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  1. Anyone has one of their 15/30 mags? "magazine with a riser, which limits the capacity to 15 rounds" Is it permanent modification or just slide-in riser?
  2. Good stuff, thanks. Just received khaki - good quality, fits well. Ordered pair of black.
  3. Thanks, got 4 of those. Best NJ legal Korean drums you can get!
  4. You just screwing with us or u actually believe some Americans might read this forum?
  5. Thanks for input. Must be same thing. Anyway, what is the battery life on AA? Reasonable to expect 1 hour on high?
  6. Could be a good deal for cheap bright flashligh. Good thing it runs also on AA batteries. Any clue on battery life rechargeable vs AA?
  7. I have Blackhawk - good case. Discrete. Holds 2 scoped AKs or ARs. Get two of them, you will need it later. Or sell one. Getting $25-$30 shouldn't be a problem.
  8. CZ-82 magazines at Keepshooting - those are not CZ factory, but believed to have good quality and solid reputation. $24.95 $19.95 per mag if you buy 3. Use coupon code "catalog" for 10% off. Priority mail shipping for 3 mags $$6.44 Total for 3 mags shipped with 10% off: $60.30 http://www.keepshooting.com/cz-82-magazine.html
  9. Forehead may be a tricky place. On another note, "Why do you need a gun with more than one bullit?"
  10. Great news. Gives some hope. Now I feel stupid for buying P226 instead of P229 (same logic: who needs small gun in PRNJ?) Time to start saving for P239 I guess.
  11. It is an app that allows you to quickly order taxi/car service from your phone. You can see how far available cars are and how long it will take for car to arrive at your location. No need to make upfront reservation. Cost automatically charged to your credit card - no need to carry cash around. Priceless in other cities when you don't know local transportation providers and local prices. More here: www.uber.com/cities/new-jersey
  12. not gun related but a good deal Get $20 off your first trip with Uber. (good on your ride in NJ, NYC, Philadelphia, Boston, DC, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, LA, Toronto and other cities in 26 countries) If you are using taxi, car service/limo - this might be the best way to get your car around the globe. Works on Android, Blackberry and Apple phones. In my experience works great in NYC and North East NJ. For $20 off first ride sign up here https://uber.com/invite/fozp8 or use code: fozp8. This promo is related to Valentine's Day, not sure if code will work after this Friday. P.S. I have my interest here: I will get some credit for my rides after your first trip.
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