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  1. Personal interpretation of the law without any set standards is a big issue also. When there are grey areas and the decision is left up to an individual officer or prosecutor that is a major problem. If the law was simple across the board it would make life easier.
  2. Apparently it is a grey area. I called the SP and they did mention the department letterhead for magazines for duty weapons and off duty weapons, but did not know what the ruling on personal weapons would be. I did check with my departments ABC division who are in charge of issuing FID cards and they had been to the SP for training and are all under the impression that LE is exempt and can have +15 round magazines regardless of the use, duty or personal. I will have to do more research within my department, as it is a topic I am not up to speed on admittedly. As far as the individuals that feel the need to be wise guys and take shots at me in the form of sly comments, that is a perfect example why I have not been on this site for over a year..Nice friendly community huh?
  3. Here is another twist, Off duty weapon with 13-15 round magazines carried into NY state with their current 7 round capacity law. Technically Im a civilian in NY but authorized to carry in all 50 states by federal bill H.R. 218 Law Enforcement Safety Act. Would I be breaking the law in NY with my O.D. weapon?? LOL I am starting to agree on the stupidity of current gun laws.
  4. No answer. Sent an email, will report their findings.
  5. I was talking with a local FFL and he informed me that he could sell me high capacity magazines due the fact that I am L.E. He referred to 2C:39-9 subsection H) h. Large capacity ammunition magazines. Any person who manufactures, causes to be manufactured, transports, ships, sells or disposes of a large capacity ammunition magazine which is intended to be used for any purpose other than for authorized military or law enforcement purposes by duly authorized military or law enforcement personnel is guilty of a crime of the fourth degree. Im no expert with the gun laws in depth and don't study much case law in regards to off duty L.E. having high capacity magazines for their personal weapons. Forgive me for my ignorance on this, but can some gun law gurus shed some light on this subject or point me in the right direction as far as case law? I asked my departmental ABC officer and he said we are ok to own them. He went to a State Police course and they said not to read to much into the law and Law Enforcement is exempt from the magazine capacity restrictions with no specification on personal weapons or duty weapons personally owned. I don't want any issues owning something Im not supposed to own.
  6. This is exactly how all the zombie movies start. A few isolated cases, then the military gets involved and starts conducting secret missions so as not to alarm the public.. Next thing you know a wide spread zombie pandemic.
  7. I carried a Glock 19 same gun since 1998 put tens of thousands of rounds through it, ZERO issues..The gun is a little harsh as far as recoil, but performed fine.
  8. Cool, if you know anyone looking for 9mm ammo I got 4 50 rd boxes of it. Ill swap it for 45acp. I got rid of my 9mm and have no use for it.
  9. What is the difference between shipping handgun ammo or rifle ammo to NJ? Silly..
  10. I have 4 boxed of Speer GoldDot Hollow points 147Gr 9mm, pm me if interested.
  11. And I just bought the last one from Bullseye last month..lol
  12. Here is yet another question..lol At what point would you choose a scope over a red dot+magnifier?
  13. Duely noted.. I plan on getting the primary arms when I get the extra cash. Is that a good purchase?
  14. Dude, really could you stop $hitting all over me? I get it man, enough lecturing already..I picked up a POS dot sight with intention of putting it on my CX4 once I get the Primary Arms one. Plus I wanted to see if it would be as off center as my Iron sights...I also found that the front rail was on a little canted and the issue was fixed. Now I assume I will have to center it all over again.
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