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  1. I do not have a pistol that can hold a mdrs - yet - .... But getting there. I've always been an Aimpoint and Trijicon fan and Vortex as well. I have astigmatism and quite a lot of us has. Every sight I have and tested has the typical dot blur or comma. Drives me nuts. My Aimpoints are great but I have to constantly adjust them for different light sources to as dim as possible to get that decent red dot. Lately, I have wanted to add another red dot to my Saint Victor 5.56 Pistol. I tried 2 new dots. The new Vortex UH1 which is built like a tank and the Holosun 510C.... The UH1 was the first of their series that used a real laser as their light source. I assumed that because lasers are suppose to be much more sharper than an average led, it would be great. Not so much. It was the worse of the worse and after much reading, everyone said that it was a common problem with laser style holographic red dots. It was terrible. Pixalated, blurry, etc., even with my glasses on. Called Vortex and they checked it out and said it was fine so back to the store. This brings me to the Holosun vs the mentioned. This sight is awesome. Not only is it clear with my glasses on but its also clear without them. This blew me away. After many removals and remounting, it held zero. I like the fact that it has a lot of features like solar power and long battery life. With all its options, it made a way into my collection. I can't say anything bad about it. So if your eyes are perfect, can't knock the aforementioned. If your eyes suck, try the Holosun. So to make a long story short. Give it a try. It will be the first thing I try on my next pistol.
  2. Still represents our country. I use to bring them to the AL where they had a mailbox for a flag drop box. I never would just toss a flag in the trash!
  3. Nah, no legs. They are the same people, (Fudds), that do not vote for anyone other than their age old demtards. They can care less. Hunting in NJ for the most part are Shotgun and Bow... Neither use ranges like we do. Only thing that would budge them is taking away their shotguns.
  4. Not meant to be a joke. I've had many altercations over the years and unfortunately you must keep your head on a swivel. I've yelled at people more than once. You just have to be diligent. Shit happens and hopefully nothing really bad comes out of it. The best ranges have problems no matter how hard they try.
  5. Thanks for the FYI..... cheaper here.. https://grabagun.com/heckler-and-koch-magazine-p30sk-vp9sk-9mm-13rd.html
  6. Ya misunderstood me I think. He said insurance is ng right now. But my concern is it perm? What's CBD?
  7. You can do everything right and still get messed up. I weight trained for years. Did everything by the book. Still, got Bursitis, Torn Rotator (still not fixed), etc. The lower portion even worse. I was known as Mr Legs because I leg pressed 3/4 ton. Nobody could top me. I wrapped properly, unwrapped after every set, had spotters, etc... Knees went. Micro surgery on one already. It's eh, after all these years. Need a new knee on the other side. When you screw up one leg, you tend to favor it and it ends up screwing up the good side. Hips included. I would say half of my problems were from hitting concrete from 20ft and weight lifting. Between the 2, I have permanent nerve damage, screws holding my foot on and the rest are all compounded by everything that I mentioned and then some I probably forgot. Guess we are not meant to abuse our bodies after all. Even the beasts of the gym will suffer later because roids do not help long term. You will deflate and you will be still stuck with an over sized heart among other things. Not good. That's what interested me in this thread. If I can get just some of these fixed without replacement knee surgery, hip, shoulder, etc. I'd be happy. But if it's not long term and not covered by insurance, it may dissuade me. I want permanent or near, not a temp fix for that kind of money. Enough time just to keep me together till I croak.
  8. I'm not sure why this thread has gone off the rails, (who am I kidding, yes I do), but understand something. The 92, M9, choose what you call it, was not the guy in the fields choice. I was an inspector of the gun armory at an Army base. I was there when they changed from 1911s to 92s.... I use to inspect it twice a year. It was always loaded with M16s and what, you say? 1911s.... Then, time for an inspection. I walked in with the Sgt and low and behold, I cringed. "What happened to all my beloved 1911s"? His head went down in disgust. That was the year they switched to 92s.... Needless to say, the Sgt and everyone at that base was pist. They wanted the 1911s back and hated the 92s. While the 92 is a fine weapon, they still wanted their 45s... So as Shane said, 1911s are still viable and loved by many in the field. LE too, there are depts around the country who still love them. My boy is not fond of 92s either. He qualifies with a Sig P226 in the Marines and he insists he carries that... Different strokes for different folks? Geezus...
  9. ...and I asked you what color. Ray, you usually comment with snide critique before saying something nice. Maybe you should start out being nice then critique. As I said, color is your choice. Use whatever you'd like. No hand jobs without dinner first.
  10. Velvet of that color is typical for display, as well as red, royal blue, etc. It's eggplant purple. What color do you suggest? TuTu pink? BTW, you can make it any way you want. This is a DIY project for info purposes only. Gun goes back in the safe until displaying purposes are needed. #rayrayrarelyhasnicethingstosay
  11. Amendment: Removed quite a few moisture packs. Humidity too low. Optimum humidity for guns is 50%... lower can dry out wood, etc... this morning it was at 40%.
  12. A fellow forum was asking about a display case for his wife’s pistol I believe. So I decided after seeing some display cases for insane prices, to make my own out of more or less cheap prices. This one will be for my Nighthawk Custom Falcon 1911. I started out with a humidor I had when I was on a cigar kick with the club. Humidors make perfect cases for your gun. Why? Its designed to keep moisture in so your cigars don’t dry out. Ones that are well made have a nice tight seal. ‘But John, we don’t want to keep moisture in. It will hurt the gun’. Correctomundo! But using it to keep moisture out works too! If you are not a cigar smoker, a humidor keeps the cigars from drying out by putting a moisture pad inside. We simply won’t be using the moisture pad nor the cheapo humidity gauge they usually give you. So lets start. One used but still in great shape humidor with glass lid. If you don’t have one, you can pick up something decent for about $50. I added a lik leather NH tag to use to open lid. They are air tight and easier to open with something to grab. If you use a humidor, they sometimes come with a lil shelf and divider. Toss them. Next, we added a little antique bronze clasp. 5 for $12 on Amazon. They come with tiny wood screws. You’ll need a jeweler type phillips head and a small awl to start a hole. Do not screw in without a starter hole. Also a mini pad lock with skeleton key. Next, you’ll want something to lay in there like velvet. I chose purple velvet. Rather than buy it by the yard, I actually got 2 - 14”x14” pillow shams with zippers on Amazon for about $11... This is a lot cheaper than buying it by the yard plus you don’t gave to sew anything. Just stuff it and zip it. You will need something to stuff it. That is your choice. I already had a bag of poly fill from another project. You can even rio open al old pillow and use the guts. Next is rechargeable Silica packs. I got a 25 count bag cheap also on Amazon. I chose to line the bottom of the case and also throw some inside the sham. Once you beat it and adjust it to get in the right position, you can see how the gun sits and adjust as needed. Next is optional and not cheap. I picked up 2 - Sensor Push bluetooth temp/humidity sensors for $50 each. One for the box and one for my safe. After calibrating them and pairing them to my phone, I inserted one into the display case. You don’t have to do this but I’m a bit of a tech nerd so.... [emoji6] You can also use a cheap digital one too. This one transmits data and stores 20 points which you can set alarms in the app if moisture increases. Kind of more important in my safe but....[emoji16] Here is a sample of the data. I just put them in so it will take time to level off. That’s pretty much it. Outside of the sensors, its cheap, easy and looks great. You can fo crazy with it or go simple. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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