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  1. Anyone know of any other than the Professional ordnance Carbon 15 Pistol?
  2. Has Anyone Seen The K6s For Sale At Any NJ Dealers? My Already Extended Permit Expires July 10..... Cant Seem To Find It Anywhere, But Kimber Tells Me They've Been Shipped Out To Dealers.
  3. Looking to purchase bulk ammo for both range use and self defense. What do you use, and whats a good site/place to buy in bulk?
  4. Whats a gun handgun safe for a full size 5' barrel 1911 .45 kimber. I was leaning toward something with fingerprint recognition. Thoughts?
  5. Ok cool ill get WIlson Combat, I contacted them and i was told to get the 47,OXC, any difference?
  6. SHould i buy this one? http://store.kimberamerica.com/Products/tabid/67/CategoryID/14/ProductID/849/Default.aspx
  7. Yea I want what this gun has! Id like maybe ivory grip or gold. Basically im looking for a site to order grips lol
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