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  1. In my experience, shipping leadtimes can vary but they're a great vendor overall.
  2. That's what I'm wondering too. Sounds made up
  3. How much for the complete upper?
  4. Nice! Let us know how it is. I'm so tempted as well
  5. Mike @ Tier 1 Defense does great work
  6. Same here. All the reviews are great and it's designed for use with steel cased 762x39 on the cheap
  7. Great job. I doubt I could even clearly see a playing card at that distance
  8. Nice! Dan Wessons are an amazing buy
  9. quitting was definitely a life changer. never again
  10. lots of great options out there Just ordered the OnePlus 6 myself to replace a severely messed up galaxy S7 Edge. Specs are crazy these days..
  11. fatty

    Which 1911 to get?

    Same here... lots of love for the TRP I've done quite a bit of modifications/hand filing on my stainless version - here's a after/before shot: and another.... Very reliable, accurate, and absolutely love the 20lpi front strap checkering. With all the work I've done to mine, feels like a completely different gun, but they are awesome. Edit: I think the carbon steel and stainless base TRP's can be had used for around or maybe even under $1k. If I'm not mistaken, Springfield honors transferred warranties as well (lifetime).
  12. Yeah they're definitely way different than anything I was used to as a kid. In Odyssey, there are certain places on the maps where the game pays homage to some of the original NES/SNES Mario Bros games which I thought was pretty cool.
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