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  1. This is a question for anybody that has applied for a handgun purchase permit since December 22, 2022 – the day that Murphy signed the “Carry-Killer” bill into law. Part of that bill raised the price of purchase permits from $2 to $25 – the question is: How many of you have been charged the new $25 price by their police departments? I guess the corollary to that would be how many are still only paying $2? In both instances, please name the police department. While ANJRPC’s injunctive relief was granted for parts of the bill, as I understand it, fees was not one of them. An informal survey of local PD’s here in my area shows one still only charging $2, others are charging the new fee of $25.
  2. Added a few new parts and figure I'd snap a photo. Specifically I added an A5 buffer system and Edgar Sherman Design sling. Included a 30rd mag just to mess with y'all while I was at it...
  3. I could buy, like, 2 boxes of 9mm with that...
  4. If you shoot someone with a HP round, they are then in possession of it so there's nothing for you to worry about.
  5. I don't have personal experience with Apex, but they seem to be where most people start and end when it comes to trigger upgrades. This is especially the case with the M&P series that doesn't have the same ocean of options like Glock does.
  6. I think it comes out to 50/50 for me between internet sales and in-store. I don't really buy used guns. I'm not counting using the vendor tool here as an online sales, as that's how I ended up buying my Walther PPQ 9 years ago. Otherwise I've used Kulak Arms for both transfers and some "in-store" purchases. I use quotes because I'm very specific with my purchases and he's ordered a number for me. My AR build is kinda a weird one, though. As I bought the lower from Kulak (Aero M4E1) but then, due to my aforementioned specificity, sourced the remaining parts from various internet vendors. So the part that is arbitrarily considered the firearm was obtained locally, but for all intents and purposes it's basically an internet frankenstein gun.
  7. You could shoot down the Batwing with that!
  8. Just do what @Pizza Bob tells you to do... That's what I did. ...except clean your guns. That's optional.
  9. T-Rex put out a good video on dry fire that's worth a watch as well:
  10. I'm a little late to the party on this one, but this is an absolute tragedy and totally unacceptable behavior on behalf of the shooter, especially if this occurred off the clock. Mechanical safeties should never be used to compensate for user negligence. It is a huge pet peeve of mine when people rush either the load or unload portion of a stage. Nobody has ever won a competition or gunfight because of their incredible re-holstering speeds. What I have seen is people DQ'd for unsafe behavior during these unscored sequences, so stop with the grandstanding. So everyone, for the love of all things holy, treat your guns with the respect they deserve and conspicuously follow the RO's commands. [End Rant]
  11. Out of curiosity, why the preference for constant on?
  12. I just looked at BigTexOutdoors and the HotButton is half-press for momentary and full click for constant. They have that in mlok and 1913 mounts. I almost snagged one but wanted something momentary only to play with. https://www.bigtexoutdoors.com/product/hot-button-mlok-unity-tactical-for-lights-lasers/
  13. The Modbutton is momentary only. You can get the Surefire DS00 tailcap to give constant on via the tailcap button, but I don't have experience with it personally. Unity Tactical, who makes the Modbutton for ModLite, makes what they call the HotButton which may be more up your alley.
  14. Snagged one of these the other day and I'm quite impressed with it. The standard Modbuttons have been total unobtainium since they launched in the middle of the pandemic, so when BigTexOutdoors dropped their exclusive "Lite" version, I snagged it up as I already have a scout mount. The button activation is tuned nicely, being very tactile and completely silent. ModLite claims that the switch will deliver full power to modern lights using high output 18650 rechargeable batteries (such as Surefire M600/M640, ModLite OKW/PLHv2, and Arisaka offerings). Unfortunately I don't have any experience with Surefire tape switches to compare against, but I see no reason to get one with ModLite's current offerings. As I noted above, this is my first set up with a tape switch, so any suggestions on set up is always appreciated. Pic below of my current layout.
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