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  1. got it friday!!! only took ocean pd......better part of 7 months
  2. UPDATE! Ocean PD said it is now going to the Chief of Police for approval...sooooo its been 6 months and still no FID
  3. Still nothing.....references got letters 2 days after the post....they sent em in immediately....as of today, nothing.
  4. Understood. NJ laws are a pain in the a** in general let alone gun laws. I'm trying to do my research so that nothing I do is unlawful. Not trying to start any problems or issues, just starting to get into target shooting and need to know whats legal and whats illegal. Like i said, it was a hypothetical situation
  5. Thank you this is what I was wondering. Thanks for an intelligent answer
  6. im talking about a GIFT, not a "hey i found this here go shoot it"
  7. I was wondering and this is hypothetical: If you get caught driving around with an unregistered pistol you could get arrested right? So, if I am coming from a shooting range after target shooting my unregistered pistol its a major problem if I get caught with it. If the gun came from lets say a cousin in PA but he doesn't have any paperwork of buying it, and I got it as a gift, how would I register it to legally have in my possession? Same question if it is from a diseased relative?
  8. Ocean Township, Monmouth County. Applied for Initial FID 4/28/12....scheduled fingerprinting early as possible which was yesturday 5/8/12. Ill keep you guys posted
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