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  1. Not sure I posted the family. The Falcon 45acp 2.0 joined with my Custom 9mm Agent 2...
  2. Idiot.... now say goodbye to your commercial license and a trip to, "I gotta sell my left nut to pay the fines and court fees" world.. lol...
  3. bhunted


    Family shot:
  4. bhunted


    It's here and whadda beaut... Got to get to the range...
  5. The TowPath in what was West Paterson on Browertown Rd..... FB Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/The-Towpath-Nightclub-Tribute-Page-462019520537848/
  6. bhunted


    It comes with one. See the right side of the gun, a little roll pin near the port? you push that out and a plate that you specify is slides in. In this case, I have a Holosun HS407C sitting here waiting...It uses the Trij RMR footprint. Here is a sample: https://www.nighthawkcustom.com/interchangeable-optic-system This is the optic: https://www.opticsplanet.com/holosun-hs407c-red-dot-sight.html
  7. bhunted


    ....new baby has been born and on the way. Should be here by Monday. My first 9mm 1911. An optic ready Nighthawk Custom Agent 2.... I am stoked! Here she is:
  8. If you already have a P365, the size and frame style are almost exact duplicates. Unless you need/want optics, I see no other reason to retire my P365... It's like when they first came out with European style cars years ago and still today, you have to really stare to figure out of its'a Benz, Honda, Chrysler, etc... If I didn't already have a P365, I'd consider it.... welcome to the world of, "Hey! My AR looks just like yours", ... lol Here is a rant on another forum I posted yesterday after researching GB... I finally got a chance to have the specs up on side by side with the P365. WTF did they do? Just rob Sigs frame and size? Other than the extra round they have and the optical option, there is nothing worth going from my Sig P365 to the Hellcat... In case you haven't looked yet, they are not in stores that I know of and the idiots on Gunbroker are trying to rape people to sell them. Some twit is selling a lightly used once for $800 bux. They all need to be bitch slapped. The buyers must be in the same clan that buy brand new Iphones when they come out and camp in lines the night before. Geezus! https://www.gunbroker.com/All/search?Keywords=springfield armory hellcat&PageSize=24&Sort=4&View=1 </rantoff>
  9. OMG, ehhh, ummm, erggg, argh, yeesh. That is really sweet. Low on cash right now,,,, egadz...
  10. I have 2 of my beloved Aimpoints for sale like brand new. My eyes just can't see the dots clearly anymore with my astigmatism. I recently replaced them with Holosun 510c sights. So I'd like these find a nice home. You can't beat Aimpoints....imho. I keep my equipment pristine. The Aimpoint Pro is in perfect shape. I have added a rubber protective cover to it. $350 - PP gift, etc. Ships on your dime. USPS Priority Mail w/Insurance The Aimpoint T1, 2MOA is also like new and is mounted on an American Defense QD Mount model AD-T1-10 - $475 - PP gift, etc. Ships on your dime. USPS Priority Mail w/Insurance Package Deal: Take both for $800! Free Ship!
  11. She's a piece of crap that has been trying to get her name back out there. She knows nada. The way she asked for the meeting shows her lack of brains. It does not seem she is going in with an open mind. Just going in to be a condescending biotch so her minions can pound their chests and yay her on. I hope Cruz bitch slaps the words right back at her. She needs to be bent over a bench and.........*BEEP*
  12. Thought this was pretty kewl.
  13. What, they don't like to say turbo anymore? lol.... Either way, its good enuff and has some kick. Escape, I forget what size but it kicks some butt too. Neither one of us require a lot of kick. I moved out here to slow down and live longer.... I think the aluminum bodies help too. Now you're going to make me look in front of radiator... lol.
  14. Neither of our vehicles say anything about turbo. Justs lists as a 2.3L Ecoboost... If they come ours aren't one of them. Here is the mpg part of the window sticker....
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