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  1. milkstatus


    I inquired about that one as well, very nice.
  2. Damn that permit ! Haha , pleasure doing business. Left you some feedback, thanks again!
  3. yeah they rushed him away real fast after that stat
  4. Anyone know if the indoor range has power , or if this is taking place? It would definitely be nice to get out and shoot.
  5. Hello all, as the title states I am looking into getting the STI GP6C, but as you can imagine I am having trouble finding one. Anyone out the have one I can possibly try out, or know of a place nearby that may have one? Can meet at Old Bridge or anywhere convienent for lender. Thanks all!
  6. Sonny lee sounds good. I will try to get there early as well to help set up. Sonny since it is your first uspsa match may I suggest the indoor practice at old bridge indoor range this Friday? It was my first type match and is a great beginner friendly way to get introduced into USPSA. Match director will go over some of the history, match requirements, rules , and most importantly safety. You will also go through a safety check , and demonstrate proper gun handling. I will be there around 530-6 this Friday. We shoot 4 stages and it is very relaxed, very fun. 200 rounds should be more than enough. Any questions feel free to PM me. Hope to see you there!
  7. In. My second match, should be fun . Sonnylee, don't be intimidated by the fancy equipment , its not just the gear that wins matches . Just make sure you have fun, be safe, and like everyone says the speed will come in time. Anyone here on the forums looking to squad up?
  8. Thank you both for the consideration , and my apologies for the confusion. Put me down for an extra lb of TG to fill the extra lb. I will send PayPal later this evening, and pm you on meeting up. Thanks again
  9. My apologies, I in fact sent you what I was looking for , but overlooked the fact that I sent it directly responding to the PM notification email. So again, my mistake, I retract my previous post. . Moving forward , if at all possible I am looking for one lb each of vv n320, n330, WST, and Titegroup. 4K CCI small pistol primers. I was also looking at 1k bullets, but I do not know if that will skew the shipping , and I'm sure I can just order thoseserperately. If you have the available room in the order it would be greatly appreciated. If not, anyone else looking to place an order perhaps we can make a second one. Thank you.
  10. So I was the first to respond to this post, and PM you with what I was looking for, but your full. Thanks for keeping me waiting on the group buy.
  11. This happen yet, Or going to happen? If so im in, especially with PV waiving the Hazmat this month.
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