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  1. Done and done. That was very quick and easy. Thanks again Maks
  2. Submitted as well and should receive tomorrow. Thanks Maks! My son will love these binoculars
  3. Yup this was a scam... Amazon is now aware of it and I was told they have a team investigating what happened bummer
  4. Nice glad it was resolved for you quickly. My tracked package has been tours all around CA when it's supposed to be out for delivery today. Still have some hope for this awesome little knife but if not, no biggie. Got my eye on a bunch of fixed blades from bladehq.com
  5. don't be sorry... we all wanted a great deal lol
  6. I've been copy and pasting the tracking # to USPS.com which didn't show any info for several days. if the tracking starts with LW and ends with CN, it's probably coming out of Chengdu China... I'll let you know if mine actually comes tomorrow.
  7. Whoever has placed an order, have you received tracking info yet? Got an update today and it shows the package has reached Los Angeles, and should get to my door on Thursday... Really hoping this is legit.
  8. Prime wasn't available when I ordered, but it is now at $63.09 lol
  9. There's a good chance this deal is a scam guys. There's a lengthy thread on ARFCOM on this exact model...shipping out of China and never showing up. I'm hoping it's not, but just a heads up... My tracking info shows it's originating out of China
  10. Is the carbon steel version significantly better than the 14c28n on this stainless model? I think I read somewhere that 14c28n was Mora's higher end variety
  11. I was a little concerned the price was a mistake and I'd see a refund, but they're shipping out now. Just got my tracking info.
  12. Thanks for the link. I was able to grab one last night at the $25.99 price. Thats a steal for a full tang version Edit- Checking back it's adjusted to $39.99 now which is still a great deal vs the typical $80 price range
  13. You really can't go wrong with either... I've owned both a Les Baer TRS (thunder ranch special) and a DW Valor v-bob in 45acp and both were absolutely amazing. I would highly suggest finding examples of both to handle before you buy. Both are fantastic shooters
  14. Best of luck! A bunch of us have quit on the forums over the years. Do what's most comfortable for you, but like a lot have said it's mind over matter... I quit 3.5 years ago and am in a much better place. My best advice is to go cold-turkey.. it was the only way I was able to cut it out of my life after trying a lot of methods.
  15. Damn. Having non-NFA is such a teaser for all the goodies we can't have
  16. Is it true that H&K is doing a run for the US civilian market?
  17. I'd definitely buy one too. The Omega version JT was offering a while back was super tempting but I couldn't get over the 16" barrel
  18. That would be amazing if we could get a somewhat normal looking MP5 variant
  19. Not sure who stocks DSI... but Reloaderz in Wayne had a few
  20. I have the DSI 12.5" and absolutely love it. Had my doubts at first, but it's my favorite at the moment and really rounded out the AR collection. The 12.5" is great since you can change the muzzle device whenever you want without hassle.
  21. Especially a stainless Sig
  22. When I did an address change, I had to go to the local PD and go thru the paperwork (references, but no finger printing) again. I can't recall if they actually sent out references for a simple address change, but I definitely had to fill it in.
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