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  1. Heavy, but ....... Testudo Gen 2 Plate Carrier & Armor Basic Loadout Carrier Color: 1 x Black - Testudo™ Plate Carrier - Gen 2 $0.00 TESTUDO2BLK Pistol Magazine Pouch: 1 x AR500 Armor® Multi-Caliber Pistol Magazine Pouch (MCPMP) - Black $0.00 PISTOLBLK Rifle Magazine Pouch: 1 x AR500 Armor® Multi-Caliber Rifle Magazine Pouch (MCRMP) - Black $0.00 ARMAGBLK Holster: 1 x AR500 Armor® Multi-Caliber Pistol Holster (MCPH) - Black $0.00 HOLSTERBLK Armor Orientation: Right Handed Armor Level: Level III+ Level III+ Armor: 2 x Level III+ 10" x 12" Flat, Base Coat $0.00 3+10X12FR
  2. Awesome.... fun, etc.. It's my HD rifle right now as well as others..
  3. If you read the latest, Bolsonaro does not have the virus as per his son...
  4. Trump is immune. He is an effing cyborg! Resistance is futile.
  5. bhunted

    SIG M18

    You didn't get it. lol.
  6. bhunted

    SIG M18

    Paper towels and Windex....let air dry.
  7. That would be me... Always try to help Rosey when I can....
  8. OK, I can see cut and paste is the new (lazy) way for humor and jokes. So here is one of my old cop jokes from many moons ago. There is this bar that one particular officer stays in hiding outside every night around closing. His mission: To arrest the first disorderly drunk before he can drive away. So like any night, he awaits his unsuspected victim. Out strolls this unsuspected soul. Stumbling down the stairs, drops his keys and fumbles to pick them up several times, trips and falls head over heals... He finally gets into his car and just as he starts it, the officers says, "Stay right there and put your hands on the steering wheel.." The officer shines his flashlight around and asks the fellow to get out of his car and as doing so, asks what has he done? The officer says, "I'm guessing your are drunk as a skunk and if you are, I will tow your car and arrest you". He exclaimed that he was in no way drunk. Officer says, "OK, time for some sobriety tests". I want you to walk that white line. He does so and he walks it perfect. He then asks him to balance himself on one foot. He does so without moving an inch. The officer is scratching his head. The fellow said, "I told you I am not drunk". Officer says, "BS, you must be. I just watched you take multiple falls, drop your keys, etc. So one more test". He whips out his ACME XXX Breath Analyzer. The guy blows a perfect 0.0 on the meter. Now the cop is frustrated and very confused. He said, "I just don't get it. How can you not be drunk"? The fellow said, "I've been telling you that". In the mean time, the bar has emptied and they were the last 2 standing there. The fellow said, "tonight, it was my turn". Officer said, '"turn for what"? "TO BE THE DESIGNATED DECOY"!!!
  9. If ya'll that worried about hacking, you should stay away from -ALL- wireless devices. Worse thing in my case is they see me walking around butt nekid and go effing blind. Screw'em. lol..... PS: I had more attacks with the cheaper wireless cams especially from China.... Go wired and have a local dvr recorder stuck in your gun safe.
  10. You guys are over analyzing this.... lol
  11. Glare is an issue with just about any IR cam if put inside a glass. Including most of those garbage sputnik style cams. The IR leds bounce back off the inside when on at night.
  12. Well I have 7 Ring cams of different type. They always record even when not scheduled. That's how you get time before and after the situation. I never had probs with detection.... had them over a year now along with over 36 other Ring devices. Never any issues. But teto...
  13. Hard to block them. even the doorbell. It has motion sensing. Starts recording before the person gets there. You get time recorded before and after the motion stops. Work great.
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