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  1. Do not pay for the ticket. Paying for it means you admit guilt. 15-29 mph over limit is a 4 point ticket. You can take it to court, speak to the prosecutor before court starts Prosecutor will drop it down to 2x points and you will just have to plea guilty to new ticket and pay court fees and fines for new ticket Have your wife take a safety driving course and the last 2x points will go away and you will be down to 0 points again. Other option is to pay $500+ for a lawyer to go with you to court Lawyer will get you moved up to the beginning of the line to be seen by the judge first Lawyer may get you completely off (if he knows the prosecutor or judge) or he will get you what I said above.
  2. Hexmags failing? This is my surprised face... I know they're cheap and poorly made and the manufacturer obviously knows this because they replace them on a whim, but damn. PMags can be found for $10 nowadays with the holiday sales....
  3. Out of all my pistols, the 2022 is the one I use the least. I have the two-tone with the stainless slide. Still, I can't see myself getting rid of it. Every time I take it out, it still makes me smile when I shoot it.
  4. Yep. Had the Hogue overmolded set before which felt great, might transfer that to the 28" Mossy. I do like the Magpul furniture better though...
  5. I haven't read the comics so I have no idea what the story line has to offer. Now I'm just wondering, how in the hell is Rick going to come back from this? They have an armed army with people that would most likely die for Negan. Fighting Negan straight on would be suicide. The only thing I can think of is if Rick overturns Negan and kills him. But to do that, he needs to be on the same level as Negan if not more. I can see that though, Rick becoming an evil shit so that eveyone fears him more than loves him. At least that way he can keep the people he loves safe.
  6. First season of Fear sucked bad. This season things are getting better. Keep watching it.
  7. Buy it, you'll be happy. Don't listen to the Troy haters. They make awesome shit.
  8. Sure, as long as you purchase them and block them yourself outside of NJ.
  9. So is probably half its members. To me, it was worth the 1.25 hour drive from Parsippany to Easton.
  10. WTF? Troll post? Can't be serious....
  11. This. I usually just keep a spare LPK in my bag. ETA - I also keep a spare BCG... a spare bolt should suffice.
  12. Ohh it's definitely possible, you just have to spend $100 on a mount. https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/B-T-HK-MP5-MP5K-Low-Mount-For-T1-H1-T2-Aimpoint-91p16862.htm
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