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  1. Maybe he just wanted to make a custom grip. you know kinda like when you warm up your mouthpiece to mold to your teeth...
  2. If Jon and MrSurf above are correct (and i never doubt Jon.. :-) then that answers 90% of the "what happens when i get pulled over".. "what happens if i get rear-ended coming home from the range".. etc etc when you are knowingly using/borrowing a HG that you did not purchase on your own.
  3. Great stuff guys.. Rifleman, i had read that exact same web comparison previously.. that was the exact reason why i started this thread.. i wanted to know do guys choose 223/556 over 22LR strictly for the power. I'm sorry if this thead drifted into an education on ballistics.. i do indeed know the ROUND is not the same (round meaning the entirety including the weight, the velocity..etc etc..). I should have been more specific in that the DIAMETER is the same, as BHunted posted, i was curious if there was something else that guys wanted besides "more stopping power". So what i'm getting is that the answer seems to be range, accuracy, power.. the 22LR is more like a plinker and the others are for serious rifle coneisours (spelling?).. and i hope i just didnt insult a 15-22 owner there. Right now in my rookie-ness I am still at the plinking stage and have never even shot outdoors yet. Halyamber, i will check that out.. (after i google around and find out exactly what that means.. ha ha..). No need to expand on that in this thread, it will just drift too much. thank you to all the replies!
  4. I've read lots but here is an opinion question... (no its not the dreaded.. "should i build or buy?" question.. :-) being new to firearms i was kinda dumbfounded that the AR15 shoots essentially a 22 caliber bullet. (please lets not get technical about 223 being bigger than 22). since i was a rookie i saw those HUGE cartridges of 2.23 and 556 and just figured it was a BIGGER bullet.. like a 45 or something like that. So when i was reading that a S&W 15-22 for like $500.. and the "other" AR's were over a thousand bucks for the longest time i just thought "well bigger bullet equals bigger platform = more money".. etc etc.. so then i find out the "bigger bullet" is really just still 22 caliber. So here is the question: Can someone tell me any other reason why they went 2.23 or 556 instead of 22LR? I know its natural that bigger = better.. but the bullet really isnt bigger! Yes, i know the STOPPING POWER is different. I read a great article where they showed 22L vs 2.23 the size of the hole it makes and the 2.23 went through a steel plate and the 22LR did not. I get it that the bullet is more powerful. I dunno, i guess i'm just having a hard time processing it. With handguns its black and white: 9mm is bigger and stronger than 22LR, 45 is bigger and stronger than 9mm. The caliber IS DIFFERENT. But 2.23 is same size as 22LR, essentially.. Please don't cringe when you read that. So besides stopping power.. can some guys tell me why they went 223/556 over the 22LR? Is there something else about the rifles i don't know? Distance? Accuracy? Reliability? From reading a lot on this forum when people ask "what kind of AR should i buy/build?" the answer is always "what are you going to use it for?" So here i'd like some of you AR lovers to tell me the differences between the 22LR and 223/556 (besides stopping power).
  5. after you take the barrel out flip the slide over and look "underneath" i don't remember the exact spot but its there.. if i get a moment in the next day or two i will take mine down and tell you specifically. here is a better test though.. take off the barrel BUSHING and hold a magnet to it.. if the magnet sticks to the bushing you absolutely have a Gen2..
  6. SWEET... DB.. i will check that out..
  7. does that one just slip over the existing one i have in the picture? or does that slip over a "tactical" stock? are the ends of the stocks different size? (sorry i'm not good with the lingo yet..)
  8. the stock looks like this one.. this is not the extact shotty i own.. but the stock is like this one.. it has a LITTLE bit of padding/cushion but its pretty generic.. http://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/product_info.php/products_id/76662/Mossberg+500SP+12g+18%22+6SH+CB+LIGHT
  9. I only know this from youtube stuff.... apparently there is a Gen 1 and Gen2 version of the gun.. the Gen 1's had lots of problems with the recoil spring jamming (that was fixed by removing the "taperish" of the spring.. also the Gen 2 fixed the bushing breaking problem, the orig bushings were not steel, now they are.. the first productions of the "Gen 2" had a 2 on the slide and the magazine. I bought mine in March and saw the 1 on the magazine and specifically told the shop i want a Gen 2. while i was right there they called ATI and they were told i indeed have in my hand a Gen 2. So my magazine says "1" but my slide says a 2 and my bushing is steel. And my spring is not tapered.. so ergo..i have a Gen 2.
  10. I've been reading this site for about 3 months and its pretty amazing how often this topic comes up.. the "i'm using a gun that was purchased by someone else, if i'm just taking it to the range will i get in trouble?..." topic. And it always goes back to the "how do they check ownership?" (aka the "can they run your gun through a database? issue).. and that never gets answered... Its remarkable.. it never gets answered.. but the overwhelming opinions suggest the laws are clear on how you LEGALLY obtain (notice i didnt even say purchase) a gun, and guns are not allowed to be borrowed. So therefore any HG you put your hands on (without the owner present) is illegal. but now go place odds on if you think you will get stopped by the police. Drive around with vicodin that's not yours in the glove compartment, cop doesnt make a big deal.. drive with an HG in the trunk.. much bigger deal.
  11. Brand new Moss 500 12 ga owner. Very bare bones minimum item. Sorry if i'm wussy, but the butt stock is just all plastic = very hard. Can anybody suggest a budget recoil stock or pad accessory i can add on? This is important: THIS IS NOT A TACTICAL for me. I'm not looking for $150 collapsable state of the art tactical butt stock. But i am willing to replace the entire butt stock if there is an affordable one that is more comfortable. I'm looking for something a bit more higher class than just a "slip on" cushion, but hey, if that works for people i'm all ears. Lets say keep it under a hundred bucks if possible. When i google around there are just soooo many choices its overwhelming.. i'd like to get some suggestions first.. post links or detailed names i can search on.. Muchas Gracias..
  12. Exactly what FreeJersey said above ^^^^^^^ is my experience..
  13. I"m a newbie and i will take my turn answering this question.. you go to the police department in your town and tell them you want to apply for a Permission to Purchase a handgun form. They will hand you various forms to fill out including a 1) mental health background check 2) personal references form and various other ones depending on the town. You fill them out and then you WAIT. you WAIT.. you WAIT. different towns take different time periods. If you look harder on this site you can see how long. some towns one month.. other towns 6 months.. If you wonder why its different.. just keep looking harder on the site it is discussed ad nauseaum.. The federal ID card you have lasts forever. you can buy rifles / shotguns with that card. but you need PERMISSION TO PURCHASE a handgun from your local police department every single time you want one. the above is the nutshell answer to your question..
  14. Harry.. please post here in the Rimfire section if you ever get around to taking apart that slide.. or see a video or a detail on the web somewhere.. its not necessarily that i feel like i need to do it after 1,000 rounds.. its just that i want to KNOW how to do it.
  15. Yes i've seen this video.. but he doesnt take apart ANYTHING in the slide.. which is where i believe the "firing pin" is, which is what i want to clean.. this video is excellent for trigger/safety/magazine stuff.. but how do i get to the EXTRACTOR and the "firing pin" stuff...?
  16. i'm 700 rounds through my .22 cal 1911.. i've field strip cleaned it 2X.. on the next cleaning i'd like to get more thorough and clean the "firing pin" and extractor.. etc etc.. but a rim fire doesnt have a firing pin like a .45 does, right? (i'm a newbie). I do know the difference between rim fire and center fire in practiction... but i've never taken one apart.. basically what i'm wondering is.. if i watch 1911 cleaning videos online where they take out the firing pin to clean it, is mine virtually the same? I want to start now getting into deeper cleaning, firing assembly etc.. If someone says mine is exactly the same ACCEPT that my "firing pin" hits the rim vs hitting center fire that would be great because the videos should be the same. but if the entire mechanics of rimfire vs center fire are very different then i will be flying blind when i start popping pins out of my slide.. thanks!
  17. Ron, the problem with Budsguns or other online dealers (for rookies like me) was that when i put in M&P 9mm like a dozen different options show up. such as "compact", "10 round", "15 round" "15 round +1", "tactical", "range kit".. etc etc etc etc.. and the prices vary a lot by the options and i don't know what half of them meant.... it was just overwhelming for a rookie to find out the BASIC price.. but the feedback above has helped me out a bunch.
  18. Since i only have a 22LR gun.. it appears the most economical HV ammo for me to buy is Federal in the 525 box.. which only comes in HP i believe.. so my defense would be "its the cheapest ammo i could buy!".. :-)
  19. This is a follow up to the great responses on "ballpark prices in 9mm I started recently". Okay, so I tried the M&P in .40, but my intention is to own a 9mm next. Is it fair to compare guns if the calibers are different? I shot the M&P in .40, but the PX4 Storm i am going to try is in 9mm. Am i cheating myselft not doing an apples-to-apples? i'm at the mercy of rental inventories, ya know? i guess the responses will be "it depends". obviously recoil is going to be different. And i've shot enough to not just be swayed by recoil, i know the fit, ergonomics, weight, sights, etc is what matters. But just anymore insight you can offer would be great, about the pitfalls of comparing a model in a different caliber.
  20. hmmm... this is turning into an advice thread.. i was just looking for prices of each gun if you guys knew them off the top of your heads because trying to get prices online is very hard, and stores vary widely.. like when i was in RTSP he quoted me the EXACT price of a gun from the MSRP of the website of the manufacturer.. but deep down i know there are better deals than that in local stores.. Thanks for the wise advice i know you guys mean well about good values.. I've held or shot probaly half the guns listed above.. i'm not a total novice..i just wanted some info on prices of the ones i've listed because though i'm not a rookie to shooting.. i am a rookie to SHOPPING and i feel like a gun can range in price by over a hundred bucks from store to store.. thanks though... i like the website..
  21. oh let me clarify.. i'm not CHEAP at all.. i'm not against buying an $800 gun.. i know i will spend over $500.. i just want to know the Quality to Price ratio right off the bat.. trust me.. cheap is the last thing I am. i'm just frustrated i can't figure out pricing on the web there are too many options listed.. thanks..
  22. Hello, i'm brand new here, i have a rimfire pistol but will eventually make the plunge to "real ammo".. :-) I've googled around until i was exhausted trying to get pricing on guns to help make my decision (of course price is not the only thing, but frankly the difference between a $900 gun and a $550 gun has a big impact). My frustration with looking online aka budsgunshop is that there are so many features and options listed for inventory ("range kit", "tactical options"..etc) that i truly cant find the "basic price". For the list of weapons i have below (in 9mm) would one of you be so kind to list the 'ballpark" figure rounded to the give or take $50 or $100 please? So i'm looking for BASIC option, full size, NJ compliant.. and preferably pricing for a NJ store (internet is great, but frankly to save less than a hundred bucks i'd rather support a local business and have a relationship. Thank you so much! so if you say like "Sig $850, M&P $550"..etc etc.. that is all i need.. Smith Wesson M&P Sig 229 XD Walther PPQ Berreta PX4 HK P30 in another thread we can get into pros/cons of each, but right now i just want to limit it to price.. Muchas Gracias..
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