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  1. Very nice build. Looks awesome
  2. Oh wow.. RIP Tiny. Always a good guy to me
  3. Definitely beautiful work. But I would only have that done to one of my guns if I ran out of project to do and money wasn't an issue. Little too busy for my taste
  4. My vote would definitely go to the p220. I own a p220 stainless carry and it quickly became one of my favorites. Smoothest shooting .45 I own. Fits absolutely perfect in my hand. All I see and feel is quality when I'm holding that firearm. Jmo
  5. Haha he called that man "Diesel" with a straight face
  6. How bout adding a Pitbull to the family? They WILL protect their family without hesitation
  7. + 1 Andy is an excellent Smith. He'd be able to install that with no problem. It is a fairly easy job to handle yourself though, but if your not comfortable with working on your own gun, Andy is an excellent choice. Good guy too
  8. Guess your one of the lucky ones! Stay blessed and enjoy your collection
  9. Sounds like a problem to me if it needs to be brought up in front of a judge. Good luck to you. Hope your able to get it straightened out.
  10. Good choice. M&p9 was my first too. Still one of my favorites. Keep her happy with some good ammo and regular maintenance and she'll always treat you right
  11. Great choice for your 1st 1911! Kimber makes an excellent gun. As far as magazines, I run Tripp magazines through mine and couldn't be happier. They've been flawless everytime and are top notch quality.
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