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  1. I was told the MPA30DMG is over 50 oz
  2. Yeah i was looking at these as well. Would they need to be without the threaded barrel?
  3. Damn…..wanted to get something cool with my 2 permits I have left.
  4. Are these legal in NJ? https://iwi.us/product/upp9t/ https://iwi.us/product/upp9s/
  5. Are pistol foregrips (vertical) legal in NJ right now?
  6. Has anyone seen a gold desert eagle recently at a dealer in NJ? Cant think of any gun that comes gold from factory other then the DE.
  7. Are we allowed to use these kits like the PDW/micro kits in NJ for the sig p320? Below are some examples, but theres so many.....If it is legal in NJ any recommendations? https://firecontrolunit.com/product/exo-one-320-grip-module/ https://www.sru-precision.com/product-page/sr-pdw-320 https://caagearup.com/product/mcksig-micro-conversion-kit-stabilizer-sig-sauer/
  8. Can Anyone Recommend A Good Ankle Holster For A PPKs?
  9. Looking To Buy A J Frame Revolver....442, 642, or M&P Bodyguard? Was Also Looking At The Kimber k6S......
  10. I wear fitted clothes so baggy loose shirt wont do. Thats my issue.
  11. I would most likely remove the jacket throughout the night.
  12. yes i mean if i were to take jacket off.......Jacket off, shirt tucked in, tie on.
  13. Wouldn’t the grip of gun show with a IWB and a tucked in shirt?
  14. Looking for a way to conceal a PPK with a suit. Would shoulder holster be a good idea or ankle holster?
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