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  1. Fucking Burlington County ... Any hopes of a nonbullshit filled process with the courts was dashed 10 min's ago. Called the court house to discuss turnaround times. They couldn't/wouldn't provide a turnaround time. Guy on the phone said all applications are going to the prosecuters office for review prior to Judge Terrence Cook signing them. They get 30 days then I'm having a laywer write a letter. We can't play games with these people. Hopefully they follow the law/guidance and I'll have my permit early September.
  2. 100% agree with you. I wanted it so I could reference it if needed in my phone call. I’m aware it’ll make little to no difference but still wanted to have it. That said, your link would indicate that the NJ Supreme Court directed the Administrative Director to release this document, thus giving it some weight. Again, I agree with you, I’m just saying that in a just world the mention of a directive issued by the state Supreme Court should be enough to get them moving.
  3. Even though the woman who processes these told me I was done and she was mailing to superior court after chief signed last week, I’ve now gotten written confirmation that she mailed them last Thursday or Friday. I know it was posted here somewhere but I’m not looking through 38 pages … anyone have the statute handy that lays out the time frame the judge has to approve? I fear now the real wait begins. Someone earlier posted the judge approving in another county. He was part of the criminal division. Of the 4 judges I could find political affiliations for online that are in the Burlington county criminal division 2 are Republicans. Not that it should matter but maybe if one of them is handling they won’t drag their ass quite as much. I’ll give it a week or two before I call for an update and also ask who is signing. If anyone in Burlington county knows before then please share.
  4. Besides being a bit pricey and needing another permit from anywhere it’s not bad. First time I applied it was approved relatively quickly. Renewal was never an issue … until I didn’t renew, like a moron.
  5. Nice. I grew up in Fairfield County. I don’t miss the type of people up there( Fairfield County) but I do miss the landscape/scenery. Beautiful state.
  6. It should. I just talked to my girl there around 3 today. She is great. I’m approved. Chief will be signing mine and 9 others in the AM and she’s mailing to superior court tomorrow. So guarantee your buddies is with mine. She said we’re the first ten in our town. Feel free to give him a status update. as for discrepancy in calling employer, I’d assume it’s different detectives handling different folders. will get another update tomorrow as I have to go in for fingerprints. Let my CT nonresident expire like an idiot. Have to go through whole application process again.
  7. Everything was current. PD gave me old form in their packet. I downloaded updated one and submitted that. I dotted all my I’s and crossed all my T’s. Thanks though. Appreciate the response. I’m just venting as there is really nothing else I can do about it at the moment.
  8. Why is any of this part of the process? It is what it is. I expected it. Didn’t expect my PD to sit on it for 30 days. I’ve gotten pistol permits and FID changes done in an average of 7 days. If it goes more than 60 I’ll be lawyering up.
  9. Mt. Laurel PD has been fantastic in the past. This go around? Fucking awful. Dropped off app on 7/5. Fingerprints done on 7/7. Detective just called my references and work to verify employment today. Pretty pissed that they sat on this for a month.
  10. Depends who you get on the phone. The one I got a few weeks back was, let’s say, less than helpful. the other thing to remember to check is the status of your money order. Mine unfortunately still hasn’t been cashed. Hopefully this week.
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