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I'm a Patriot... I fly the flag, I have it properly lit 24/7. Don't harm my flag anywhere. I find you, you'll get equal treatment. I do not smooze. I do not coddle. I do not kiss ass. I do not apologize for telling the truth. I am not prejudiced, I hate everyone in general. Just give me reason. I am no way politically correct. I say Merry Christmas, I say Thank You, Please and I'm Sorry, (Sorry Gibbs) and I can curse like a drunken sailor. I hold the door open for you unless you are an asshole, otherwise I'll let it slap you in the ass. I believe in free religion. I talk to God but I don't need a church or a faith to do it. Which brings me to the point of religion once more. You can believe anything you want, but if you try ram it down my throat or try to harm me or my family over it, you won't like what I do or say. I am good at making your ears bleed. So don't get into it with me unless you have a lot of bandages to stuff in your ears. I'll help anyone that asks. I will even try to help if you don't ask. Like baseball, with me, three strikes and you are out. If you come to this beloved country to reap the fruits of our labor, then respect it, love it or leave it.


Understand me and we'll get along just fine. :)

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