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  1. I said this awhile ago. Without pointing fingers but from experience, once they start making upper brass like LT. to chief, they become politicians. And you are right, they may not agree but will not jeopardize their jobs. Chances are it won't be local pd or possibly even county or just state. My guess is Gov buck teeth will appoint a special task force. Possibly even Homeland Sec...
  2. Both. I own the Cattleman and have shot the Vaquero... Both excellent guns. Just a matter of taste. Uberti is more of a replica of the Colt where the Ruger is not quite but close...
  3. I have the VP9, VP9SK and the P30 aal 9mm.... All good guns. If you aim to carry, the SK, (I currently carry that one), range and home defense, the VP9 in 9mm, P30 if you want hammer goodness. All 3 are accurate guns.... Don't worry about the monkeys behind the curtains pushing non HK weapons, LMAO...
  4. Eat a lot of beans and learn how to process it into oxygen. Self efficient and endless air...
  5. Damn shame. They were clients of ours long ago.... Not the best paper products especially for your tush. But a shame nevertheless. Friends of ours said they were stalled on 80 next to it and said the temp in the car rose to the mid 50's, so yea, they were toasty. For the most part, there was nothing they could do. There were close to a dozen companies there from all over, mostly Bergen County.... Thank goodness there were no fatalities or major injuries. All employees were safe.
  6. Nah, too many criminal politicians probably don't drink and the ones that do, the non-drinkers will feel sorry for them. They rarely eat their own unfortunately... lol
  7. Hmmm, pretty sure mine was 16.... but ok. As for benefiting, if they already have one, they are in the same boat you are. Unless they have a 9 or 300 and want to down grade. How about just a cut and re-thread? Just seeing if you can save money.
  8. Why buy another barrel? Just cut the dang brake off. I just got done doing my 4th rifle and installed Surefires on everything.
  9. I have a lot more bandwidth now than I did in NJ... Some of NJs options and even here which ATT is still dsl with 6mbs download speeds are still behind the times. I'm at 250+ dl speeds and bandwidth is not even affected. My wifi speeds are blinding fast. Also, every wifi device offers more chances for invasion and hacking. I like the idea of just trying to keep limited wifi devices under control than try to monitor dozens of wifi devices. TETO though. Whatever works.... My point is, before the unknown person decides to dive into wifi devices and don't realize there could be probs, need to research first. PS: When you going to turn in your NJ plates? lol
  10. ....also, try to use non-wifi zwave or zigbee devices that require a hub. Only the hub requires wifi. I have over 20 devices and cameras in my new house along with wifi smart tvs and other devices that work smoothly with Bluetooth. If you start using mainly wifi, you better have the bandwidth needed to make all your devices work smoothly without latency...
  11. Like Steve said..... I had VZ Grips that were just too aggressive and I have rough hands. What I found is sometimes the manufacturer really didn't give some a light removal of sharp points. Easiest and safest way to not damage or mar the grips was to take my wife's fine emery board and gently just drift it over the grips. Barely no pressure, just use 2 fingers and drift. Helped a lot. Try in a small area. I've done this on several grips and you cannot even see any difference but felt the difference.
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