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  1. She's a piece of crap that has been trying to get her name back out there. She knows nada. The way she asked for the meeting shows her lack of brains. It does not seem she is going in with an open mind. Just going in to be a condescending biotch so her minions can pound their chests and yay her on. I hope Cruz bitch slaps the words right back at her. She needs to be bent over a bench and.........*BEEP*
  2. Thought this was pretty kewl.
  3. What, they don't like to say turbo anymore? lol.... Either way, its good enuff and has some kick. Escape, I forget what size but it kicks some butt too. Neither one of us require a lot of kick. I moved out here to slow down and live longer.... I think the aluminum bodies help too. Now you're going to make me look in front of radiator... lol.
  4. Neither of our vehicles say anything about turbo. Justs lists as a 2.3L Ecoboost... If they come ours aren't one of them. Here is the mpg part of the window sticker....
  5. Sounds like bs. I cant see a small engine getting only 10mpg. I had a Dodge V10 Ram dually and got 10mpg.
  6. Thanks and no. I try to stay away from non US stuff. My last several vehicles were Ford and still are. My wife has a 2017 Escape and gets fantastic mileage. I have no complaints with Fords.
  7. I’m a 6ft bear. It is not cramped and I’m comfy. Gas mileage is on par with sticker. I average about 20mpg around town and more on open road. Def better than my 2016 F150. Very smooth ride too. The FX is an off road package. Drive it like a loon and you will not get the mpg. Even with the mountains around here I do good because while going up puts a slight damper on the mpg, you get it back going down. Believe what you want. This not hearsay. I own one.
  8. Just got a Shadow Black 2019 Ford Ranger Lariat FX4 loaded. Very pleased with it. I added led hood protector. Awesome ride....
  9. Ordered one on the 2nd... only 10 % off and free shipping. Still processing. Optics Planet.
  10. LOL, beat me to it... Yep on both....
  11. Yes, I follow ATF stuff because we are held to those laws as well. As of late, the ATF flip flops like the demtards. One minute is ok, then another letter says no. As for NJSP, I cannot see them not making the ATF law the same as theirs or even worse because of NJ's dumb gun laws. I was qualified here by a former FBI agent and like most others, say as long as there is no VFG, you are good. Here is a page that resides on SB Tactical's site. Good references. They keep up on these as they are one of the first making braces... https://www.sb-tactical.com/resource-category/atf-letter/ Do what you have to so. I think the NFA rulings on these are ridiculous as much as the stamp required to get an SBR.... Others are saying that it is just a ploy to skirt SBR rulings. Call it what you will.
  12. Not sure I get it. Seems like an AR-Pistol..... Rail should be good. Only thing I see is that they put a vertical grip on front. If it is indeed an AR-Pistol with a play of words, the vertical grip is a no-no... Makes it an SBR. Just noticed on the LWRC site, that they make dealer exclusive weapon models too. So guess that's it.
  13. You don'r read you pms anymore?
  14. Shame, FOW was my go to for gardening. Decades before was Alexandros(sp?), Garden Center. They were 1/2 mile or so before them, same side. They wee good competitors. Caved to eventually property for commercial use.
  15. Falcon Reborn - Falcon 2.0 I decided to take a trip for my birthday to the Ozarks. Slight turn to Nighthawk Customs in Berryville, Ar... Stayed in beautiful Eureka Springs. Month or so ago, I sent my Falcon in to the original builder for a face lift. I am second owner. It left NH in 2013 with a black slide and olive drab green frame. Evidently, the owner got sick of the green and had the whole gun cerakoted black. Normally most of their black 1911s are Nitride. So I had them re- nitride the whole gun back to orig look. I changed out the NH grips with another set of NH grips with a pewter NH emblem. I removed the rear Heine site, (hated it) and installed a Trij rear. While it was there, had them install new ss barrel and had it gold tin coated. They fine tuned everything and test fired it. At the advice of the builder, why not blacked the barrel bushing and trigger. It would look awesome. Gave him the ok. They had everything ready by time I arrived. These are awesome people. Facilities are huge and well stocked with top notch machinery. The facility is huge! I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks to Bob and Joe for the welcome and tour. Now waiting for my 9mm Agent 2 which will be another 2 months or so. Here are some before and after shots. When I bought it.... Then to this by me...... Now...... (excuse oil) Can’t wait to shoot it! [emoji16]
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