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  1. Forgive my ignorance on all the laws that has been discussed/currently being discussed in the senate sessions. I've tried to follow where these bills are and what their status is. I know a bunch of bills were "recorded" on Tuesday 4/30, this A3666 being one of them. What exactly does that mean - is this a done deal, no ability to purchase ammo online? Or are these bills still going to be voted on? I've been writing all the members of the senate committee with a bunch of concerns as I'm sure all of you have - my point with this one is that it effectively does away with 2A, as we have to rely on the limited number of stores in NJ to have adequate stock at all times - this is physically impossible...no ammo=infringement of 2A. The empty shelves on all the shops I go to is clear evidence of this issue.
  2. That's great to hear - I will be bringing a guest or two up there soon. My experience has been similar to yours - all the RO's have been great...the only incident I witnessed was when another shooter started marching out to change targets as the RO was just announcing an upcoming change. RO - "Wait until the buzzer stops before advancing to your target" at which time the guy starts walking out. No problem other than a "Hello?" question to the shooter who realized his error.
  3. Hi everyone - new member here, but have been a long time lurker to the forums. I have to say the information I have learned on these forums has been very valuable. I'm in the Wayne area and recently joined ANJRPC, NJ2AS, and the NRA. Currently a one gun owner, but planning my next purchase and of course, will be scouring the topics looking for some ideas. Thanks for all the great info!
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