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  1. I know this is a beaten subject but in 3 days i'm going to Atlantic County handgun Safety Course and Obviously Eyes and Ears are needed. I have a 9mm glock and Spikes AR.. do i get a smaller profile ears for when i eventually shoot the AR? and just double up and wear the ear buds as well? I haven't shot the handgun in over a year.. and taking this course will make it easier for me to shoot more often. For eyes? do i get something from home Depot were i can least try them on first? just looking for some quick recommendations that i can get locally or Bass Pro in Atlantic City (they were testing the range today and may actually get permit next week )
  2. Aimpoint H-1 came in. For a minute i thought it may have been a refurb but i watched some unboxing videos and i'm good... nothing is wrapped up individually so all good. the next thing i need is a mount that i can have absolute co-witness. Any suggestions?
  3. yea make sure this isn't a scam to steal a bunch of sights lol
  4. I just picked up the Aimpoint H-1 how does this compare? It seems like a bigger diameter.
  5. Thanks Bullzeye this will be my very first Optic i ever bought lol... i think i did good. It's def worth $50 more then the Pro this year. I think i got lucky when i checked it out early in the morning hoping and praying it'll be there. And if i hate it, I can def sell it like you said with no prob. Now i'm gonna have questions on how/where to mount it soon!
  6. Palmetto State has them back in stock as of 7:05 am I just bought the micro for 408 shipped
  7. I was looking at the H-1 all day yesterday at $399... and i didn't get it... it's sold out and now i'm regretting it lol If anyone sees any Pros on sale post here please. Also looking for a bug out bag that can fit a 15" laptop. 5.11 - 12 or 24 Hr?
  8. If anyone sees anything today please post!! Palmetto State is all out and i missed on on the Aimpoint H-1 for $399
  9. I missed out on palmetto state Aimpoint H-1 for 399... i balked. because i've never looked down an aimpoint physically. I just got back from bass pro Atlantic City and actually looked through a magnified 3x Burris... then looked through vortex strikefire and an Eotech. (i may skip eotech for now due to lawsuit thread) The burris i noticed is more like a scope and you have to be closer to the sight to see through it. So i'm thinking i don't want magnified for now would rather have a good red dot better. And ill just have to make another AR for longer range
  10. Hey guys.... it's a new black friday year and i still have no red dot on my Spikes AR... I would love a red dot. Maybe even slightly magnified 3x-5x what do you guys think? Vortex - Burris? and do you know of any deals coming up that i shouldn't miss? Or should i get an regular red dot and add a magnifier later? Whats your mid price setup?
  11. If there are any extra floating around let me know. i still don't have any optics on my first build and have only shot it once... opening up a new business = no time
  12. My glock 19 gen 4 does fire casings occasionally that hit my face/head, Def happens enough where it's a noticeable thing. I've only shot it 2 times an prob under 200 rounds. But i've read enough people talking about it that i was almost expecting it to happen.. other then that no major malfunctions. quick serch on google has tons of links come up for this... does anyone here know what parts should be the latest? i think i remember someone listing an ejector number that was "good" or the latest that fix this issue.
  13. Hey guys finally got all gifts and have enough for aimpoint pro floating around... anyone have a coupon code anywhere for better price.. yes i missed black friday but i needed dishwasher and shades on my windows first lol (just moved into my first house)
  14. vladtepes how is aimpoint shooting with both eyes open? I'm thiking either Aimpoint Pro or EoTech EXPS2-0 thanks
  15. Construction is under way in Atlantic City Outlets..right when you come in off the Expressway... it's gonna be huge
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