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  1. Bump. Have any NJ residents checked in a handgun at TSA with their FPIC and a copy of the PTP recently? I haven't checked a handgun at this airport in a few years. Considering recent events and sentiment I am concerned about getting arrested even if everything is in order. Thanks in advance
  2. Skimming the last few pages I have a few thoughts: - NJ does not have a CCW permit. - I don't recall NH's pistol permit requiring fingerprints so I wouldn't send out a copy of my FPIC if I already had a non-resident permit somewhere unless it was absolutely necessary, i.e. the CMP. - Anti-gun operatives (political/judicial interns, journalists, etc.) definitely scrape these forums but I agree Kane is too busy worrying about her own O-ring to think about making a French sandwich right now.
  3. For what it's worth I sent in my NH renewal in the first week of June and already received the new permit. I couldn't wait for the updated forms because I use the permit regularly and it was going to expire at month's end. I simply included a copy of the SLB v NHDOS decision with my renewal application.
  4. Pro-tip: Turn your audio on or you will spend 5 minutes thinking you're not smart enough to get the joke
  5. Ikea and Dunkin Donuts if you're on a budget. Otherwise I recommend Raymour and Flanigan and the Monte Cristo from your local diner.
  6. I didn't read past the first post but if it's a Samsung its probably a capacitor or two on the power supply, they skimped on part quality. I've changed a bunch, it's usually the bigger 1000uF's that go (i.e. http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/ECA-1EHG102/P5544-ND/245143 $0.76). Blown electrolytic caps are usually very easy to identify, use Google Image Search to get an idea. Any bursting at the top seams is bad.
  7. http://njgunforums.com/forum/index.php/topic/72431-pa-state-police-bring-in-new-tool-to-help-find-cop-killer-in-poconos/
  8. I do all the time at EWR (considered one of the three "NYC" airports to the rest of the world). Wouldn't do it at LGA or JFK even with a signed letter from the NYC police commissioner.
  9. Montague tunnel just re-opened and would be a symbolic target. An event location under the East River would hinder response time which could increase casualties rates. Be safe
  10. Does Jon still work here? I know he had lots of problems with his HK, I think he carries a Glock now. C'est la vie
  11. I admittedly didn't read the whole thread but google registering it in Maine. Nice lady that answered the phone sent me an application. Dot the T's, cross the I's, they send you ME plates and some months later you transfer it to NJ without the bureaucracy (like requiring you to tow your unregistered trailer to an inspection center so it can be inspected for registration purposes). Done it with my HF trailer
  12. Mr. Ed gets grumpy around election time. Don't mind him.
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