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  1. I have a 627 and friggin love it! as soon as i held it i knew it was right for me. 686 frame was a little cramped for me, but i have big hands. good luck and cant go wrong either way!
  2. was just down there with my wife.. going back this summer. Her aunt lives a mile outside the park in Townsend. Beautiful. We went to the Smoky Mtn Brewery (i think theres 3 or 4 of them) in Gatlinburg and it was really good. Cades Cove was cool and theres underground Caverns Tuckaleechee? or something which were cool too.. We had warmer weather so we were outside more but youll find stuff to do. Gatlinburg, Maryville & Knoxville are all close also for a little more shopping, food etc. And if you want to see some wild hand made carvings and souveneirs check out the shop my wifes aunt works at (she's originally from red bank). she works with Dave and makes real cool pottery. http://captndave.com/ 125 Wears Valley Rd Enjoy! Rich
  3. my folks retired to lake heritage community.. 200+ acre lake, about 1000 homes and a good mix of full time families, retirees and vacationers.. 5 mins outside gettysburg and takes me about 3:15 from Monmouth County. They are just a few mins from MD and WV borders and a lot of stuff to do in the area.. I'm always fishing kayaking swimming and all sorts of outdoor stuff when im there. They never have any issues. Is extremely safe. Very affordable (compared to here!). only down side is you cant shoot on the property as the standard lot is about 1/4 acre.. but i imagine there are plenty of places nearby Rich
  4. No need to feel that way. I'm the only isles fan here </3 I dont see anyone from the East holding a candle to anyone out west anyway.. except maybe the B's who have the size to go with the scoring and D
  5. FWIW I LOVE my henry! Made in America or not made at all! Actually in NJ for that matter -Rich
  6. I was in 424, last row of stadium and it was awesome! windy and cold but what a blast! Wife is a devils fans, game was good for 2 periods the third was awful though, so slow like no one wanted to play. Some jerk fans on both sides but overall pretty good and typical. Lets hope my isles can win one at the stadium weds night! JT91!
  7. I assume youve had it, but the Tabasco brand Habanero is probably one of my all time favorites.. nice heat and amazing flavor
  8. not funny at all. liberal assholes mocking the NRA and legal gun owners while inferring their support for trayvon
  9. So if we have hollow points at our home, it is legal as long as they never leave? So then can you use it for defensive purposes or no? And also playing devils advocate, if you have some of the winchester jacketed hollow points you cant tell by looking at it that it is a HP because it is jacketed and doesnt have a visible void. In any case, ill be sure to remember this and not to buy or transport anything but FMJ in this lovely state
  10. Ok so hollow points are not allowed in NJ? Forgive my ignorance but its only been a year since ive been here.. What about jacketed hollow points? Cabelas sells the Winchester JHPs and when you look at them they dont have the typical hollow point look (as its jacketed). So whats everyone use for defensive rounds?
  11. Callahan and Girardi also. Lose them they are heart and soul ofthe team. Not saying rangers will be bad but they will be huge loss if they were to go
  12. Dont fight guys.. the isles will be ahead of both of you guys soon enough with our young guys playing well, tons of cap space, a new home coming and no more ridiculous contracts! In all honesty though, rangers and flyers cant do much with their cap situations. If rangers dont win it all this year theyre gonna lose some of there big name guys with a lot of guys up as free agents next year (including henrik). Devils may have a tough year or two but every team goes through it and now theyll have plenty of cap space for the future. I just wana see the pens take a back seat to someone. Lets go JT91! Gonna be a tough year for everyone with the new division and competition.
  13. ill be there tomorrow at hottest part of the day.. o well.. done em in the freezing cold and now the super hot.. my 5th or 6th one.. o well its all worth it for the beer and food at the end. Good luck and have fun! -Rich
  14. Wild turkey 101 for everyday (but not everyday!).. if im out and thats not available though Jimmy beam or JD. For special occasions the clear stuff or i actually really like the wild turkey "rare breeed" which is soo smooth and woodford Not too much into scotches and stuff but ill drink almost anything
  15. im doing the pa one on June 1st also.. there really not all that bad. VT is toughest one in our general area. Ive done 4-5 of them. NJ is definitely the easiest. PA is tougher and VT is hardest. However I did do the Spartan race last year (i forget the name but it was like 9-10 miles) and that was just torture. It was actually the same day we had the tornado warnings and severe weather back in september. MUCH MUCH harder then tough mudder. I consider TM more of a fun, laid back charity event. Spartan was just abuse, was still fun but not easy at all. Anyway, good luck and have fun guys! maybe ill see some of you there. BTW this coming from a 6'4" 280 lb former shotputter so i am by no means a distance runner -Rich
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