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  1. Not that I know of. Considering RTSP pulled the USPSA page of their website, it may not happen again. Don't know. Just assuming considering what happened for February and the web page removal.
  2. I tried white lithium grease on my AR bolt once. Functioned fine but I'll never do that again. Messy to apply, sticky, attracts everything, dries up, then annoying to clean off. IMO, not worth it.
  3. That should be correct on what Vlad said. From the Apex vids on YouTube, if no safety and it's not an older generation model, you're GTG. If you do have an older gen model, S&W and Apex sell the rear block to allow for RAM installations.
  4. I tried the Burwell trig job. Only thing I didn't do was reshape the sear as that's a one way deal to the trash bin if overdone. I did polish all the contact surfaces though. Overall the smoothness of the trigger pull was greatly improved from stock parts and I was able to shed off ~0.75-1lb. The largest gain in smoothing out the pull and getting rid of that gritty feeling is polishing that firing pin block. I too wanted to revert back to stock if I wanted to. Eventually I got a Forward Set Sear and Trigger as a present. No more spongy flex of the S&W pivoting poly trigger but trigger reset feeling completely disappeared. Followed up with installing the Apex RAM. I like it a lot now. Creep is there but reduced and overtravel is negligible. My biggest sacrifice was that it's not Prod happy anymore. Any external modification to the firing mechanism, mainly the trigger for the M&P will dump you out of Prod in USPSA so stick with all the internal changes if you want to stay in Production. Also keep in mind where and how much you want to stipple if you go that route. Over-stippling certain areas will dump you out of Prod as well. As my M&P wasn't purely for USPSA Prod and more towards HD (got a tac rail for mounting a light), 3G (no safety to flip on/off) and maybe open div (got the Core model), not being able to do Prod was a small sacrifice for me. I've even used it in knockdown steel with a 9mm conversion barrel and a red dot mounted on the slide. By far the most versatile HG I own. Don't feel under equipped shooting other divisions. Your major disadvantage is that you'll be scoring as minor. Go for the AAs and you'll be right up with the rest of the bunch. Just need to be more critical with your shots and consider it a challenge. Just look at the Single Stack minors out there. The additional 2rds can make the difference in saving a reload.
  5. Another beautiful piece as usual Bullseye. You should consider making a 2015 calendar for all your purdy 1911s.
  6. 20lpi is very aggressive. I've done 30 and 40lpi checkering. What color Cerakote are you considering?
  7. This started off as a stock Spartan.
  8. What type of checkering you looking for? Stainless or blued Kimber?
  9. Thanks for sharing. You've done your homework. WC sure looks different from when I first looked at them over a decade ago.
  10. Nice Supergrade mag1. Did that come from WC that way, or did it have some additional surgery done afterwards?
  11. Glad you had fun. The brain washing "BEEP" is your enemy. All fundamentals go out the door. Lol! Gets addicting Fast! I'm still trying to drag my wife out to the range.
  12. +1 on the RO. I was able to play with one up close and the workmanship is phenomenal for the price tag. Slide/frame fit was not sloppy, nor was it too tight. The barrel and bushing where fitted very well; no play when in battery. Extractor was radiused and tuned; not a common thing coming from a mfg. Trigger shoe showed signs of hand fitting. Comes standard with titanium firing pin. Machine work on the frame and slide were nice, straight and even. Quality work for the price tag. My only gripes would be that the disconnector rail and breech face was a bit rough with tool marks. So a little polishing there smoothed out the cycling of the slide. Secondly, the trigger pull was horrible. Rough pull with a lot of creep and over travel. Trigger was breaking at 6.5#. Upon disassembly and inspecting the parts, majority being MIM, the sear only had the primary angle cut. No secondary angle. Like they intentionally left it that way for a smith to do a trigger job. I polished and finished where SA left off, and now breaks at a crisp 4-4.25#. Once the trigger settles down from breaking in, it should settle at slightly under 4#. In comparison the the STI Spartan? Springfield all the way. I'm not a big S&W fan when it comes to their 1911s. The RO had the balance of classic 1911s with modern amenities people had to pay a smith to add on.
  13. twong11219

    1911 sti

    I don't have an STI ambi, but my EB ambi safety can start getting loose after a couple disassembly. Even though it may be loose, the right grip keeps it from fading out. The left and right safety is held together with a tongue and groove design. Friction holds them together. When it gets too loose, I pinch the groove on the right safety with a vise to tighten it up. That should help tighten it up.
  14. How did you do the bluing? Cold? Hot? Share some pics. Pretty unique looking build going on.
  15. Green Lantern called. He wants his gun back. Lol! That's sweet! Definite conversation piece. Is that how the green looks in real life? Pearlescent?
  16. That's the love/hate relationship with d-stack 1911s.
  17. I think OMG has a Fatboy available.
  18. That's a sweet RJ you got there. I've been wanting one for some time now, but 1911s always eat up my budget.
  19. I removed the sights before spraying and baking. if the sights are tight, they'll be slightly tighter when putting them back on after coating depending on how many coats you lay down. If you coated thick, the sight may gouge out a little of the Cerakote. Mine was really tight as the fit was originally tight to begin with, it was super tight after coating. Although I scraped off some paint after I installed the sights, I still didn't get down to the metal. Cerakote bonds very well. No specialized sight tool was required to take the sights out. I used a brass punch and a hammer. Drifted the sights right off the dovetails. Now, if you have a GI style staked front sight, then just leave it there. Restaking the front sight is a PITA. If you are coating a light color, then just tape up the front sight. Be very careful of one thing. Don't spray each layer too thick. The coating will skin up while drying, then you'll develop a bubble when baking. If you got time, just let it sit and dry very well before baking. I haven't tried to see if that'll fix a heavy spray bubble but worth a try. You won't know you'll get a bubble till after baking.
  20. 1. Comp 2. Optics 3. Mags 4. MIAD grip 5. Sling All in that order too.
  21. That's awesome. Finally more stuff to contribute to the "Show your 1911"?.....
  22. Even though it's intermittent, S&W should honor a repair. That definitely sounds like extractor issue based on your description. Try the holding brass on the extractor test to see if the tension is there. Secondly, inspect the extractor hook to see if it's square or deep enough to grab some meat of the rim on the brass. Could just be a poorly cut extractor or weak extractor spring. Might be a simple matter of punching out the pin to remove the extractor, run a file to square the hook and make the pocket where the rim sits in the extractor deeper to get more contact with the rim. If you want to go more aggressive, instead of squaring the hook face, add a bit more angle to the hook like a saw tooth so the edge of the hook grabs the rim. Less likely to slip off the rim and will rely less on the extractor spring putting tension. Possibly polish the chamber too. If you reload, maybe the brass is bulging. Chamber check your rounds. The extractor may be slipping off the rim before full extraction to even contacting the ejector. When it happens again, pull the brass out and inspect the rim. If the extractor it's slipping off, there should be scratch marks at the edge of the rim that contacts the extractor.
  23. Sadly the Dawson ones are for certain models of 92 that have dovetail sights. Majority of the 92s have a fixed front sight. The front sight is milled into the slide. Not removable.
  24. If you have a fixed FS, choices are limited. Trijicon is one option. I remember there was an alternative option for when you're installing an adjustable rear sight. A target front sight is slipped over the original FS and pinned. Drilling will be required. For me, I got fed up with the lack of options and drilled a hole with a 1/16" bit and filed a groove on the top with a round file to expose the hole making it into a channel and inserted a 0.06" FO as you would with any other FS. Not as bright as you can only insert so much of the FO into the available length of the FS, but it was a way better improvement for USPSA matches than the boring white dot.
  25. Strange that it would do that since you have an external extractor. I assume the gun cycles when fired, but the brass gets its way back into the chamber? No round stripped from the mag trying to fight its way into the chamber? You can try and do a quick test. Disassemble the gun and take out the barrel and bushing. Slip an empty brass into the breech face and extractor. If the brass falls out, the extractor is not putting enough tension on the brass to hold it. That needs to get fixed. Now if it is holding, then check the extractor hook for deformity or damage. Maybe the hook face is not profiled well, is rounded or angled funny when it should be square. Or maybe the hook just broke off. If that's all fine, then try looking at the ejector. Try cycling some empty brass using only the slide on the frame, leaving out the barrel and recoil spring. See what happens to the brass when it hits the ejector. It should start ejecting nose first out of the ejection port. If it's not doing a thing, then definitely something wrong with the ejector. Maybe the ejector face needs to be reprofiled. Last but not least, maybe the recoil spring is too heavy. I was getting that issue when I switched out the recoil spring on my 45 with an extra heavy 18.5# spring. Heavy spring with light factory loads makes for a crappy match day. If you don't want to deal with the headache of diagnostics, the only place I know nearby is OMG Customs in Bayonne. Give Rick a try.
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