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  1. Found what I was looking for. Thanks all!
  2. Looking for a complete upper in 556 I’m the $300 range if anyone has one they’re willing to part with. thanks.
  3. WTB 10/22 takedown. I’m in the Cherry Hill area. Don’t mind driving a bit but not too far. Message me if you have anything. Thanks.
  4. Looking for a Ruger PC9 or AR for a reasonable price. In the Cherry Hill area. Don’t mind traveling a little bit but don’t want to drive too far. Message me what you have and a price. Thanks.
  5. Nice guy. I had to be a pain in the ass with the when's and where's of the sale because of my schedule. He went out of his way to make it work. Would definitly do business with again.
  6. Really just an extremely nice person to deal with. Wouldn't hesitate buying/selling with her again.
  7. Nice guy. Wish I could have stayed and BS'd a bit longer but my ffl called while meeting him and I had to run to pick up my new toy. Would definitly deal with again.
  8. Again Mt. Laurel came through. 28 days application to mailbox.
  9. I assume this is gone. If not throw me on the list, Im right down the road from you.
  10. Got FID and two permits 6/15. Once they got the forms back from CT it took them a week for the detective to investigate, get the chiefs signature and mail me the letter telling me to come pick everything up. With the CT delay everything took 45 days beginning to end. I believe it would have been less than 30 days without all of the CT nonsense. Already used one of the permits on a SP2022 Well done Mt. Laurel, well done.
  11. Yes. I know that I've never been committed, institutionalized or psychiatriclly evaluated in any way shape or form. It's not what CT sends back that worries me. I worry that CT simply won't get back to them and that this process that was going very smoothly and timely is now going to turn into a long drawn out nightmare.
  12. Mt. Laurel township. Applied and had interview 5/1. References got their letters 5/3. Both references mailed them back on 5/8. Fingerprinted on 5/7. Called 5/29 and was told they were still waiting on mental health form to be returned from CT ( I moved to Jersey 6 years ago). The woman told me she would give my file to Sgt. Rudderrow when he got in to see if he would process it without the CT form. Called back 5/30 to see what he said. She got a new fax number on 5/29 and resent it. Both her and Sgt. Rudderrow have been extremely nice and helpful. When I went in for my interview ( which was nothing more than verifying the forms were filled out right) he told me he's not a jerk like some of these other towns firearm leads and that as long as I wasn't a loon he has no intentions of impeading on my second amendment rights. It was nice to hear, I actually think he was being genuine. Now I worry though that this whole CT mental health form issue is going to eff me. I want to call and find out what the hell is going on but seeing as its exactly 30 days today I don't want to push my luck. I figure if I don't hear anything by Wednesday next week I'll call back.
  13. Hello all, im new here and was just wondering if anyone has been through the process in Mt. Laurel? I have an appointment with the "investigator" on Tuesday to submit my paper work, give them some money and be ... Investigated. This really is ridiculous. So yeah, any personal experience stories from Mt. Laurel would be appreciated. Thanks, Todd
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