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  1. Nobody interested in a new upper? Nj legal ready to go. Just attach to a lower and have fun at the range
  2. Glad to hear that. I’m in the same boat. Will be putting my home on the market later this year and have already begun searching for a house/property in Florida and hope to be there by next year. Can’t wait to leave this shithole and wave bye bye to all the things you listed in the first post! When I move down and get my new DL I’m right away applying for a CWP and a couple tax stamps. Can’t wait to live in freedom!
  3. I have a Windham Weaponry SRC 16” complete AR upper for sale. It’s the NJ legal version and comes with bcg and charging handle. Also has a quad rail with covers and a Magpul vertical grip. It’s like new condition, less than 100 rounds through it. Price is 350 Photo of upper Link to Windham site of what the upper is I can meet up in Union or Middlesex counties First I’ll take it post gets it
  4. Has anyone been to the bass pro in AC often enough to know what their ammo situation is? Like which days they might have something in stock? I’ve gotta travel down to south jersey for work this weekend and was wondering if it would be worth it to go out of my way and see what they have. I know the Hamburg Cabelas has ammo pretty much every Saturday morning and was thinking the AC store might be similar
  5. Hopefully he isn’t the only one holding back the flood gates and will have support from other senators in red states. Because if he votes to drop the filibuster so will the others
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