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  1. Goya was one of my clients in the early 80's.... they were located in Secaucus, NJ and their corp hq was a huge office attached to the warehouse at that local. It was hard not going in there and gasping from the spices in the air if you are not use to it. They use to tease me and wanted to know when I'd get used of it. You def had a yummy taste in your mouth when leaving and every associate I worked with new I was there that day. They have done a lot for everyone. There were non stop tractor trailers moving product in and out there every day non-stop. Their products are good and we do not hesitate to buy their products. From their various beans, to the Adobo and delish yellow rices. Screw that dumb bitch AOC......
  2. A lot of good braces, like Jack mentioned, have gotten ATF approval letters prior to releasing them. Think it's going to be a kick in the arse and the legit companies will fight it. Screw the ATF. They are useless just like the FCC. 2 agencies that should have been removed years ago.
  3. Here is your answer... Eliot Engel heard on hot mic: 'If I didn't have a primary, I wouldn’t care' https://www.politico.com/news/2020/06/02/engel-hot-mic-296963
  4. bhunted

    Show off your Sigs!

    Needed a big brother to my P365......
  5. I've used them all including SL... it's a personal preference thing. I agree with Ray. Unless you smell like my brother-in-law all the time after a day at the garage, you won't mind motor oil. They are all good to a point. I've been using G96 for over 40 years and never a prob or rust. Cleans and Lubes... Plus it smells good. Prob go good on a peanut butter sammich. ;)
  6. Yea, for some reason, you won't see many field stocks. I actually like it better than the collapsible on this sg... Maybe it's a 2A thing in a lot of states, like NJ...
  7. Incorrect. If it has the field stock, it is legal. Collapsible with pistol grip is not. If any store carries them, they will likely have the field stock. Got mine that way in NJ.
  8. Raptor? Nice.... one of my fav Kimbers... Can't tell what finish you have. Is it stainless? My SS Raptor Pro - customized by me.
  9. Bingo. My wife had a bunch of those and made some great ones out of my camo bandannas... They are more comfortable than others I've tried.... tell me no females have these laying around, especially the stretched out ones they don't use.
  10. bhunted

    My new pistol ...

    Argh! Shiver me timbers matey!
  11. Posted by me about me elsewhere on 3/24/2020 and edited to current time frames. Walnuts, Chestnuts, Grapefruits and Oranges. No..... this is not about your favorite nut, color, etc... But this is wondering what is normal and how does those two nuts compare to a good size Grapefruit or Orange... This message is a multi faceted post. PLEASE READ ALL OF IT. Whether you missed me or not, it is ok. Because this is a warning to everyone and anyone in a similar situation. As some of you may recall, years ago, (believe it was May of '17), I had my heart ripped from me when they thought I had cancer of the prostate. Levels where high and my doc said lets not take any more chances. Get a biopsy. So getting checked is important. Don't think you are ok. I had no cancer in any of my family that was handed down. Took 3 months to get results back. The weight of a cinder block was on my chest killing me. Luckily, it was no cancer. So why was my PSA so high? They still don't know but it happens when you start getting old. You might have an enlarged prostate with or without cancer and may live a normal life taking a few pills. Over the years, my PSA crept up a little at a time. Doc asked if I cared and said no. Just keep giving me the medz and I'll deal with it. This passed July, my wife and I took a trip to visit Nighthawk Industries in Ar. I drove practically non stop for 14 or so hours. I'm/was like a camel. ----------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Fast forward... At or around Dec 10th, I started having really serious pain. My blood pressure spiked to extremely high numbers. I could have died... I could not pee at all! I turned into a virtual H-Bomb! Pain like I never felt before from the core. Wife rushed me to ER in which they inserted a catheter. I could fill up a gas tank. We figured it could have just been a blockage, so I had them remove it. 6hrs later, I was back in the ER.... Since Dec 10th, I have had 7 of these cats installed. They suck! The worse was when we spent all of Christmas Day in the ER. Ruined Christmas and her vacation. We were going to travel. Good thing we didn't. I was tested again. Cameras, typical exam, then another biopsy. Still no cancer, BUT the doc said it was HUUUGE! Walnut vs Chestnut vs Grapefruit vs Orange. First doc said it was huge. Normal size if you look it up is the size of a walnut. He said chestnut. I said you pick your own nuts. They decided to get me in for a Simple Open Prostatectomy. It was scheduled for 03/23. Except, hospitals where going into emergency mode because of this Cov19 crap. Luckily, he got me in on the 19th before the shut down. Big props to him! Anyone, 'simple' might be for them. They cut you open like a trout from the belly button to your groin area. Move/cut your ab muscle and move bladder out of the way, cut open prostate and literally use their fingers to pull out the prostate fiber. This protects the nerve bundles. You folks can look up how important that is. When I was recovering, my doc said it was the size of a grapefruit. I said, omg. Did I break a record? Next day, the assisting surgeon came in and says it was the size of his fist. A good size Orange. I was released that Saturday with a good size incision and 22 staples. 3 days in the hospital. painful ain't the word for it. It's like getting kicked in the gut a dozen times. So when you see these movies of actors getting back up after repeatedly getting kicks in the lower abs, just laugh. You ain't getting up no matter how much dren is flowing. The story here is do not do nothing. This could have happened to me in the middle of the Ozarks. Nobody around where a flight chopper could get to, let alone cell service. I could have died in excruciating pain while my wife watched me die in agony. 2 weeks ago, hopefully got last cat out and I'll be good till I die from old age or something else. They say I can drive a truck through my urethra now. Last Thurs, got my staples out and then just light duty for awhile. Wouldn't wish this on anyone. The whole transitional period was based on not needing surgery but instead, medication. Tamusolun and Finisteride did nothing. So for about 4 months, I was a test subject in lots of pain! Walnuts, Chestnuts, Grapefruits and Oranges. Total blockage. Never heard of this before from anyone I knew or in the news. There was no warning! Don't wait to see what category you fall in. Might sound like just getting old probs. But you know how that goes... On the mend now and now confined again like 5 months wasn't enough. Anyone complaining about limiting exposure, getting locked down or otherwise, should think about what others may go through. Same BS with these stim checks. People saying they are going to buy new guns and toys.... You don't need them that bad. Keep in mind your financial situation and medical insurance, your loved ones, etc... Hopefully my insurance pays for this whole mess because as of right now, I have over $60,000 in related medical bills!
  12. Heavy, but ....... Testudo Gen 2 Plate Carrier & Armor Basic Loadout Carrier Color: 1 x Black - Testudo™ Plate Carrier - Gen 2 $0.00 TESTUDO2BLK Pistol Magazine Pouch: 1 x AR500 Armor® Multi-Caliber Pistol Magazine Pouch (MCPMP) - Black $0.00 PISTOLBLK Rifle Magazine Pouch: 1 x AR500 Armor® Multi-Caliber Rifle Magazine Pouch (MCRMP) - Black $0.00 ARMAGBLK Holster: 1 x AR500 Armor® Multi-Caliber Pistol Holster (MCPH) - Black $0.00 HOLSTERBLK Armor Orientation: Right Handed Armor Level: Level III+ Level III+ Armor: 2 x Level III+ 10" x 12" Flat, Base Coat $0.00 3+10X12FR
  13. Awesome.... fun, etc.. It's my HD rifle right now as well as others..
  14. If you read the latest, Bolsonaro does not have the virus as per his son...
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