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  1. Been using it awhile now. No prob. Cost nothing. I've also tried Wallet hub. ick! IF you are going to use anything, use Experian. Every one of the other aps use TransUnion. The worse of the worse, is usually at least 50 points less than the big 2. It will depress you. When you apply for a loan, they are suppose to use all three agencies and if they really want your money, will use your best score or an average of the three. If you are worried about your info, they have that already. If you want to subscribe for the full gambit, you may. If you want to really check against it, you are entitled to a full credit report once a year from all 3 companies. Suggest you do that anyway. One more thing. I have Wells Fargo for my banking. They use Experian. They give you a free FICO score once a month. Their version is less than the actual Experian FICO Score. I called them out and the person on the other end said, not to worry, its just a number and kept repeating that every time I challenged her,. She had no answers. All I asked is why is your number less than the actual Experian number. I think I made her ears bleed and she gave up. Do I think they manipulate the numbers? YES! Is FICO just a number? YES! But it has to be a true accurate number because we require that rating to get us easily through our financial lives.
  2. Same probs down here. But you should have a Panera down there for bagels, no? Their bagels are actually quite good. Pizza, same thing down here. Nobody tosses crust. They put it into a pile driver and beat it into submission. BUT, we have gained a northerner down here from Lodi, NJ and he opened Jersey Boys Kitchen. Finally, some NJ style cooking. From breakfast sammiches to home style meat loaf.:)
  3. No worries. Rob... I knew where you were coming from. (Further remarks below do not refer to you, Rob. Just 'you' as all or everyone.) What aggravates me about the 2A argument in NJ from years ago is people saying, 'stay, don't move, fight for your rights'. Now do all these people still feel the same way? Circumstances change. I was done fighting years ago. Sometimes, you need to realize that wars get lost and battles don't always win.You got to at least win the major battles. Nobody has the time to take baby steps anymore... Take the spoils and get out. But I'm not saying don't fight for just your gun rights. It's been a losing battle. Fight because you want a better life on a whole. If you can get out, leave. If there is something anchoring, leave soon as possible and start developing a plan. Don't get pist off when all of a sudden you experience total failure and have no backup plan. That's on you... Watch this video below if you haven't seen it.
  4. No, nothing last forever. Your state is another example. Has always been a 'run to state'. But I don't plan on living long enough to care. How long do people have to fight the losing cause of NJ? - 2A is a dead issue and will only reanimate when all the old dems are dead... maybe... NRA is useless as a tits on a bull as well as their useless mouth pieces in NJ. Not mentioning names but you know who. These asshats come out smelling like a rose when they defeat the most smallest case while GOA and SAF actually fight tough battles and win. I've been a Life Patriot Benefactor for years and they are still not satisfied. They get no more from me. Poor Anthony, 'the tip of the spear', is busting his arse and for what? Just to have these swamp scum politicians look at you over their glasses while giving you the middle finger under the desk? I understand nobody wants to just roll over and die, but the outcomes are the same almost each and every time. All I know is now my blood pressure is lower, we are always in the black and so much more. You obviously ditched NJ and for good reason. BTW, as depicted, leaving NJ was not just about gun rights. I'm sure you know that. I'm in the country for the most part. It takes me 20 mins to get within city limits... I have farm animals for neighbors even though I live on a culdesac with brand new houses. I busted my arse all my life, worked since I was 13 and lived in a 1940ish house. It was def the time to get the eff out. I think we deserve it. New house, new cars and a lot more that we could never afford in NJ. Now just got to wait for wife to retire then maybe by another house in Kentucky...
  5. This Nov, we will be here in TN 2 years. While I miss my old house, people and such, I'd never go back. For the first time in decades, we are always in the black. There were times in NJ where we couldn't afford a pizza once in awhile. Nashville is screwed up like most big cities, but in most cases people fight here. They won't be in office long. NJ dems are dug in because the dem voters are dug in. They just refuse to jump ship. Others, (and I have a few on my street), still think dems are the future and ask me stupid questions as to what did Trump do for us. I just cringe and tell them to research things themselves. So far, our taxes are low, no state tax, gas is fairly reasonable. My utilities are not bad. We actually have a growing savings account. I've said NJ has been doomed for years and it will continue to be doomed till it starts trying to go red. That won't be in my lifetime. On a 2A note, G&A put out their new 2A friendly state list for the year and AZ is still in the #1 spot. Guess where NJ is...
  6. This should make ya drool a little...
  7. If you think they are projects, you ain't married long enough. That stuff is 2nd nature.
  8. Hey, no gun talk here... There is plenty in other threads... Any ongoing projects outside of gun related stuff?
  9. You're fly has never been wet? Where's the pictures bro?
  10. Getting to old and broken for this low stuff. I bang my head every time and contort myself to get in and out. Told if she can drive it, I’m fine with it. She made her bed. She traded in her ‘17 Escape. I’ll stick to my truck. On the other hand, always a good reason to get rid of the pony for a new Bronco...
  11. Not done with truck like I mentioned but now another honey do I'm not looking forward to. My wife's new 'stang. My truck is easy to work on. Not so much with this stang.... ugh....
  12. :::::::: Post your 'not gun related projects! Whatchya got? ::::::::: This covid crap is driving me bat-shit crazy. I've been on lock down since 12/10/19 because of medical reasons. Then surgery and on the mend then they say you cannot do anything when the lock down started. Argh! After a list of honey do's around the house, I decided to mod my new truck. My previous F150 was dedicated to the Thin Blue Line. Lease was up and the dealer couldn't wait to get their teeth into it. Got a 2019 Ford Ranger Lariat. Down sized because I don't need a big truck down here. All with the intentions of getting ready for wife's retirement. So this one I dedicate to the American Hero Chris Kyle. Read all the books, movie, etc... Belong to the CKFF and figured it would be something different and worth while. It's considered Shadow Black, (high gloss black).... First things first. Get rid of all the badging and/or blacking them out. Then added mods like Punisher, tire tread and other decals, spoiler, hood scoop and over 12000 lumens of various lights, (Ditch lights, rock lights, 30"bar light, bed lights, rear pods, etc)... . It's like an effing UFO at night all controlled via wireless remote Trigger system. From brand new to current with a lot of mods in between. Its an ongoing project with almost $10K of mods....
  13. Right away these days when the SHTF which could be at any time...
  14. Goya was one of my clients in the early 80's.... they were located in Secaucus, NJ and their corp hq was a huge office attached to the warehouse at that local. It was hard not going in there and gasping from the spices in the air if you are not use to it. They use to tease me and wanted to know when I'd get used of it. You def had a yummy taste in your mouth when leaving and every associate I worked with new I was there that day. They have done a lot for everyone. There were non stop tractor trailers moving product in and out there every day non-stop. Their products are good and we do not hesitate to buy their products. From their various beans, to the Adobo and delish yellow rices. Screw that dumb bitch AOC......
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