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  1. Correct the system can be checked from inside headquarters and will be for various reasons including if they are going to serve a warrant The only way to know from the car is if the in house CAD system is accessible from the cars MDT (there is no way to do a search by address in DMV). If it is they would be able to see that information if it is put into the CAD and then it would be for their town only. There is no way for them to see that information if you are not a resident and is not a part of the look up on a MV stop. If they were sent to a residence for a emergency call and they need that kind of information the address is looked up in the CAD at headquarters to see if there are firearms in the residence. So to sum up there is no way to get an instant alert that someone has a FID or owns a firearm when you run their registration or DL. In some cases if they can access the in house CAD system from the car and you are a resident they can check but is not the norm because of the time it will take.
  2. I'm not a LEO but am a civilian employee for a PD and would like to clarify. NO FID information shows up when a registration or DL is run in DMV or the MDT inside the car. The SBI system is completely separate and can only be checked from inside headquarters. There is no way for the officer to know if you have a FID, own any firearms or have a criminal history for that matter.
  3. Great guy a pleasure to deal with. He was very understanding about a snafu with my work schedule. I would buy from him again in a heartbeat.
  4. I couldn't have asked for a smoother transaction. Excellent communication and a great guy to deal with.
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