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  1. I like to ride my bikes but they are all 3 or 5 speed cruisers. Would not be caught dead on one those spindly racing bikes or in spandex. Plus I live in a rural area. Can ride 4 miles and might see only one or two cars.
  2. Have rider on homeowners insurance for firearms. Covered for $6,000
  3. I have the 995 and 4095 (9mm & 40) love them both never a problem and fun to shoot
  4. You can get lenses that will improve your vision. They cost extra and slightly longer procedure and more pre-op testing. I just went for standard mono focal which will give near perfect distance vision.Mostly because I will still need glasses to see out of my other eye. I too was freaked out about seeing what the doctor does during operation bur fear not. All you see is undentifiable objects and colors. Sedation is mild, you can still hear and follow instruction. No pain of any kind what so ever. Cost is about $3,500 my insurance will pick about $1,500 yours may vary. If you got to pay it on your own they told me about $3,000. My benefits were changed to a higher deductable recently. Not complaining, glad I that I have them. I used Eye Associates SurgiCenter of Vineland. Every one there was super nice and a very well run place. Can't say enough good about them. Pizza Bob is also right on the money with his info. Bottom line like he said, fear not. It's amazing the advancements they have made
  5. Just and FYI for anyone with cataracts contemplating the operation. You would not believe how quick and simple it is. Remove cataract insert new lense. Takes 15 minutes. Total time spent at surgical center was just under 2 hours. And they have a new procedure where they inject your eye with a solution so you don’t have to do eye drops before or after the operation. I can see better already and vision will continue to improve over next few weeks. Very glad I had it done.
  6. Nice...Mil-Surplus. One is too many and a hundred are not enough. LOL
  7. I have a Hatson (Escort) Like it just fine. The Turks make some great shotguns
  8. Gone real quick. They only thing I would take is some cloths and my hand guns. Walk away from everything else and never be seen or heard from again. No family ties to speak of except wife. Would start a brand new life.
  9. Thanks to all, have a Savage 93 in 22 magnum. It's the most accurate gun I own. So it would definitely be the 17 HMR version of the 93
  10. Welcome, my Uncle lives in Cinnaminson
  11. I really enjoy shooting my 22 and 22 WMR rifles. Thinking I might like to try a 17 HMR. Any of you 22 guys also shoot 17 HMR, do you like the cartridge? Any serious pros or cons?
  12. No 22 LR in stock for sale to public. Said they had only 1/2 case in in back and had received no recent shipments. Only offered to those who purchase gun. One box of Winchester containing 222 rounds per customer. $13
  13. Near the Hamilton Mall in Mays Landing...yeah they got this giant touch screen you use to enter all your info and then it spits out all the paper work nice and neatly printed.
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