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  1. My grandmother is currently a NJ resident with all valid permits, etc. She has a single handgun. She is going to Florida to her second home and will most likely be selling her NJ home and moving residence to Florida permanently. Can she bring her gun with her? Does she have to do anything special?
  2. Ketch Bar & Restaurant...it's in Beach Haven (LBI) I go at least once a year...food has always been good.
  3. Does anyone have a link to the topic in the gfh forum where this was talked about? My second job is as a TV producer. I'd love to get into that condo. Depending on who is producing other and their vision, it can go either hood or bad to our cause.
  4. It's the Marlin at the top...have one myself...modified the tube to only accept 15 instead of 18
  5. She has already told me that she wants to go shooting. So that's step one. For him I have an old Marlin Model 60 (that I modified to only accept 15 rounds) that shoots .22lr. It's not a kids stock, but he can probably handle it with some help. I'll try and find a kids stock for it....not sure they make one though....but wouldn't that offset the balance of the gun with a shorter stock?
  6. Had him over tonight so while him and his mother were there I pulled out my two guns...his eyes went huge...I let him hold them...explained how they work and how harmful they can be...let him ask questions...and showed him how they work. Definitely took the mystery out. Explained to him what to do I'd he saw one or was at a friends house and there was one. I definitely think this was a good thing. He even thanked me for teaching him when he was leaving...now to get him shooting. But I don't think mom is ready for that.......
  7. Can't find anything using search. The copies of the p2p after a private purchase that need to be mailed to Trenton and the local pd...should they be mailed certified to make sure they are received?
  8. Just spoke to his mother again tonight while out with her for dinner. She agrees and wants me to show him what they are and explain to him the damage that they cause. Her reasoning, which is also my reasoning, is he is a very curious kid. So taking the mystery out of it would be good for him. And he always listens to what I say and usually does what I say....more so than his own mother LOL.
  9. I did speak to his mother and her anser was that's a good idea, but your grandmother won't like it
  10. This was in fact one of my other reasons I thought it would be good to do. The whole mystery aspect. His grandmother HATES guns...doesn't even like it when he is near my airsoft....so I think it is up to me to do these things when they aren't around. His mother is much more receptive though.
  11. I have an 8 year-old godson and reading about tragedies that happen when kids are around unprotected guns, I've been thinking about showing him what they actually look like in person...what they feel like...what the bullets look like....etc. And of course what to do if a friend pulls one out or something. Do you all think 8 years-old is too young? I'm thinking not, but wanted to get other opinions.
  12. I was out in Bethlehem, PA diving. Around 5:45pm, surfaced to lightening and huge dark clouds in the distance. Got out and tried to pack quickly. Then you could hear the wind in the distance and see the distant trees moving. It got louder and louder and then BAM!! Hail, driving rain, winds, rocks, dirt, sand...pop-up tents got mangled and broken, half a tree came down and then you had myself and 3 others standing on a picnic table trying to hold down a 30 foot car port tent down and it was lifting my 200+ pound frame off my feet. Never experienced anything like it!!!!
  13. I bought .22lr from them about a month ago and they only logged my purchase in their book at the Lodge...Nothing at the register. And I carried it myself.
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