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  1. First of all-amazing pics! Thank you! When work calms down I'll be in touch! Thank you so much for all the info
  2. I am interested in getting into muzzleloaders...mostly handguns..I apologize if this is answered elsewhere but where can I shoot? I live in Monmouth county area I am not a particularly wealthy person but hoping to find a place not too expensive? with thanks in advance
  3. Cheyenne Mountain is outstanding. Had really positive experience with them just recently. Obviously, like all LGS they are under a lot of strain right now, but they were patient, helpful, and accomodating
  4. I recently made a purchase at Heritage Guild Rahway and then a few weeks later Tier 1 for an FFL transfer and can't say enough good things about both of them We who live in Central/North Jersey don't have lots of great choices and these two establishments, IMO are first rate Customer service, selection and even prices at Heritage Guild get better by the day and Tier 1 is fantastic for gunsmithing and FFL transfer- you have to check him out!
  5. I am not Catholic-but my heart breaks-and during Holy Week- a tragedy
  6. thank you to everyone for really thoughtful responses-why I like this forum https://www.gunbroker.com/item/805968298
  7. I am selling, thru an FFL, a rifle on GB I have never done so before. Its a collector piece, but there have been no bids for several weeks and I'm getting nervous about it Curious if anyone else who has sold on GB can share their experience
  8. the whole NJ system is ridiculous Every piece of anti-gun legislation should be met with something that helps lawful gun owners-ten round mags? Ok-then eliminate the permission slip system for FID holders who have already gone thru background checks I cant be the only one who reads the gun laws in other states and thinks of moving out of here
  9. another thumbs up for tier 1 he is a great guy and his prices are very reasonable
  10. curious, do they sell firearms as well?
  11. Thank you to all. Stopped by Shooters. Great place
  12. I have to drive the GSP today for business slk the way to Cape May from Union County. Id live to stop by and check out a LGS particularly one with good used inventory. Any suggestions?
  13. Friends Is it worthwhile to pay a gunsmith to mount a scope on a rifle? The rifle is already drilled and tapped, I'm using a picatinny rail made for the model of the rifle, and the scope comes with its own rings-I am a newbie when it comes to optics...
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