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  1. Excellence at its best with the Old Guard. I believe that is one of the first female sentinels entered into the guard. If you have never seen it in person, try to do so. It will leave an ever-lasting impression in your heart.
  2. 2021 Ford F150 Platinum Powerboost Hybrid...
  3. bhunted


    We have it here. My wife gets it when she goes shopping. Rolls can be had but Italian bread is a trick to find. Bagels at Panera down here are pretty good a reasonable price. Plenty donuts like Best Donuts if you grow weary of Dunkin Donuts. Biggest prob is finding real pizza without driving to Nashville.
  4. Ya might want to try something like this plus one of the compatible Wiley Glasses like Sabre or Vapor. You'll have to make sure your eye doc will be able to send them out for your script. Lots of docs deal with Wiley. I have a set and they work great. They pop on and off easily if you just want to use your shooting glasses. Rx Insert for Changeable Frames | Wiley X
  5. I must be missing something here. Nobody mentions reading the manual? If I recall, a manual that came with all my guns, complete instructions on break down, cleaning and lube points....
  6. I use Holosuns (with the solar panels), because they work best for my old eyes. Ya say you wear glasses and that you struggle with seeing your sights. IF you suffer from astigmatism, try the red dots before buying them if you can. Different brand dots sometimes are worse or better than others. Astigmatism smears the dot. May make it look like a starburst, a comet, or comma. Holosuns seem to work best for my eyes and the other thing with red dots, you'll be forced to dial down intensity to the tiniest you can see to eliminate that smearing.
  7. Works in favor each way. Lower photo orig slide threaded barrel I installed. Upper with all the bells and whistle except with lightning cuts. Now just got to wait for my can to get released from jail. Dang atf slopokes.
  8. I know.... Lived there over 60 years. Get out while you can.
  9. How you figure....? 21 states now have constitutional carry. Only demtard states are playing games.
  10. If you want actual weight and look, I believe these are the guys I used years ago. All veterans.... https://jmspec.com/
  11. Lyman makes good stuff: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lyman-A-Zoom-Dry-Fire-Snap-Caps-Rifle-Shotgun-Pistol-Revolver-Azoom-Dummy-Rounds/311919803627?epid=20015128865&hash=item489fde7ceb:g:VEMAAOSwKM1agxpr
  12. They got so bad at predicting, they overstate the amounts to make them feel better. If less, they say 'whew we missed that by a pubic hair', if equal to or more, they can say 'we warned ya'... either way, they are not getting pounced. lol
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