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  1. Price drop- Up for sale is a never fired BNIB STD MFG DP-12. Of course, all original accessories, packing etc. included. Located in Middlesex area . Buyer to have FID, matching DL and fill out COE. $1000 First I'll take it wins. Thanks!
  2. milkstatus


    I inquired about that one as well, very nice.
  3. Damn that permit ! Haha , pleasure doing business. Left you some feedback, thanks again!
  4. yeah they rushed him away real fast after that stat
  5. Anyone know if the indoor range has power , or if this is taking place? It would definitely be nice to get out and shoot.
  6. Hello all, as the title states I am looking into getting the STI GP6C, but as you can imagine I am having trouble finding one. Anyone out the have one I can possibly try out, or know of a place nearby that may have one? Can meet at Old Bridge or anywhere convienent for lender. Thanks all!
  7. Sonny lee sounds good. I will try to get there early as well to help set up. Sonny since it is your first uspsa match may I suggest the indoor practice at old bridge indoor range this Friday? It was my first type match and is a great beginner friendly way to get introduced into USPSA. Match director will go over some of the history, match requirements, rules , and most importantly safety. You will also go through a safety check , and demonstrate proper gun handling. I will be there around 530-6 this Friday. We shoot 4 stages and it is very relaxed, very fun. 200 rounds should be more than enough. Any questions feel free to PM me. Hope to see you there!
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