybe due to the move to Maine, but my visits are less and less frequent. Eventually, I’ll probably just stop checking.
  11. The SplitFix works good... they do it for the SBA3, SBA4, and another that I can’t remember. What I wouldn’t recommend is those other setups where a magazine or tourniquet pouch goes in between the flaps. Where as the SplitFix is functionally an arm strap, something shoved in the brace makes it hard to use in the intended role... which I’d be more inclined to say is a redesign. Including a shot of my AR pistol, which is currently my truck gun. When an assistant port director suggests that all of the officers have an AR of some type in their vehicles, in case something occurs off duty... who am I to not listen? Just a hair shy of 26”, so can’t do the vertical grip unless I want to do a longer A5 buffer tube... which I’m not. Don’t mind the missing half of the ambidextrous selector. Been going back/forth with Fostech, trying to get an older Echo trigger working... but said the hell with it until they figure it out. Using a nickel Mil-Spec trigger group. I was going to AOW my TAC-14 to put the folding brace on, but more and more... I’m either going to do a folding stock or Magpul, and SBS it. Only plus of the AOW is that if I ever did come down to NJ, I would think that it would be “legal,” as it is a “firearm” that is following NJ and ATF regulations... and not a shotgun.
  12. Look up SplitFix from Wise Men Company...
  13. Doesn’t change much up this way... as a driver’s license is only ID. Doesn’t show citizenship. Seeing the amount of people I do during the course of a day, you quickly see that. With WITI, the US will take a license and a birth certificate as enough ID for someone to cross the border (shows who they are and where born). Canada just requires ID, unless it is a child (just a birth certificate works). So, when people come back across with just a (insert whatever state) license... they act like I have two heads when I ask where they were born. Driver’s license doesn’t mean US citizen... unless it is an enhanced license. That being said, there is no punishment for not being WITI compliant... and if someone is claiming to be a US citizen, can’t tell them to go back to Canada. Stupid legislation at every level of government. While this sucks to happen within the states, just look at the numbers of people coming over to live in Canada from places like Syria, Iran, or Libya... and within five years, those people can become Canadian citizens, and cross on Canadian passports (Canada is visa exempt, so B2s just can go right through). Only plus is when a foreigner in Canada changes their status, they have to leave the country (more/less, come to a US Port of Entry) to adjust that status. Still glad I’m out of there... insurance rates are going to climb, and a new crop of Democrat voters will pop up to get their “free” stuff.
  14. SP5... pistols... yea. Just an end cap, no brace directly from them.
  15. Question 1... aren’t you building one of those non-NFA Firearms? Over 26” OAL, add a vertical grip and you are good to go (judging a pistol brace). Remember, a brace is not a stock... can’t pick/choose definitions. Question 2... I believe you are in the same boat. I just built a 11.5” AR pistol, without the muzzle device, and with a carbine buffer tube... I was just under 26”. Like less than 1/4” under. If you add the vertical grip to your build, should be fine (magazines notwithstanding). Federally, you technically would be good. But if you built it as an AR pistol (not the Firearm configuration), I’d say you’d be in possession of an assault weapon in NJ. No stock, technically built as a pistol (your description), and hitting multiple evil features. Could it be proven? Really unsure about that... but just how I see it.
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