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  1. Got the 929 back! Nice!
  2. I wish I could retain a fraction of what you know about these things. Excellent as always and thanks for sharing.
  3. FYI this just looks like a basic BCG with standard coatings. This isn't the one with the nano-weapon coating as far as I can tell. I'm sure it's a good BCG, but it seems overpriced for what it is.
  4. Dumping this link for me to update to the OP. Really demonstrates how the AR platform is in common use: https://ammo.com/coronavirus-impact-on-ammunition-sales
  5. Hard pass. There's a bunch of decent options in the $100-200 range that would be worth saving for over this.
  6. You get a fancy coin and case. Also some modularity and an optic cut.
  7. I wouldn't have such a hard line with the plastic guns. They have a lot to offer from a "shootability" perspective. They're also stupid reliable.
  8. So here's a question I'll throw out there to which I'm not sure there's a right answer: Do metal guns really shoot better than plastic guns? I'm not very experienced with all metal guns, but I've seen plenty of people come to IDPA/USPSA matches with their Beretta 92s or Sig P226s, and eventually they end up with some flavor of Glock (or a knock-off). I understand the appeal of an all metal gun, but from where I sit the benefits seem largely exaggerated. Especially when shooting 9mm.
  9. In the end it depends on what OP's intended use it. I'm no collector and plan to shoot every gun I buy. The Q5 SF was engineered to be heavy. I haven't shot one, though. I'll have to take your word for it. If I were to get a 1911, I'd look at the Dan Wesson Specialist or Valor.
  10. Glocks are great at what they do, but don't discount Walther. The PPQ is newer, but I find the ergonomics way better. I have about 12K rounds through my PPQ M1 and have nothing but praise for it.
  11. Walther PPQ Q5 SF. If only so I can live vicariously through you. Also Beretta 92X: Also CZ Shadow 2, P226 Legion SAO. Or a 1911 if those damn kids won't get off your lawn...
  12. Can't build it? I'm out... EDIT: Can I buy a lower and slap my own upper on it?
  13. You can get into the pistol RDS game for under $800. It's not really that expensive now.
  14. You are not missing anything. People have been doing this since pistol braces were a thing. It's only newish to NJ as a result of the Shockwave ruling from the NJSP, which creates an inference that these would be kosher, too.
  15. Correct, it's sized 1 slot smaller than the adjustment channel. So you cut it where you want, install each end of the insert into the far ends of the channel, then slide the stock over until it engages the only exposed slot.
  16. I'm gonna risk going the factory optics ready route. Not sure if I want to married to one optic just yet.
  17. There's nothing more relieving than tanking the first stage of the day.
  18. I'm sure you could give a pseudonym if you wanted, but the scoring is integral to the match. It determines shooting order and displays shooter information like division and classification.
  19. In the event that AR15.com was going to be bought, having Brownells be the one to do it feels like the best case scenario.
  20. Does ALG still manufacture it? It's been out of stock on their site.
  21. https://lapolicegear.com/brands/arc-teryx.html Some good pricing on what they have in stock. I've been wanting a good rain jacket and figured why not give the dead bird a whirl. Or, for the detractors, there's always this shirt (not on sale): https://www.endoapparel.com/cant-even-t-shirt/
  22. There are 10 round versions out there. I'm looking at getting into handgun optics as well and the P10F is a serious contender, especially for the price.
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