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  1. bhunted

    Grip on my FN 509 tactical too aggressive

    Like Steve said..... I had VZ Grips that were just too aggressive and I have rough hands. What I found is sometimes the manufacturer really didn't give some a light removal of sharp points. Easiest and safest way to not damage or mar the grips was to take my wife's fine emery board and gently just drift it over the grips. Barely no pressure, just use 2 fingers and drift. Helped a lot. Try in a small area. I've done this on several grips and you cannot even see any difference but felt the difference.
  2. bhunted

    Time for a lever action, need some input

    Uberti is a solid gun. Both here in 45LC
  3. bhunted

    The King Cobra is Back

    Dunno, but if Colt wants to resurrect the old models it also needs to resurrect it's reputation. There aren't many Colt pistol models I'd buy today. They are just not what they use to be. Had I known way back when, when I sold my Pythons, I'd would have kept them. I kick myself every time I think about it. I'd be happy to buy an old Python today just to spite myself and pay good money for a 98+%er.. I'd also like a Colt Lawman too. Had one of those and sold it years ago...
  4. bhunted

    The King Cobra is Back

    Bah! Bring back the Python... My only question is will it have the smooth action of the Colt revolvers of yester-year.....
  5. bhunted

    Song and a dance....

    Yes to all except ccw... full size 1911s are just too heavy. keeps pulling my pants down. lol... Carry my VP9SK at the moment........ but for the ambi, also in case my right hand got ran over by a truck and you need your left hand to shoot out the tires... lmoa....
  6. bhunted

    Song and a dance....

    $120 Ambi Safety Upgrade Was thinking about it. If I can do it without sending it in, I'll be more than happy to. We shall see....
  7. bhunted

    Song and a dance....

    Bought my first gun here in Tennessee.... 5 min NICS check, fill out the typical form, pay the man and out the door. I always wanted a Nighthawk Custom. In this case, a Falcon. It was used but looked barely fired. Not a mark on it. Couldn't pass up a deal for $2100......msrp starts at $3699.... Called Nighthawk, asking dates and such. What a great bunch of guys. Gave me all the details on the gun, who made it, his name, etc... Then welcomed me to the Nighthawk family and said, ever a problem or if you need anything, just call. Now that's great support....
  8. bhunted

    Where are the Colt SAA’s?

    Uberti is hard to beat for the price....
  9. My mind still hasn't wrapped itself that we finally made it out of NJ. Only here in TN about 45 days. Been busy still unpacking and such. Got my CCW just after getting my new DL. Kind of goes hand in hand here. You get qualified, (in my case by a former FBI agent), then it arrives in the mail after you dump your application at DMV. Funny, when in class, chatting and mentioning NJ, are we bound by any dumb laws? He said, "you won't have any probs here with anything. Welcome to TN and free America".... Haven't scoped out what range to get to yet. But it's not uncommon to hear gun owners here either just plinking or hunting in the back Green Space.... Still getting use to carrying. Hardest part of being here is I had to put my dog to sleep... Been really bummed. Green Space from my back deck....about 40 acres....
  10. bhunted

    OK - I'm Legal

    Yet they vote a-holes like Cortez in which has absolutely no clue what economics are nor anything else on the planet. The demtards are backing their own puppets to brainwash their ways in. As for who is kicking in doors or not. It won’t be anything lower than state police. If it does happen, it will be task forces from state or Homeland Sec. Further, anything in upper brass are in deed mostly, (mind you I said mostly), politicians. They gave up being street cops and caring long ago. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. What makes anyone think they will start opening boxes that are sealed? Just ship them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. bhunted

    Which 1911 to get?

    MSRP is $1730.... I paid about $1387....from EuroOptic. https://www.springfield-armory.com/products/1911-trp-45-acp/#PC9105L18

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