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  1. GB guns said positive shooting review coming this week
  2. New unboxing video, looks pretty nice. Waiting for the range report.
  3. Haha where's that? Maybe I can buy those guns with money from my car and we'll neutralize everything
  4. I have not - considering it if I get my car sold
  5. I don't like the charging handle on the Kel Tec's
  6. This looks like possibly the carbine i have been hoping for - not ugly as a Clinton female, 9mm, glock mags, and $600 price point. I don't know shit about this company though. I know they used UTG stock and rail, but need to keep cost down somehow I guess. 100% US made is bonus. Anyone know about this company? https://www.classicfirearms.com/fx9-semi-auto-9mm-rifle-glock-mag-compatible
  7. From what I've read, the Obama years caused an exodus and brain drain. Of those who remain, you have low morale and flat at dopes. Serious issue.
  8. And will run all day if you avoid the American parts made crap
  9. Yes! So fn fun and CHEAP ammo. Fun to customize as well.
  10. The Taurus carbines had potential but proprietary mags and some minor issues I can't recall killed it
  11. Are those tnw's decent? The JR's are ok and I want so bad to like the Beretta but cannot get over the looks. I wish the PSA AR's w glock mags would get to $700
  12. I don't understand why no one can make a nice pistol caliber carbine for AR prices. I'm dying for one but can't justify $1000+. No a fan of the hi point or Kel Tec.
  13. They're trying to break ground in spring for summer open
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