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  1. Excellence at its best with the Old Guard. I believe that is one of the first female sentinels entered into the guard. If you have never seen it in person, try to do so. It will leave an ever-lasting impression in your heart.
  2. 2021 Ford F150 Platinum Powerboost Hybrid...
  3. bhunted


    We have it here. My wife gets it when she goes shopping. Rolls can be had but Italian bread is a trick to find. Bagels at Panera down here are pretty good a reasonable price. Plenty donuts like Best Donuts if you grow weary of Dunkin Donuts. Biggest prob is finding real pizza without driving to Nashville.
  4. Ya might want to try something like this plus one of the compatible Wiley Glasses like Sabre or Vapor. You'll have to make sure your eye doc will be able to send them out for your script. Lots of docs deal with Wiley. I have a set and they work great. They pop on and off easily if you just want to use your shooting glasses. Rx Insert for Changeable Frames | Wiley X
  5. I must be missing something here. Nobody mentions reading the manual? If I recall, a manual that came with all my guns, complete instructions on break down, cleaning and lube points....
  6. I use Holosuns (with the solar panels), because they work best for my old eyes. Ya say you wear glasses and that you struggle with seeing your sights. IF you suffer from astigmatism, try the red dots before buying them if you can. Different brand dots sometimes are worse or better than others. Astigmatism smears the dot. May make it look like a starburst, a comet, or comma. Holosuns seem to work best for my eyes and the other thing with red dots, you'll be forced to dial down intensity to the tiniest you can see to eliminate that smearing.
  7. Works in favor each way. Lower photo orig slide threaded barrel I installed. Upper with all the bells and whistle except with lightning cuts. Now just got to wait for my can to get released from jail. Dang atf slopokes.
  8. I know.... Lived there over 60 years. Get out while you can.
  9. How you figure....? 21 states now have constitutional carry. Only demtard states are playing games.
  10. If you want actual weight and look, I believe these are the guys I used years ago. All veterans.... https://jmspec.com/
  11. Lyman makes good stuff: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lyman-A-Zoom-Dry-Fire-Snap-Caps-Rifle-Shotgun-Pistol-Revolver-Azoom-Dummy-Rounds/311919803627?epid=20015128865&hash=item489fde7ceb:g:VEMAAOSwKM1agxpr
  12. They got so bad at predicting, they overstate the amounts to make them feel better. If less, they say 'whew we missed that by a pubic hair', if equal to or more, they can say 'we warned ya'... either way, they are not getting pounced. lol
  13. Back to the original point. When I lived up in NJ, (over 60 years), there were more times than not having extra money to stash. Every time we had a little extra cash, something else changed. We were constantly on the black/red border in our checking account. States like NJ and others have some sort of radar that sees us when we get some money. Get a tiny raise? Insurance goes up. Get some money stashed for Christmas gifts, something else robs it away. It was rough. Cost of living raises are bs! They are never enough. Yaz mentioned that a $500 emergency room visit is almost impossible because they don't have the cash. Now I know the point is to show the evil, I don't know any emergency room in NJ or even here in TN that would not take an emergency, especially a child and hold a fee over your head. But that's another story. Over the years, my game plan was to stash a few bux away even if it meant $20 a week. The best thing you can do is be strict with your money. We always had at least a checking and savings account. We even had a Christmas Club no matter how small. (They even have those any more)? Then we also had the all so exciting, "Money Envelope"... So why a savings account? They are useless. Ever hear someone say they can live off the interest in their savings account? A bs story that has been around forever. Go look at any interest gain even if you have 6 digit numbers in a savings account. Best be spent or invested elsewhere. Back to a savings account. I call it an invisible wall. Today with online banking, you, for the most part, should never have to go to the bank. In my case, that would suck because the nearest bank is1.5 to 2 hrs away. But what we have is all our money goes direct deposit into a checking account. We pay all our bills from it. Then we try move money to the savings account at the end of every month. Couple hundred or more. The 'invisible wall' has to be enforced by your good habits. Build that wall! lol. You should never try touch the money in the savings account. Its there for emergencies, maybe a vacation or a holiday. It can be done. Yaz are right. We can buy expensive doo-dads, go out to eat, etc. But then complain we have no emergency money. No matter who you are, that is on you! IF you are so red/black borderline in your check book every month, things MUST change. Anything you can push into a savings account is a good thing. Deposit, enter it and don't keep looking at it. It grows fast. Envelope store coming up. For my short stint in real-estate, I had clients that thought they'd never be able to afford a house. They trusted me enough where I sat down and devised a 'budget' for them. Not this BS Quicken crap either. So here is what you do and it's worked each and every time I helped someone. Devise a personal "48 week budget"..... your new budget year is no longer 52 weeks! - Get yourself some graph paper or if you are good with spreadsheets, use your 'puter. - Get out ALL your expenses. ALLLLLLLLL of them! Write each down on a separate line. - Take annual totals and divide by 48 weeks. Sounds weird right? No... Not really. We need to see how much you pay a year for each item and none may be the same each month. Car insurance for instance came due over 9 months when I was in NJ... Today, semi or quarterly. Add them up and divide as mentioned. The amount you come up with is how much money that is necessary each month by the end of 48 week year. Whether you have a particular bill due or not, you must put that amount in and not touch it. Again, you must be strict or this will not work. Ex: Car Insurance is $1200 a year. You must put in $100 a month for it to be paid on time. Utilities... $1800 Grocery average.... $1200 Car gas, average pocket money, etc... When all done, take your total family annual net income and divide it into a real year or 12 months. This will give you an idea what is left over each month after your bills will be paid.. Take that money and transfer it to savings. For the pocket money, you can either draw it from your atm or like we do, take cash back at grocery store of about $40-$60... We each take $20 for our pockets and the rest go into the notorious envelope. Date and upgrade totals on the envelope. Then stick it in the safe and never touch it unless needed. The 48 week budget always works unless you are not making enough money to cover it. Then you better cut back on your bad habits. Hell, in NJ we use to get pizza or dine out once a week. There were times we could not even afford a pizza. So why 48 weeks and not 52? Its a 'safe guard' I worked into the budget. Essentially, if this budget works for you, you end up with 4 weeks of free paychecks. That's where your free money comes from. You can push more money to savings, start and ira or whatever, but again, do not take it for granted. Since I've created this, we've never been short, we can eat out without feeling guilty and we almost always push money to the savings account. It's not about the interest accrued. Its that 'invisible wall' that will help you keep your hands off! If you find you have quite a bit left over. Don't blow it. Add a couple hundred to your mortgage payment or start paying down your credit cards. If you are good with a spreadsheet, put it all in there complete with the formulas to tabulate any numbers. Good luck! Hope this helps some folks. If nothing else, try it on paper and see if it benefits you.
  14. Hehe, you brought her up. Hey, ya found something in SC finally?
  15. "Aimpoint AOC?" - Why would we try that? Lmao.... Only experience I had with her is giving her the American Wave... lol
  16. Been using it awhile now. No prob. Cost nothing. I've also tried Wallet hub. ick! IF you are going to use anything, use Experian. Every one of the other aps use TransUnion. The worse of the worse, is usually at least 50 points less than the big 2. It will depress you. When you apply for a loan, they are suppose to use all three agencies and if they really want your money, will use your best score or an average of the three. If you are worried about your info, they have that already. If you want to subscribe for the full gambit, you may. If you want to really check against it, you are entitled to a full credit report once a year from all 3 companies. Suggest you do that anyway. One more thing. I have Wells Fargo for my banking. They use Experian. They give you a free FICO score once a month. Their version is less than the actual Experian FICO Score. I called them out and the person on the other end said, not to worry, its just a number and kept repeating that every time I challenged her,. She had no answers. All I asked is why is your number less than the actual Experian number. I think I made her ears bleed and she gave up. Do I think they manipulate the numbers? YES! Is FICO just a number? YES! But it has to be a true accurate number because we require that rating to get us easily through our financial lives.
  17. Same probs down here. But you should have a Panera down there for bagels, no? Their bagels are actually quite good. Pizza, same thing down here. Nobody tosses crust. They put it into a pile driver and beat it into submission. BUT, we have gained a northerner down here from Lodi, NJ and he opened Jersey Boys Kitchen. Finally, some NJ style cooking. From breakfast sammiches to home style meat loaf.:)
  18. No worries. Rob... I knew where you were coming from. (Further remarks below do not refer to you, Rob. Just 'you' as all or everyone.) What aggravates me about the 2A argument in NJ from years ago is people saying, 'stay, don't move, fight for your rights'. Now do all these people still feel the same way? Circumstances change. I was done fighting years ago. Sometimes, you need to realize that wars get lost and battles don't always win.You got to at least win the major battles. Nobody has the time to take baby steps anymore... Take the spoils and get out. But I'm not saying don't fight for just your gun rights. It's been a losing battle. Fight because you want a better life on a whole. If you can get out, leave. If there is something anchoring, leave soon as possible and start developing a plan. Don't get pist off when all of a sudden you experience total failure and have no backup plan. That's on you... Watch this video below if you haven't seen it.
  19. No, nothing last forever. Your state is another example. Has always been a 'run to state'. But I don't plan on living long enough to care. How long do people have to fight the losing cause of NJ? - 2A is a dead issue and will only reanimate when all the old dems are dead... maybe... NRA is useless as a tits on a bull as well as their useless mouth pieces in NJ. Not mentioning names but you know who. These asshats come out smelling like a rose when they defeat the most smallest case while GOA and SAF actually fight tough battles and win. I've been a Life Patriot Benefactor for years and they are still not satisfied. They get no more from me. Poor Anthony, 'the tip of the spear', is busting his arse and for what? Just to have these swamp scum politicians look at you over their glasses while giving you the middle finger under the desk? I understand nobody wants to just roll over and die, but the outcomes are the same almost each and every time. All I know is now my blood pressure is lower, we are always in the black and so much more. You obviously ditched NJ and for good reason. BTW, as depicted, leaving NJ was not just about gun rights. I'm sure you know that. I'm in the country for the most part. It takes me 20 mins to get within city limits... I have farm animals for neighbors even though I live on a culdesac with brand new houses. I busted my arse all my life, worked since I was 13 and lived in a 1940ish house. It was def the time to get the eff out. I think we deserve it. New house, new cars and a lot more that we could never afford in NJ. Now just got to wait for wife to retire then maybe by another house in Kentucky...
  20. This Nov, we will be here in TN 2 years. While I miss my old house, people and such, I'd never go back. For the first time in decades, we are always in the black. There were times in NJ where we couldn't afford a pizza once in awhile. Nashville is screwed up like most big cities, but in most cases people fight here. They won't be in office long. NJ dems are dug in because the dem voters are dug in. They just refuse to jump ship. Others, (and I have a few on my street), still think dems are the future and ask me stupid questions as to what did Trump do for us. I just cringe and tell them to research things themselves. So far, our taxes are low, no state tax, gas is fairly reasonable. My utilities are not bad. We actually have a growing savings account. I've said NJ has been doomed for years and it will continue to be doomed till it starts trying to go red. That won't be in my lifetime. On a 2A note, G&A put out their new 2A friendly state list for the year and AZ is still in the #1 spot. Guess where NJ is...
  21. This should make ya drool a little...
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