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  1. Good info guys thanks! I wasnt aware of the the warranty so I will be contacting them on Monday to see if I'm covered. Anybody know anyone who works on the high standards?
  2. Hey looking for a smith who has experience working on the 41. I'm having some failure to eject issues and from what I understand a new ejector is not a drop in part and needs to be fitted. I'm located in Morris county. I also have a high standard 107 that i need looked at as well thanks
  3. I love the ace stocks as well. Strong and well built. I have them in both sizes
  4. Although I agree with everyone above, if you are looking for a pistol caliber carbine I highly recommend the beretta cx4. Very accurate, fun little carbine
  5. Read the reviews on the page. "Thomas" says no
  6. I had my m17s modified by Ken. He now makes his own version. His stuff is top notch!! www.kmarms.com
  7. Moto102

    HK MK23

    I have a USP tactical 45 and it's just a little shorter than the mk23 and a lot less money. I enjoy shooting it. So that maybe an option for you
  8. Yes but I'm looking for an FFL that is willing to help me with the transfers. It's a few more than a couple. Hoping that maybe someone with a home FFL or a shop is willing to help and we can work out a price or trade type situation.
  9. I wish it was that easy. They were my Fathers. They were willed to my mother. She wants to give them to me.
  10. Hey all, I have learned that I will be inheriting a decent sized collection of firearms from a family member. The problem is that they are out of state and will need FFL help. I'm hoping maybe a member has a home FFL and would be willing to work with me on the transfers. I'm located in Morris county. PM if you have any interest and we can talk more about the details. Thanks
  11. Hey looking to talk to anyone in here who is a small FFL that works out of their home or other business. I just have a few questions if any of you could help me out please feel free to PM me thanks!!
  12. Call Remington tomorrow.. Their customer service helped me out with a similar issue.
  13. It would help if I uploaded the photo. Ha ha. Mine Takes 92 mags
  14. So I picked up a almost new cx4. Not really my type of rifle but I figured The price is right and maybe the wife will like it. I bought a vortex red dot for it because the factory sites are useless in my opinion. It only took a few clicks to sight it in. I sent the target out to 65 feet shot 4 (lower group). Went up one click and fired 5 from a supported standing position (upper group) Picture speaks for itself. I'm very impressed with this little carbine.
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