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  1. friends-I purchased a premier membership for one month in order to sell an item; but find that I am being build every month how do I cancel? (sorry for a stupid question)
  2. interested in buying-do they have inventory?
  3. any experience with Firearms Support and Storage in Whippany?
  4. thank you!
  5. Would like to buy Ruger P series pistol
  6. thank you
  7. I live in Union county and I'm looking for an FFL that is not trying to charge a ridiculous fee for a transfer. Yes I usually patronize my LGS but sometimes prefer to buy online. Any suggestions?
  8. thank you
  9. Interested in Ruger LCR 38 sp Used is fine too
  10. I really like Middlebrook. Nice guys, good prices-not a lot of stock, but they can order for you I want to like HG in Branchburg, but every time I go there I get the sense that they do everything they can to pretend I'm not there. Even when I'm the only customer.
  11. OP--I really like the weapon and what you did with it-really nice! two questions-how is the grip? I've always found the Jericho to be a little wide for guys with smaller hands- second-I was taught as a kid to avoid writing the name of God (at least in Hebrew) except for in a sefer-(holy book) just wondering-no judgement or questioning-I think the weapon looks cool
  12. Just picked up a Springfield RO Very impressed by the fit and finish
  13. stopped by-not a lot of stock yet, but very nice guys and it looks promising!
  14. There is some great advice in this thread. To that I would only add that I made a lot of errors in buying my first handgun. I have learned that there is a lot of wisdom in considering the primary use of the gun. Range, home defense, competing? I bought a small Glock 36 in 45acp because I thought it was cool. But it was a lousy range gun. I sold it quickly. I bought a single action Ruger but found that single action made range time boring, and there are not a lot of places for Cowboy Action in NJ. After a lot of missteps, I have settled on a 1911 and love it. Good luck and enjoy.
  15. Springfield Acura is fairly decent