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  1. 10mm... I love the caliber, but no plans on buying another firearm in it. Only chance, maybe a 1066. But then I’d have to send it to get converted to decock only. Magazines are same as my 1006, so would be the only reason. Long gun wise, no need for a 10mm. Said it before, but I’d want .45. Threaded barrel, great suppressor host. Ruger could even do an integral barrel assembly, make it 16” total barrel/suppressor length... and put out a one stamp gun. Gun is a blowback, so I’d say it is likely going to kick some more. While I usually either completely agree or completely disagree with Ray Ray, I do feel the current carbine would not handle 10mm recoil well. And I mean true 10mm... not .40ish loads. But pushing for a 10mm version makes .45 more marketable.
  2. I saw someone post something with Chuck Norris in another Glock thread... just got it now. Thanks. Other Glock news... they won the CBP contract with the 47. Was mostly the larger version of the military trials (19X). Supposedly, that, 19, and 26 will make up the lot. Was cool to see it come in the work email... and it posted up on Pistol Forum shortly after.
  3. When I came up to ME, I familiarized myself with their carry laws. I did cross through NH for a short time (have a permit for there), but I lucked out since the only state I had to worry about was ME. I went into Canada yesterday, but simply left the gun in the safe at the hotel (CBSA asked if I had a gun, when I mentioned CBP... told them yes, and they were shocked when I said it’s at the hotel; simple suggestion, if they word that question in a way that makes you think they are making small talk, just answer the status of firearms on your person/in your vehicle). When I went down to FL, I usually tend to carry my LCP. Main reason... wallet holster makes it easy/discrete to toss in lockbox when I get to a state I can’t carry in. I do use the pinky rest bases... but you cannot tell the difference between it and the flat bases in my holster (even with the spare magazine in it). I considered that when I came up here, but tossing it in my pocket isn’t as beneficial compared to the comfort of OWB... which can be done concealed very easily. And if it accidentally is uncovered, especially in the area I’m at... it isn’t a huge deal. My realtor’s husband is the Deputy Sheriff for the county, and this past weekend, he drove her to the house that I put an offer on. Multiple people were all there looking, literally within 30 minutes of one another. Before I went in to look, had to pull my car out to the street so people could get out. Ran back to the house because I figured there was another person coming behind us, and really wanted to look hard... her husband saw the gun at like 5:00. Don’t know if it helps that he knows I’m starting with CBP... but didn’t have any issue with me going in the house alone with his wife. My J-frame might not be the best gun out there, but it’s been on me most of my time up here... all the time when I could carry it. It’s an Airweight, so loaded, it isn’t too terrible on my belt. But the reason why I brought it... I’m confident with it, and feel comfortable with it on my person. The grips are LG-405s... so no room for pinky. When concealment comes up, size is a big thing. Some people can’t conceal a Glock 19. Others can (I have a 30S, which is close enough to 19 size... and can conceal it). I say you should go as big of a gun as you feel comfortable with (not just shootability, but concealment). If you need to go smaller, practice with it and confirm you can shoot it well enough. Once you get there, be sure you can conceal it. Any issue with any of those considerations... rethink your carry choice. But if you suck shooting a 26 with a flush 10 rounder, yet can shoot better with the 12 rounder... I’m not seeing a problem. If there happens to be an issue concealing that gun/magazine... which I feel is a little unlikely... you can either switch guns or practice with the 10 rounder to get to a point where it all comes together.
  4. If I can get it, I’d prefer it. However, if the gun needs to be small for whatever reason... I’ll make it work. Lucky for me, my LCP with finger rest base works good enough for me to just get the pinky on. So... all my magazines have that base installed (as well as Magguts).
  5. So, I’ve been up in Maine since Saturday. Scoped out the area, and yesterday was trying to pass some time waiting on my realtor to get back to me. Gun shop right on the main road in Houlton... so stopped in. Had some surplus rifles... ok prices, but nothing that really caught my eye. The woman behind the counter said that they just sit, as she turned a guy away who wanted to sell his Mauser. Had a few pre-1964 Winchester rifles... and was considering a .30-30... but barrels were filthy and couldn’t tell how good they were. Walked down the display case and saw a few older .22s... and asked the lady if they accept C&Rs as I saw something on the bottom shelf. Paid $450 for about a 100 year old M&P in .38 Special. Grips really caught my eye, and the gun is in pretty good shape. I’m going with a duty gun, which I might get some info from a S&W letter. Front sight was slightly modified, but lock-up is 100%. Seems to have been carried, but not shot that much. Rifling looks AMAZING! Came with a box that was obviously fake... having an I instead of a 1, which I made sure the lady fixed in her book. Also had a test target, which was dated for 1916. She originally said 1920 or 1921 (think her husband looked it up), which had her second guessing herself. I kind of questioned the NRA target, but a member on S&W Forum pointed out that the address has a zip code, which wasn’t around until 1963. Filed it in the hotel garbage, because I’m not a fan of fake documentation floating around. I have been a fan of the Model 10 lineage since I got the Oswald Victory revolver copy. Being another K-frame, the speedloaders I got for the Victory will work with it. Depending on what the letter says, I might try to get a correct duty holster... if that is uncovered. Figured since I’m getting sworn in on Thursday, it will have a little bit of sentimental value.
  6. Magpul should do those crates of PMAGs, like they did when Colorado was going to the limit. Got to saturate the hell out of the state before anything changes.
  7. If you are dead on a laser... TLR-2 or TLR-8. But I’ll recommend TLR-1 or TLR-7. The important part of both is the same. The first group cost more, and they put a laser on it for some odd reason. If OP is using the laser strictly for actual shooting, I’m against it. A lot was gone over already, so not going to restate the same. However, if he was going to use it for dry-fire practice... I’d be ok with it (I do confirm zero from time to time... just in case I’d ever have to use it). Hell, I pulled the laser/light module out of my P938 TLR-6 for one that was light only. Been up in Maine for the past two days, and the gun (S&W 642-1) I’ve been carrying does have a laser on it. Just took it off in the hotel room, and noticed the switch for the laser is still on. Didn’t remember turning it on since I pulled it out of the state... so likely from the last dry fire practice. If you can use the gun well, and not need to worry about the laser being on, I’d support your decision to buy one. If not, don’t buy it... as you’ll likely use it as a crutch and not train to get better. Sorry to be blunt with it, but just keeping it real... is that still cool to say?
  8. Third generation S&Ws are work horses... Size wise, I’ve heard people compare it to a Shield (single stack). Just alloy frame, DA/SA with slide safety/decocker... likely a magazine disconnect. Downside, S&W doesn’t support them anymore. Can’t go wrong with that price. Eventually, those guns will dry up... ones in good condition will likely go first. If you get it, stock up on magazines.
  9. Like with my Winchester gallery gun, figured I’d post the letter for this one... Not too exciting, but the company is 128 years old. Something different. Might look into it more when I get some downtime. Hopefully the letter for my 1917 is a little more insightful. Not going to beat the guy on Colt Forum that had a pistol going to Captain Lamb from the NJSP... who was on the pistol team and also involved in the Lindbergh kidnapping investigation. Was even more noteworthy that the pistol is located in Germany now.
  10. Yes, I’m aware of DW revolvers... I’d spend the extra for the DW (either before or after CZ), if I was actually looking specifically for one. I base it on my best friend’s Bodyguard. He got a liking to my 642-1, and decided he wanted a similar revolver for off-duty carry. Got it... went out to try it out... patterned like a shotgun. I chalked it up to new gun... he carries a Glock, Kahr, and had a Kimber he never qualified with. Kept trying it, same results. Had to go back to S&W (factory warranty, but nobody can work on them except S&W). Said it was ok... still horrible accuracy. Had him shoot mine, wasn’t perfect... but definitely close enough to qualify with it (not the shooter). I also shot it, would shoot one... high. Hold same spot, low left (leaning towards the gun). Brought it to the guy he bought it from... same accuracy issues (the gun), so he sent it back to S&W for the second time. Came back... store owner said was good this time. My friend put it up for sale that day and got into a P938 (and then the P365). New doesn’t necessarily mean cheap or bad... but there are a multitude of reasons that it can be linked. Why did S&W do it... accuracy? Nope, because it is cheaper to build the revolver. Again... nothing wrong with that, until you consider the work force you are dealing with (across the board, not just S&W). I don’t usually try to short change a profession, but I’ve had my share of hacks work on my guns... and they think they are great gunsmiths because they build ARs or work on polymer pistols. There are very few people I trust with my firearms anymore. The last line really cracked me up... especially in a revolver thread.
  11. Yea, I got the “how couldn’t you vote for Obama” face when in college. It was the same in 2016, just insert Hillary... but was out of school at that time. Obama... I was just called a racist. Not that I disagreed with his “Change,” especially when he never really laid down any groundwork for it... I must not be voting for him because he was black. Each time, I looked the person square in the eye and asked if they are voting just because he was black? Silence... then they try to change the subject. At that point, would tell them that if Colin Powell ran... I’d vote for him in an instant (back at that time). Stopped talking to them afterwards. Hillary... that was a little different. Nobody actually confronted me in the same way that Obama supporters did. They gave the look, but think Hillary has too many flaws to defend. We have one guy at work that is die-hard Democrat, and my boss leans that way (his wife is, so he is...). The employee would always start with me. Was on a job out in Princeton (after the inauguration), and he started talking how Trump will be impeached within the year. Asked him for what? Just got louder, but did not answer... actually walked off the job due to it. No issue debating politics, though I prefer not to... but when you are screaming in the middle of an office park, in uniform with our trucks (completely lettered up) behind us... you are a moron. My boss almost fired him for that, but he is still the POS that acts the same way (one guy I didn’t let know I was leaving). I was lucky I wasn’t still in college for Hillary/Trump. I almost got threatened to be “expelled” but a Feminist Sociology teacher. Always would give us rants on how women are so mistreated... always when it had nothing to do with what we were discussing. I got annoyed one day, yawned, and said something to the effect of “this again?” Started screaming at me to get out. Five minutes or so, class breaked... so I walked back in. She started down the respect road, and I quickly stopped her. Explained I don’t mind about her views, but I’m paying for a Sociology class... not Feminism 101. If she used it for her class, I’d have no problem. But she is not being paid to push her BS. Asked if she wanted to continue this, we can walk down to her department supervisor/dean... being I think both would have a view on the matter. She kind of apologized, and didn’t hear about it for the rest of the semester. When I went for my BA, I went to Georgian Court... prior to them going fully coed (high enough GPA, male students were allowed at night and day with a waver). So, I had to watch out for the nuns, most liked me... but it was a requirement to take a women studies class. Myself, another guy, and 30 female students... plus a woman professor (two, because our first had a medical issue after the second week and was replaced). We were learning about women suffrage... and the teacher asked my view. Think I matured a lot in the time between that and the Sociology thing... “there are 31 women in this class... whatever I say is wrong.” Everyone laughed, and the discussion continued. If that was 2016, I think the response wouldn’t have been as humorous... especially there. For the original topic, I used to watch FOX each day back when I was with my ex. Kind of got out of it when we broke up, but stopping by my parents after that, I would see them watching CBS. News cycles were COMPLETELY different! My father always gets upset watching the news... told him to switch to FOX. End result, at least for the short term... he didn’t get as angry.
  12. Sure... Fitted parts (to add, by people who knew what they were doing) verses ones that are machined to fit (put together by someone who is just assembling/making sure it goes click). What happens when you get two parts, both at the low end of the tolerance range? And talking about S&W... Ruger is the one that steals (copies). Don’t know what technology they employ to do that, though. If you’d like to give some source of information that proves the revolvers now are better built/more accurate... I’m all for taking a look. But I can go on S&W’s website and read their advertising.
  13. MIM, I personally don’t have a problem with... as long as it is done right. Just an advancement in production evolution. Internal lock, not exactly a fan... but I doubt anyone actually prefers them. But coming down to it, you put more parts into a design, more points of failure. Firing pin in the frame is actually another improvement. Makes production easier, as well as changing out the hammer. Personally, I prefer the older design for sentimental reasons. But I do have to ask for your source of info on how the two piece barrels are more accurate or are better built. Unless you mean better built because current S&W employees are less skilled in revolver production, and a two-piece barrel is easier for them to install “correctly,” I’m just not seeing it. S&W has changed very much since revolvers were king. Do they produce garbage? I’d say for the most part... no. However, even going 10 years back, production revolvers were better built than today. That’s a tradesmen problem in the firearms community, and in a market where polymer pistols and ARs reign... what’s the percentage of people who will pay for that type of workforce?
  14. Good... maybe people will buy those instead of the older ones. I would like to get a 610, but it is going to be no-lock. And with current barrel design, think older is the way to go.
  15. Four years back, I paid $295 for an excellent condition M48A, with bayonet. Immaculate shape. Not Mitchell. Looking at realistic GunBroker sale prices... probably between $350 and $450. I’d likely say on the lower end, due to Mitchell. I see some outliers in the $600 to $700 range... but it will sit unless you get someone ignorant of surplus rifles, that just wants a “Mauser.” It’s a shooter... pretty much. Don't expect $1,900... like the one Mitchell M48 I saw on that sale search; “Nazi Matching.”
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