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  1. While I probably can get something better in Maine, I kind of want to buy one when I’m back in NJ... packing for the move. Maybe just knowing that and my TAC-14 were both middle fingers to NJ. Don’t know, but I’m very interested in pricing and who will stock them in Monmouth County. Hopefully HGW or Monmouth Arms (favoring Steve, since I won’t see him anymore). Shore Shot... too much bad blood over the years for me to walk back in.
  2. They had it for $99 for a few days surrounding D-Day... big pro-military and L/E company. It is somewhat higher, but they are still working on getting orders out. They were sure there was going to be demand, but think they slightly underestimated it. But from the people that tried out the prototypes, it far surpasses the Midwest Industries one. They also do a slightly higher rear sight that helps with the cheek weld. Think the mount goes for cowitness, and then you can raise it if your red dot has spacers. I looked at it via the website and YouTube... but will be heading to NJ whenever mine ships. Only gun things I had sent to FLETC was my P30 magazine/spacer for my duty gun... and ankle holster that I had modified for my 642-1 and weapon light.
  3. Until CBP, which is the largest Federal L/E agency, ordered optics ready pistols... I would have agreed with you. When they made their solicitation, CBP used a survey that they put out to field personnel... on what they wanted in a firearm. While sidearms are being issued with standard sights/standard plates, you’ll see a lot of interest in where it goes from here... especially with BP and how hard they are on their guns. If it gets utilized effectively, you’ll see other agencies follow suit... and likely more interest across the board. Higher interest, prices do have to come down. But from the amount of talk I’ve heard about it, I’m interested in seeing where it moves from here. Personally, I think it will be the future... not as big of a jump as from revolvers to semi-autos, but in the ball park.
  4. Don’t plan on going with a .45 GAP. My view, if someone made a frame that wasn’t a 9mm/.40 double stack for it (single stack .45 GAP), there might have been a chance as a backup gun. 9mm Makarov is available, especially from Hornady. Plan on getting one once I get situated in Maine. A CZ-52 is also in the mix, but I do already have another pistol in 7.62x25mm. Had a 6.5mm Japanese chambered Carcano, but got rid of since it was sporterized. Love 8mm, for the historic value. Not on your list... have my Oswald Carcano copy (6.5mm Carcano), Colt Vest Pocket (.25 ACP), two Mosin Nagants (7.62x54mm), Nagant revolver (7.62x38mm), and Springfield Trapdoor Carbine (.45-70... but also a Custer era gun). Don’t reload yet, and probably won’t until I build a garage/loft. Good ammo can be found for all of that, whether it hard to find or higher in price. 10mm, I like for the history. At FLETC, they have a firearms display in one of their buildings. Has a lot of cool stuff, including an IRS Thompson (think a 1921, if I remember correctly; great condition, with the original case). Was talking with our instructor about it, and had to ask about the 1076 they had... which was an FBI gun. If there wasn’t the history stemming from the FBI Miami shootout... I likely wouldn’t have one.
  5. I agree with that... But one thing with 10mm, is that most die-hards are reloaders. How much is the cost difference reloading 10mm over .40? And if that’s the case, they may also be in other cartridges based off it (9x25mm Dillon). I love my 10mm and will never get out of it. Do I have the desire to buy another? Not unless I get a Compact 3rd Generation... to go with my 1006 (mainly so I don’t need more magazines). If I do that, likely a 1066, and I’d send it out to get converted over to decock-only as my 1006 was. I considered a SIG, but at the same token... my needs for 10mm power will be quite limited. 9mm does enough. While I was never really a fan of .40... it isn’t a bad round. For as much as I’ve been shooting it the past few weeks, it isn’t worth anymore than 9mm. That being said, if I could buy my duty gun... I would. More because it is brand new, and switching to 9mm Glocks next year, but also because it is what I’m going through the academy with. Don’t think I’d buy one, after the fact... while I get the idea behind it, I hate the LEM trigger.
  6. CBP is moving to an optics ready sidearm... which I will likely put one on when approved. I’ve heard rumors that OFO (which I’m apart of) might have to go 19, with BP having the 47 (17... pretty much). Either scenario, more so with the 19, I’m getting a Gen 5 34 (with optic, but like it since the cutout is gone) as a personal gun... and likely a CMMG Banshee to go along with it. I’ve heard a lot of good reviews of the setup (red dot pistol), but the main interest for me was CBP going with it. I considered having a gun cut for it, but just too much work, considering most of my guns were plated. I do have to research it more, as I want to get high enough sights to back them up to the red dot. Likely getting a suppressor... so, win-win.
  7. Spend your money however you want. I’d put my MCARBOed SUB-2000 up against most other pistol caliber carbines... and would feel confident with it. Even the stock SUB-2000s have enough rounds through them to prove they are fine. You can call it what you want, but I do not see any other 16” carbines coming in that weight, much less be able to fold in half. Some of KelTec’s firearms have teething issues, but most get squared away. But the thinking outside the box is what a lot of buyers are drawn to. That all being said, think I narrowed down on the firearm I mentioned earlier... https://www.cmmginc.com/product/pistol-banshee-200-mkgs-9mm/ Still getting that PTR 9CT... but I like what I’ve been hearing about with the Banshee. And since 9mm Glock magazines will be abundant in the next year or so, it will be a good buy.
  8. Thanks. I’ve seen them... but since I want to get a S&W 1917, I likely will hunt down a nice period correct original holster. I did see a USPS holster for it on eBay, but let it go. I know USBP had some of these... which I’d like to find one of those holsters, but not holding my breath on that.
  9. Even if you get a Glock SUB-2000... you can order the two halves (not the actual firearm... the bolt tube is), and a universal magazine release. You now have the multi version. Halves and magazine release come out to either $57 or $82... depending on which you buy. CZ-75, Beretta 9x, TP9, P320, M&P, P226, S&W 3rd Generation... then the Glock full-size or compact. And KelTec has been doing new magazine adapters as new guns have become popular. Still don’t see Ruger doing anything with other magazines... even though I’d want to see it. And still want a .45 version for a suppressor host. But money will go elsewhere until that happens. I am likely getting a 9mm Glock magazine carbine in the near future... at least when CBP fully switches over to Glock (figuring by October 2020, but likely sooner, since the northern border should be getting them first). I’d consider another KelTec... but an AR pistol also is sort of calling me. Definitely not a Ruger, completely due to weight.
  10. I have the .40 that takes M&P magazines... being I have two M&P40s. Stock, they are borderline functional. Will it work... very likely yes. However, somewhere between airsoft and BB gun is a good comparison. Having a few other pistol caliber carbines, the SUB-2000 is nice for the folding feature, but it is as economic as you can make a functioning firearm. With that being said, if you like the design... look up MCARBO. They do A LOT of modifications for the SUB-2000. I personally have all of their internal modifications in mine... and remember how I said it felt like an airsoft/BB gun? The MCARBO equipped gun feels like a gun. I got on their pre-release sale, and got their new optics mount for about $100. Very nice design, and beats the other options... and still allows for folding. It will mount the SIG red-dot I have at home whenever I get situated up in ME. Comparing the Ruger, I can't really talk much... as I always preferred the CX4 to the KelTec. However, the Ruger is encroaching 7 pounds (CX4 is under 6). The SUB-2000... 4.25 pounds. Plus, if you want flexibility with magazine compatibility... the KelTec does do a lot more than just Glock and Ruger.
  11. Figured I’d post this, since I found it to be interesting. World War I revolver.
  12. Maybe run it by NJSP... the Firearms Unit is pretty decent with things like that.
  13. I have mixed opinions on it... Moving to a state where I can build an AR pistol/get an SBR (closing on the house in about two weeks), I’m glad that a company is thinking outside the box for people behind enemy lines. Same like the TAC-14/13, it is one of the only ways to have some freedom in NJ. But then, you have to worry about a short barrel, and someone saying it has a stock... while it might be legal, how knowledgeable will people be with it? I could see people getting jammed up with it. I still have people arguing to me that a TAC-14 is illegal (in NJ, but also Federally) with a folding brace, even though the Black Aces DT has a similar setup/shorter package... and is on the same NJSP letter as the Remington and Mossberg. To add to that, I think it has been beaten to death on how some people in the firearms community want fear out there... and definitely doesn’t mean NJ is an exception. Personally, I’m shocked any company would try to market stuff like that in NJ, due to the flack they are bound to get (just the legality BS). That being said, I’d be interested in it when the ammo is out/tested. Being able to toss in regular 5.56mm is nice, and across a home, it is going to do what you need it. Fifty yards... you are looking at sub-2” groups. But seeing a different outlook on rifling does open some options. Shooting a heavier load? Tweak the angles on the bullet to adjust twist rate. Go from 55 grain up to 77 grain, and not have to worry about twist rate. Not saying it is the solution to any ammo problem, but it is a unique route to go down... and I do see some potential. My “pistol” purchase is definitely a PTR 9CT... but I could see an AR pistol in my future. Maybe a SBR, but likely would be with the PTR first. Depending on where the ammo for this goes, I might be talked into one. If not, might just do .300 Blackout and invest in a .30 suppressor (already on the list).
  14. The way it ended pissed me off... because it made way for another movie. I was under the impression that there were just going to be three.
  15. Walking in to go see it.
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