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  1. "One such law gives local police departments 30 days to either issue or deny a permit to purchase a firearm for target shooting or hunting." What about self defense? And I am missing something when it comes to hunting? I didnt think that had anything to do with the 2nd Amendment.
  2. NJ Patch, giving a home to hack journalists who cant even get a job on examiner.com.
  3. It wont prevent anything. That person just may have to wait up to 9 months to kill themself. Depending on what town they live in of course. Some people would only have to wait a couple weeks.
  4. He should be fine. Just think, if PD's only hired people who never got in trouble how many cops would there actually be?
  5. Johnny


    I can picture the drum circle in the living room.
  6. The reaction from the anti crowd when you ask them why there is no "Gun Free Zone" sign on their front lawn is always priceless.
  7. How do they compare to the Tapco G2's?
  8. Living in Irvington he should have no trouble buying a brand new in the box gun of his choice from a variety of sellers. It would seem they are more interested in keeping legal guns out of people hands than illegal ones.
  9. Perhaps the Black Lives Matter movement will come to Newark and get everyone to respect each other. Or is it racist of me to assume that the majority of those victims in those cities are black?
  10. If he is anything like his father he probably does have a son. Just cant be bothered to be involved in his life.
  11. They didnt drop General Lee though. It should read "The Orange Charger that was mostly driven by Bo Duke".
  12. For what its worth my PX4 compact (9mm) and 92FS both ran about 300 rounds each before I cleaned them. Not a single failure of any kind with either gun in their lifetime with over 3k rounds split between the two. The PX4 has been especially filthy at times and keeps going. Both were made in Italy, perhaps they dont gunk them up as much as US models?
  13. Sounds like this guy may have been pretty paranoid. Perhaps that's an occupational hazard.
  14. Would a terrorist even know it was not legal to have it loaded? Remember the robber at the store in Newark who said to the clerk in his last dying breath "I didnt know you were allowed to own a gun in NJ".
  15. Johnny

    Ma new Gat

    Its not done for accuracy. It actually makes the bullets fly much faster. Thats how you get a guy to fly backwards 10 feet when you shoot.
  16. So has anyone picked one of these up? After shooting my Mosin the other day for a while I started getting a hankering for a Vepr in 7.62x54r. AimSurplus has them for $850.
  17. The cops would show up for sure. The sight of those guns would put the soccer moms of Westfield into a frenzy. Last I heard the police were refusing to comment on this. Anything new?
  18. Can you please post the law that says it is illegal to sell these things?
  19. So it wasnt just that they were taking down Made in the USA signs on products with a Made in China label? Someone needs to blow the whistle and make those communications public.
  20. All I found was this. http://nypost.com/2015/06/29/walmart-sold-us-made-products-that-were-actually-foreign/ They were selling things on their website that are made overseas and claiming they are made in the USA. They claim it was an error.
  21. Really? If that is true then there should be a massive boycott of their stores.
  22. Oh the irony of an anti-police group running to cops to help them when the Hallowed Sons chased them out of the park.
  23. There was going to be a flag burning protest at Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn Wednesday evening. The protestors were met by another group, made up primarily of veterans and bikers, who took exception to their desire to burn our flag. The liberal douches were very quickly run right out of that park. It looks like they only managed to burn one before they ran for their lives. http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2015/07/01/brooklyn-flag-burning/
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