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  1. What drives me away the most is how much time is wasted with absolute nonsense. There’s events going on constantly that can televised yet so much time is wasted with interviews, useless commentary, videos of athletes training, footage of families back home, etc. Seriously I don’t give a shit about how or where you train or what your family thinks. Just show me the damn events ffs.
  2. It’s so satisfying seeing that asshole hit the wall. Got what they deserve
  3. That’s not bad enough. He belongs in a gulag
  4. No kids and don’t plan on having any so school is not an issue
  5. Started looking for property in Florida. My brother lives down there near Jacksonville and my parents will be moving down soon to be close to the grandkids. Got a question for anyone in north Florida. What areas should I be looking at for property away from the urban/suburban cities and more towards the boonies? One of the main things I’m looking for is a property big enough to shoot guns on and be far enough away from neighbors so not to disturb them. If anyone has some info to share please pm me. I’d appreciate it.
  6. Yea not many shops even bother with it. I’m debating if I should just get rid of the truck instead
  7. Can anyone recommend a shop that does good rust repair on vehicles, specially pickups? Have an 06 Ram diesel that needs the rockers replaced. Most shops don’t deal with rust repair anymore and the few that don’t will probably charge a lot. I’ve been in contact with a small diesel repair/custom shop that does this kind of work frequently. But they’re over an hour away and the owner seems to be busy as hell right now and not interested in more work. I’m in Union County and don’t mind driving some for a good shop. If anyone has any info that could help me out I’d really appreciate it.
  8. Nobody interested in a new upper? Nj legal ready to go. Just attach to a lower and have fun at the range
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