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  1. Literally never used. Ordered, unpacked, sat under my workbench for a few months. Literally brand new. Retails for $150 plus tax. Asking $110 https://imgur.com/a/FhHubPm I’m in Mount Laurel
  2. As did I. It’s a steal at this price. For what it’s worth, besides a light cleaning and a new tray/foil, it’s in perfect condition.
  3. Little field trip never hurt anyone. Lol. seriously though. For the price it’s probably worth the drive.
  4. Used one season only. Fantastic condition. Just needs a light cleaning. Always covered. 100% works. Comes with grill grates and spatula. Grill is $900 plus tax new. Grates are $70 new. $500 SOLD
  5. It's Russian, brass cased, steel tipped. It's Russian, brass cased, steel tipped, surplus.
  6. No clue. Believe steel. Corrosive. Surplus. will get more info after work.
  7. As awful as Facebook is, there is a group “Burlington County CCW” that’s has a lot of good info and a bunch of active members. I suggest joining. I haven’t seen any new ones posted this week but there were a bunch posted last week fwiw.
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