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  1. Who the hell were they yelling to? lmao.... doubt the sub heard anything...hehehe.... I gotta say, I went on patrol down Station Barnegat while on vacation once years ago doing inspections in the channel on a 41 footer. (Was down there for vacation and family day)... Anyway, a very cranky channel on a hot and humid day with no breeze. You sniff the diesel exhaust that hovers around your head like a cloud and the swells in the channel got you bouncing. By time we got back to base, they said I was purple and green. The Coxswain and OD were the calmest guys I ever met.The Cox maneuvered the boat with one hand doing both screws. Bow always pointing at the vessel as it rotated around it like a satellite. The boarding crew seemed to have magnetic boots and they never got thrown around as you might suspect on hectic water. Cox was a big guy. Told him I admired his precision. He said, 'piece of cake. I owned a clam boat down Louisiana'. 'Did it all the time'. Didn't stop me from having burgers, beer and playing horseshoes... lol... Never disregard the Coasties as being not a formidable foe. Call them what you want, Puddle Pirates, Hooligans Navy, but they are always on watch... Semper Paratus!
  2. Coasties don't sink. They are like Aquaman and command the water.
  3. 26.5" I took the fixed off and replaced it with the collapsible... Should be the same I believe. Love the Holosun, yes a 510. Out of everything I use, including Aimpoint, etc. It is the easiest on my eyes. Astigmatism sux. But this is barely noticeable. It also has some cool features like auto off, solar power and optional reticle settings. Got great reviews.
  4. Seeing the Taylor Ham/Pork Roll topic reactivated got me thinking about food availability. One thing I miss is the food you can get in NJ and surrounding areas. What I'd like to start here to break up the monotony of the aforementioned is: "What food do you crave that you cannot find by you"? Location: Sumner County, TN.....For me its: - Pizza! Real honest to goodness pizza that is started out being tossed and spun like the old days... Most pizza outside of franchise crap here in Northern TN is done by a machine. They put the dough in what sounds like a pile driver. First time I ordered a pie, I though I was under attack. The kid simply puts the dough under it and it pounds it into submission. Sad state of affairs. It barely comes out round. Ask for crispier crust, forget it. They leave it in longer and the top comes out dryer and brown. So so far, unless we want to drive all the way to Nashville, we end up getting franchise pies. We do have real pizza makers here. A nice Italian family from Chicago but they don't make it either. So their sauces and topics are top notch but they serve it on flat bread. Not bad but still not a replacement for dough. Not that they can't. They say like others say, the dough comes out wrong and blame the water. I've heard that in many states. Chicago, NY and NJ seem to be the main places for the best pizza. Solution: Get a couple of box trucks, send a bunch of day workers to NJ/NY, dip a couple dozen 55 gallon drums into the river, drive them back and make some pizza dough! - Bagels! You don't have to be Jewish to love bagels with a nice 'smear'.... Only place that comes close is Panera. Bread. Not bad. But unlike NJ where you can always find decent bagels, there are none around here. Some say, well there are no Jews around here. How dumb is an excuse. Solution: Unless its a water issue, open up a bunch of bagel/sandwich shops and serve bagels! - Pork Roll/Taylor Ham: Not going in depth here. But have not found any around here yet. You'd think so with all the farm animals around. What say you?
  5. I'm old school. Its bad enough it has rails, but a 1911 to me represents 45acp at its finest.. Now that they seem to have 9mm working properly, I'm giving it a go...
  6. Might be less. He put a rush on it for me. I still have my Falcon as backup. Oooooooh, I got plenty of ammo!
  7. My first 1911 9mm... The NH Agent 2..... Going to drive me nuts waiting about 3 months...
  8. Thats a great price. I paid more for my HS510C at OP. Just got a low ball quote. Wow!
  9. I do not have a pistol that can hold a mdrs - yet - .... But getting there. I've always been an Aimpoint and Trijicon fan and Vortex as well. I have astigmatism and quite a lot of us has. Every sight I have and tested has the typical dot blur or comma. Drives me nuts. My Aimpoints are great but I have to constantly adjust them for different light sources to as dim as possible to get that decent red dot. Lately, I have wanted to add another red dot to my Saint Victor 5.56 Pistol. I tried 2 new dots. The new Vortex UH1 which is built like a tank and the Holosun 510C.... The UH1 was the first of their series that used a real laser as their light source. I assumed that because lasers are suppose to be much more sharper than an average led, it would be great. Not so much. It was the worse of the worse and after much reading, everyone said that it was a common problem with laser style holographic red dots. It was terrible. Pixalated, blurry, etc., even with my glasses on. Called Vortex and they checked it out and said it was fine so back to the store. This brings me to the Holosun vs the mentioned. This sight is awesome. Not only is it clear with my glasses on but its also clear without them. This blew me away. After many removals and remounting, it held zero. I like the fact that it has a lot of features like solar power and long battery life. With all its options, it made a way into my collection. I can't say anything bad about it. So if your eyes are perfect, can't knock the aforementioned. If your eyes suck, try the Holosun. So to make a long story short. Give it a try. It will be the first thing I try on my next pistol.
  10. Still represents our country. I use to bring them to the AL where they had a mailbox for a flag drop box. I never would just toss a flag in the trash!
  11. Nah, no legs. They are the same people, (Fudds), that do not vote for anyone other than their age old demtards. They can care less. Hunting in NJ for the most part are Shotgun and Bow... Neither use ranges like we do. Only thing that would budge them is taking away their shotguns.
  12. Not meant to be a joke. I've had many altercations over the years and unfortunately you must keep your head on a swivel. I've yelled at people more than once. You just have to be diligent. Shit happens and hopefully nothing really bad comes out of it. The best ranges have problems no matter how hard they try.
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